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  1. Thanks! Is the 6/10 only because of the storage space? I don’t carry as much as you do so the pocket size wouldn’t be a problem for me. I’d be more curious to see if you have any issues getting clubs in and out of the top?
  2. I really like the look of this bag! How would you rate it as a bag that would be used three ways...carried, push cart, riding cart? Thanks
  3. Pre marriage and kids my personal high was 156 rounds. I still consider this quite an accomplishment living in New England.
  4. Why is it so hard to find the “perfect” bag? I have a Ping L8 bag that I won around 1995. No dividers other than the top, the tangle drives me nuts. Due to shoulder injuries I bought a push cart and cart bag. I don’t like this either. My plan for next season is 9 holes carry, 18 holes push cart, and 18+ ride. The tangle that is inherent with Ping bags makes me not want one but they are the ones I like best in terms of looks. Other style bags like Sun Mountain for example, I don’t trust the external leg activation to be durable, especially on a riding cart. None of the bags I see have a strap s
  5. Kevin Colbert in Minnesota did one for me several years ago. His company is Putter Plating if he is still doing it. He was great to work with and reasonably priced.
  6. For me this year it was 15 rounds. Doesn’t sound like a lot but it was more than the previous 8-9 years combined. Also, because of COVID restrictions at work I was home way more than normal during the week which allowed me time to practice usually about 5 times a week.
  7. I don’t change clubs often so I’m in... Ping G30 driver Ping G15 17* and 20* hybrids Ping G20 4-pw, uw, and sw Ping tour 60* lw Ping Redwood Zing only equipment I’m thinking of changing would be bag and head covers
  8. I’ve moved it up down 50 times, just can’t find the sweet spot. It sits great on my push cart and ok on a riding cart. But if I have to carry it to put on the riding cart, which is about a few hundred yards from the parking lot, it drives me nuts.
  9. That is what it feels like. I have about 9-10 balls in the ball pocket, some tees in another pocket, a divot tool, and a sharpie with these last two in the slots designed for them. Then 2-3 waters in the cooler sleeve. I don’t really carry much. This is my first year not carrying my bag and my first cart bag. Don’t care for how it carries at all when I have to walk any distance with it.
  10. No, I’m talking about the shoulder strap. Whenever I have to carry it, I always feel like everything is going to fall out.
  11. I have a bag boy chiller cart bag and the strap being on the “bottom” of the bag just bugs me for some reason. I get why it’s put there and that is where it’s put on most every cart bag. Am I the only one this bothers?
  12. I would love to see more pics of this one, maybe its story too...it is an awesome looking flatstick.
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