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  1. They might be expensive up front but they last. My gripmasters wear in they don’t wear out. In years past they were still as good as new in year 4 as they were at the first use with anywhere from 50 to a 100 rounds plus practice a year. The group I played 99% of my rounds with during these years would regrip 2-3 times a year which made their total cost about triple what mine was during same timeframe. And I never need a glove.
  2. Gripmaster “the kidd” leather grips.
  3. I wish this site had a feature that allowed me to like this post 1000 times!
  4. The reasoning behind the sabermetrics to help level the playing field is true but I don’t believe it will ever win it all. Theo is brilliant, won two here with the Sox before winning with the Cubs. While he is a guy that uses the sabermetrics he’s also a guy that values some of the old school methodologies. The three titles he’s helped guide were teams with many non saber guys. And I was doing okay until the start of extra innings...still can’t wrap head around the guy starting at second base.
  5. I could name hundreds more... Bob Gibson, Fernando Valenzuela, Don Drysdale, Jim Palmer. I don’t want to watch a parade of 5-6 relievers every game. Most of the bullpen guys are there because for one reason or another they weren’t good enough to be starting. I want to see as much of the best guys as possible.
  6. Shank and I are on the same page! Could you imagine trying to take out Nolan Ryan, Luis Tiant, Tom Seaver, Jack Morris, Dave Stewart at 72 pitches??? I read somewhere recently that John Tudor had more complete games in a season than were thrown in all of MLB last year.
  7. I, like many of us, am not perfect and full of contradictions. In golf it doesn’t bother me. But to be honest, I haven’t even given the parallels you point out any thought whatsoever before you posed the question. It is a fair point and I will live with my hypocrisy on its’ face. The only defense I would offer is that the improvements/changes are equipment based. I have no trouble about better quality baseballs, better constructed bats, the different ways players prep themselves to play, to be completely honest I didn’t have any issues with the steroids era. While the tech has improv
  8. You can order through any Ping retail account exactly what you want. I just got a Tour 75 shaft for $70 which includes the adapter and a stock grip. However, it did take almost 7 weeks to come in.
  9. I agree with the statement that people have a hard time with change. Only speaking for myself, that isn’t my issue. Change is fine if it is for the betterment of the product. Baseball has not changed in that fashion.
  10. I fought that fight for a long time but I have to admit I’ve lost time to fully embrace my old grumpy self.
  11. Oh I agree with that 100% but unfortunately I can’t separate the relaxation of an easy afternoon from what the game has become.
  12. UGH...I just noticed your avatar is an Oakland A’s logo, your Billy Beane and guys like Bill James are what started this trend Despite your loyalties to the A’s, I don’t hold you personally responsible
  13. Starters that only go 5 innings, watching a guy that’s hitting.225 pinch hit for a guy that’s a .300 hitter because the numbers say he’s good against pitchers that are throwing between their 20th and 30th pitches and have a certain spin rates only to watch him hit a weak topper to 2nd, seeing a guy start in front of somebody on a certain day despite the fact that normal guy has hit in 7 straight games and sub is hitting ONE EIGHTY SEVEN for the year but had three hits off the opposing pitcher 4 years ago, pulling pitchers throwing no hitters because he’s already thrown 82 pitches, watching guy
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