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  1. Just made the cut, holed out for eagle from 102 yards out, 52 Degree Cleveland Zipcore 18th hole, Fall River Country Club, MA
  2. I received an email from Cleveland with a survey about wedges today with the option of a “concept wedge (full groove blade wedge) being an option of preference. This is the first thing I’ve seen of Cleveland mentioning it
  3. He only had the tour satin, I’m sure they’ll come out with the other finishes
  4. I was at my local golf simulator and the owner had his Srixon/Cleveland rep stop by. He had 3 Zipcore Full-Face prototype wedges, 60*, 56*, and 52* all 8 degree bounce. Head shape seemed to be same as regular Zipcore but the grooves went all the way across the face like TaylorMade Hi-Toe. He didn’t let me take a picture of them but he said they’ll be available in May. Haven’t seen anything on these anywhere, they looked very nice.
  5. Brand new set of Mizuno JPX 919 Forged irons, now just have to wait and find a place to get the lie angle adjusted ? Also purchased the new Odyssey Triple Track 2-Ball Blade, never have had a putter like this but I love it so far. Stay safe and healthy everyone
  6. Place is amazing, I can easily spend multiple hours and multiple hundreds of dollars there lol
  7. Hit these today at pga superstore, absolutely loved the feel and consistency of these
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