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  1. Growing up in an area that turned out Modano, LaFontaine and Iafrate, I grew up with a solid handful of kids who chased their hockey dreams across the Great Lakes region as their only sport. None of them ended up making it past NCAA-level, with the exception of Jim Storm (who played just 84 NHL games). The male Finns from my area didn't really mess with the other team sports in spite of having the natural ability to do so. For the serious hockey players who did play multiple sports, they were usually very good at other sports because of their superior hand-eye coordination and sp
  2. I would go the Flynn Velocity or USKG Ultralight route--pick up a set second-hand on eBay or USKG Outlet or something. D, H, 6,8, P, SW, putter. PM me if you are interested in a USKG UL 54" Driver/hybrid combo that was used for 6 months.
  3. Whenever I think about specialization on the fringes of sports, I think about chess and poker. For chess, I think of that scene in searching for Bobby Fischer where Kingsley's character talks about how sad this schizo-acting grandmaster is, as the guy gets excited about the prospect of capturing a pawn. For poker, I actually lived that one for a bit. Poker players who specialize at non-flop games (games other than Omaha or Texas Hold 'Em) are pretty much forced to chase action across the country unless they live in L.A., A.C., or driving distance to Foxwoods. Ever si
  4. I've been thinking about this for my 9yo. That Spider is like a cheat code, almost. I pick one up and putt with it whenever I see one at a store, and it's always my favorite. I would definitely buy used, though, because budget balling is my way of life.
  5. Isn't lumping drivers and irons/wedges a bit broad? Yes, I see lots of OEM drivers in bags--but those bags can also have TS3, Flynn Alto or Prodi G irons. As far as Asian versions of clubs, are we talking Srixon and Miura or Ping's J-versions, or maybe both? My 9 y.o. daughter is is done with kids clubs (save the F9 Junior, which they will both bag for another two years) and my son could be by the time he turns 8, perhaps, with the exception of the Prodi G wood and hybrid. Those two are staying in the bag for a bit.
  6. eBay, Play-it-Again and the USKG Outlet do an OK job of filling the second-hand void
  7. Yeah, The Breakers wouldn't let the USKG event they cancelled for lightning reschedule there. 140+ kids showed for that event, hoping to play an exclusive course and parents paying $27 per cart--nobody got a complete round in, and some groups didn't even tee off. On to high school, having to play a regional at The Majors--a place with shoddy tee boxes and weeds growing wild in the fairway--is super sad. The chipping and putting greens requires a walk through ankle-high weed/grass mix to get to, but somehow it is OK to play a regional at. The kids may not need a perfectly-manicur
  8. I understand that the product would most likely be a loser, financially. But if Ping is doing it, in part, to eventually segue kids into its adult clubs then it seems like Titleist could make the same gambit. Apples to oranges, but there were a lot of people who laughed when they saw their first Porsche Cayenne and Panamera. That was years back... three weeks ago I saw a my first Lamborghini Urus in a parking garage. My first thought was, "Who the *&%^ buys this thing?" Turned out I knew the guy, so my answer was a doctor with money to do it. It would definitel
  9. Just a thought--but if you're Titleist, why not make a set of premium kids clubs to compete with the Ping Prodi G? I get that they have dabbled in this under the Cobra banner, but something with the Titleist badge and the quality we would expect from them could be a nice gateway for them and a quality alternative to Prodi G for parents with the money.
  10. Great insight into your process, darter--thank you! It looks like I need to come out of pocket and buy a few different sleeves of balls to test against the Z-Star and QST. The short course at PGA Village will be perfect (read: free) for the wedge testing method. I've heard lots of positive things about the AVX, I'll give it a look.
  11. A few questions for you, darter: -Where is the "right" place to get a ball fitting done? Any place that does club fitting, or is there known places that work better with juniors than others? -What ball does your daughter play, and was that found via ball fitting? My daughter isn't quite as advanced as your daughter is, but any input you have is super valuable. -As you've progressed to using adult clubs, have you noticed more hold on the greens with adult clubs than you have kids clubs (low irons/wedges)? Thanks in advance for sounding off here.
  12. This is solid. My son is likely going to stick with the QST, and my daughter will play with the Z-Star a couple more times before I make a decision. The way it stuck on greens was what we were looking for last time out, and we'll try it again to see if the results are similar.
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