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  1. I’ve seen some pretty good Tallahassee-area HS players in these, but I will default to your knowledge here. OP never told us what level of competition he was looking for, nor did he tell us what part of FL he was in—just trying to cover bases for people who forget about north FL.
  2. I'd like to add Red Hills Junior Tour to this if you are in northern FL (Jacksonville/Tallahassee). They play some nice venues and the prices are reasonable. The fields are hit and miss, but there should be some talent for your boys to compete against at their ages.
  3. The Grand Bassara is much more expensive than the Bassara Lite, FYI. I have found them under $40 shipped in the past, but here's one for $54. But I don't think you can go wrong with either the Flynn or R3, either. My son and daughter are both in the TS1 head, son with the Air Speeder R3 setup. A pretty good shaft for under-70 swing speed, good combo for sure. I'm lucky to be able to hand down a lot of clubs from my daughter to my son, but of course, it's not always doable. If it's not irons, it's a putter, driver shaft, a bag, and on and on.
  4. It sounds like she has come full-circle, and that's fantastic. You never know what is going to cause that "inception" moment with kids, and for me, especially in my daughter (her and my son are wired completely different)--but that she was that inspired after camp was a revelation. Wanting to fight my varsity baseball coach was my inspiration, as I trained on our X-country team's running routine from the middle of that season through the start of the school year... and then found my way to the only indoor, commercial batting cages in the Detroit area that had a machine that threw 90 about 45 minutes from my house. I spent a small fortune in gas and on the machines (squeezing it in after basketball practice and my job delivering pizzas) there to finance my revenge on that coach and have a nice senior year. 30 years later, I know now that my motivation was primitive and immature--and really, a year too late to get noticed enough--but it did teach me that those of us with average tools can come close to our ceiling with motivation, repetition and commitment. It sounds pretty Vision Quest, but then again so does hitting 200-300 balls in 40 degree weather--inject some of that into my daughter's veins!
  5. Little guy swings hard--very impressive! The air speeder 35 r3 has spent time in both my son and daughter's bags, woods and drivers. My son was using a Flynn shaft in his driver most recently until I needed it for my daughter's TS3 7i (sorry, kid!), and it was a nice fit for his 64-67 mph swing. The 35 r3 is in his driver now, and he hits it roughly the same with no noticeable difference in distance or dispersion. Both my son and daughter hit the r3 shaft higher than other shafts they have used, FWIW. I really think the Bassara Lite was a marginally better shaft than either of these two, with better dispersion. I probably shouldn't have sold it with his F9 driver, but it did fetch me more money in the resale. All three of these shafts were better than the stock Cobra jr shafts for both kids.
  6. I thought this chart was interesting enough to snag a decently-priced ER2 off eBay to give it a try. This putter did feel amazing both times I've tried it out in shops.
  7. 102-105 IIRC AoA hurts her smash a bit
  8. TM Kalea Ultralight and Callaway Mavrik Max W Lite are both C2 swing weight. Speaking of Cobra, the Cobra tent was at our club today with Trackman--what are the odds? We tried out the following: F-Max Airspeed 15* and 11.5* (Maybe?) driver with adila 40 shaft Radspeed 10.5 driver with Cobra jr 41" shaft Radspeed 21*h (4h?) with Recoil shaft Radspeed ladies 7i with Recoil shaft -She topped out at 138 carry with the 11.5* Airspeed driver, 142 carry with Radspeed, and 144 carry with her own TS1 10.5*(Airspeeder R2 40) -Shot apex with Radspeed 10.5 was possibly the most ideal according to fitter, but TS1 lead in total yardage topping out 167. Her AoA is too steep, but different convo. -Radspeed 21* hybrid shots resembled her Speedzone 7h shots in the way it sounded off the club and behaved, which is a good thing. --7i shots were inconsistent, best of the three shots carried 98 but she didn't get it all. Showed me she was not ready for ladies clubs quite yet, though small sample size. I had an 11-month old and my 8 yo son with me, so we didn't get the most out of the experience for sure. These ladies offerings from Cobra seemed strong, though I would love to see her hit them head-to-head vs Ping and Titleist offerings for sure.
  9. What is her driver swing speed or typical drive? My daughter is also 10, and just a little shorter at 58"/93 lbs. She is playing USKG TS3-60" with graphite shafts right now, but with a SS in the low 70s could transition to either steel in USKG or ladies shafts on her irons soon. Driver, woods, hybrids and wedges are all adult clubs with either ladies or senior shafts. There are some who feel that you can get away with a USKG or Flynn driver until 12 or so, but of course that is swing speed dependent. At 10 and if she is swinging 70+ you may want to think about ladies driver and woods, maybe hybrids as well although the Ping Prodi G is a fantastic hybrid for this age. I say put off ladies irons until she is consistently swinging mid-70s. Finally, don't buy anything new because you'll need to buy more clubs in a year or so. Girls grow like weeds from 8-12. We have a few similar threads where many longtime posters have shared experiences and opinions--it might be worth your time to check it out.
  10. Just snagged a TS2 16.5* yesterday for cheap to put in the daughter's bag, so I got my fix in. No plans to do anything to it but cut it down a little and regrip, though! I think last year wore me out.
  11. My 10 yo daughter has broken through two TS3-60 shafts over the last four months--a 7i at the grip and 8i toward the club head. Her driver SS sits in the low 70s, occasionally spiking to 74+. To be fair, we bought these irons used and the girl who had them before her swung perhaps a little harder then (even harder now) when we acquired them in March, so maybe those graphite shafts can only take being swung at those speeds for so long? I hope she has another 6 months in them before she needs to move on from these irons, because spending big for adult clubs, and having to cut them down and/or reshaft them does not excite me in the least. Perhaps not coincidentally, the girl who had my daughter's irons before her went to T-200 irons with notable success. I have never swung these clubs, but I gave some with a senior flex shaft a waggle a few weeks back and I can see them as being a natural to transition to from the TS-3 in club shape, weight and certainly the better tech. That price tag, though, is brutal. I have no concerns about her being able to handle an adult shaft right now, as she has them in her everything but her irons. When my son gets his TS3-57 irons/wedge set next month, I'm definitely interested in seeing how he handles the switch from graphite to steel. He only swings in the high 60s. I recently took him out of his Flynn Velocity irons because they are just too light--and now he's swinging a Cobra King Junior 7i and 9i that are a little too heavy for him (I don't recommend these clubs, but it's a stopgap that we had in the garage from two years ago). The Prodi G PW, 52 and 56 he has are ideal IMO for him at this point in time, as is his Prodi G FW and hybrid. I never bought the irons because I didn't find the right deal, but looking back I should have just bit the bullet. T
  12. I buy as few new golf clubs as possible. An older girl we golf with had her dad buy her an le2 set off the rack at our local golf shop, complete with bag. Had to be close to $2K, and I am pretty sure I grimaced when told me about buying them. Great clubs, but ouch.
  13. Glad to see there are affordable, better alternatives to spending $1K of that hard-earned CREAM. Have mercy. Things still going good with the boy's coach? Seemed like you guys had a good thing going.
  14. I watched parts 1 and 2 of this GG video the other day--working with a 10 yo girl and getting more out of her drives. Got some things out of it.
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