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  1. My daughter has an LA Reign in her F9 hybrid, and so far/so good. She has an Air Speeder 35 in her F9 driver (inherited from her little brother), and so far the combo hasn't produced as good of results as the F9 head with the Bassara Lite--which is about 3g heavier. Perhaps if I added the head weights back, the Air Speeder would perform better but I have yet to do that.
  2. He hits the ball far for a little guy. Good thinking getting the extra Prodi g shafts. If I had to do it all over again, I may well just sell my own clubs to finance a set of Prodi G for my son and emulate your path. My son games the Ping fairway, hybrid and SW and loves them.
  3. I was in your shoes at this time last year, worried if I had done enough to prepare my then-six-year-old son and eight-year-old daughter for their first USKG local tournament. A year later, and I still worry if I've done enough to help them--maybe that part never goes away. The tips you have received here are solid. Go heavy on praise/reward, go light on criticism/correction.
  4. My man. Your words need to be pinned to this thread.
  5. There are TS3 sets on eBay for sure, it's just hard to find them in graphite shaft at 60". I bought off a private seller through communication with fellow WRXers.
  6. Robbing Peter to pay Paul has been a big mistake for me. A good example is the saga that became my son's F9 driver. I bought this club for his 7th birthday after they went down in price last year, and after I had already bought one for his sister used at an incredible price. Right away, the club was too heavy so I took out the weight. He was pumping out green-reaching drives because he was still in the 6U USKG division, but the shaft was clearly too big and possibly too heavy. I got both kids new shafts on the advice of an experienced golf dad of arguably the best class of '29
  7. We will have to agree to disagree. This topic could easily occur if you are a parent familiar (plays occasionally, watches the Masters every year but maybe nothing else kind of familiar) with the golf world, but unfamiliar with junior golf. This topic could easily occur if said parent saw an advanced kid at the range or at the course with a Maverik head on a Flynn shaft, and thought--this is what the good kids use, so I should start my kid out in it. If the parent is a baseball parent, for example, the logic seems ok because why wouldn't their son have the latest, gr
  8. I didn’t even know Flynn existed before I found this forum.
  9. Today I received a shipment of USKG TS-60 irons with graphite shafts for my 9-year-old daughter. That, in itself, was an accomplishment considering the lack of inventory via both OEM retailers and on eBay. But the real accomplishment here was conquering my own stubbornness and actually making the decision to follow good advice from teaching pros and friends with a wealth of junior golf equipment experience. Considering how my foray into buying junior golf equipment started, it was always going to be like this. I bought a mixed set of clubs from Play-it-Again Sports for about $60
  10. Here's a thought--the top 8-year-old boys in the country have played more golf, have a more polished swing, and have more constant coaching than the typical 7 or 8-year-old with a parent on this thread asking about driver advice. Not to say it is entirely the worst thing for all those elite boys to be swinging the latest OEM head/jr shaft combo, because no group should be treated as a monolith. That said, it seems what @heavy_hitter said likely carries water for many of the other 98% of junior golfers out there. To judge what is good for the development of most of the young golfers out ther
  11. I believe @leezer99had a positive experience putting his junior in this driver head.
  12. Looking back, I should have just stuck with Flynn or USKG for drivers for my son. After much tinkering, I've finally got him into a Flynn (stage 3?) shaft for his F9. I should have just held off on the F9 until he was 9 instead of getting it for his 7th birthday.
  13. My daughter is also 9, and she uses the ladies f9 hybrid. We bought a lighter shaft for it and it is working for her. She might hit it even better than she hit her Prodi g hybrid. We took the removable weights out of it, FYI.
  14. The new ones, right? That will happen. We have hit the previous model some, and they are comparable to the Z-Star by my eyes—which means awesome.
  15. I just watched the accompanying video, and it was a very interesting test. It would be interesting to see how each ball would fare with swing speeds tamped down to 60-70 mph for driver, and corresponding speeds down the bag. My son has played the QST and my daughter the ZST their last two scored rounds. The last round from 1500 yards, my daughter won by three strokes and this round from 1850 yards my son won by three strokes. The QST may very well give my son a small edge off the tee in spite of his 3mph slower swing speed, but my daughter's wedge and low iron shots stop quicker
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