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  1. I might try just for poops and giggles. He has grown quite a bit since he last used those clubs. His current driver is a Big Bertha 454 with a pro launch blue stiff shaft that plays at 44”. He’s consistently over 300 yards so his new driver isn’t an issue with him this was really just my curiosity wondering if anyone had converted a kids club to an adult club.
  2. Son came home from school and wanted to go hit balls. So I told him his clubs were in the golf closet where his old Moxie set is kept as well. He was talking about how he loved those clubs and used to crush that driver, wished he could still use it. I wonder how light it really is.
  3. Has anyone ever reshafted a Ping Moxie driver with an adult length shaft? Is it even possible?
  4. Not super quirky but I’m the only person in my circle of golf friends to set up my bag this way…no fairway woods. Driver, 17* and 20* hybrids then 4 iron on down. Just can’t hit them off the deck.
  5. Three peanut butter, butter, and fried Canadian bacon grilled English muffin sandwiches. I have one hour max after the last bite to take care of business. At that point I’m well nourished and gastrointestinally clear. I also try to avoid courses that only provide single ply TP (this is one of the most often overlooked course management strategies).
  6. I did it to myself, no reason either other than greed. I started playing quite a bit last year and practiced almost every day. Put a shorter shaft in my driver and it worked like magic. Played the best most consistent golf of my life. I also became aware that I was regaining swing speed and flexibility the more I played then for some reason I thought I could get longer off the tee. I put a longer (for me) shaft in my driver and I did get longer….and sometimes lefter…and sometimes righter, somehow I also started swinging up on the ball too. It has grown progressively worse all summer. Now I have a two way miss with my driver and a terrible knot in my stomach on the tee when I pull driver. I went back to the shorter shaft and while better I still get an occasional block way right, before this year I’d never hit anything right. My misses have always been left and I had no problem just aiming right without worrying that it wouldn’t come back left. I just can’t get comfortable with a club that was my favorite club to hit. For those of you that fell into the chasing distance black hole, how did you get back?
  7. On course, in the moment, I get upset with myself if I fail to execute whatever I’m trying to accomplish. Once the last hole is finished, let’s eat and laugh at each other.
  8. Tiger at Pebble absolutely demolishing the very best in the world. If I live to 100 I doubt very much I’d see better golf played. That was as close to perfection as humanly possible on a golf course.
  9. In a shocking twist, after about a year engaged, they broke up…but Mr L stilled golfed with us from time to time. No hard feelings at all.
  10. The Shattuck in Jaffrey, NH 71.0/142 at only 6100 yards and The Dunes Club in Myrtle Beach the Tuesday after the Senior Tour Championship.
  11. Instead of trying this year’s stuff, is there anything from past year’s offerings that you didn’t get a chance to own? Adds a little hunting to your off-season and possibly some time as a seller next spring if it isn’t for you.
  12. 43.75 because as soon as I go longer than that I have lots of 50 yard hooks or 30 yard blocks. Got really back into golf last year and was struggling keeping the ball in play with driver. Put a shorter shaft into my driver head and presto, straight without any loss of distance. if you do go the shorter route pay attention to the weight of the head. Last year as I started using the shortie the weight made no difference. However, the more I’ve played and practiced my swing speed has gone from 90-92 to 98-100. This has led to some real “feel” issues for me this season that I only just figured out/fixed.
  13. I just added a ton of lead tape to my driver and the sound is now pretty muted. Didn’t mind the sound prior but really like the sound it makes now.
  14. I have a Hoofer and have zero issues with tangle. With that being said I used a bag for the last 25 years that didn’t have any dividers at all so I guess it is all relative.
  15. Have you tried contacting Callaway about returning the one with the crack? They might warranty it. Could be worth a call/email.
  16. Many years ago in a club championship, my first actually got paired into a threesome with one of the guys beyond slow. I didn’t know either of the other members as I was 22 and both guys were early 50’s and our paths rarely crossed. The non slow player was kinda snarky from first tee but I was focused on myself and really paid no attention to it. It was SLOW. The guy took a ton of practice swings behind ball, then beside the ball, would recheck, regrip, you name it he had every slow player stereotype there is. We fell two full holes behind group in front of us. Head pro drove out to us on 7th green to let us know to pick it up. Snarky guy is visibly pissed off because he’s not slow at all. Slow guy does not change his pace at all. We finish the front 9 and slow guy has made the turn in 49. Large group of members is hanging around and is kinda giving snarky guy the business about our pace of play. He is totaling up front 9 ( he had slow guys card) and yelled at the top of his lungs “FORTY-NINE!!!???!!!, you didn’t hit one f****** shot that was worth the wait!” Slow guy was kinda embarrassed as he did this in front of everyone and withdrew. Snarky guy actually became quite friendly on back. Told me he’d been dreading this pairing since day it was posted, slow guy was notoriously slow with very little etiquette for anyone else. Apologizing for being crabby and for the outburst but added the outburst had been brewing for years.
  17. I did wind up picking up some of the tape @BC33suggested. World of difference! Those strips, at least the ones I have, have virtually no adhesive compared to the golfworks stuff. Applied it this morning and have hit balls twice today without issue (KNOCK ON WOOD). Thank you all for the help!
  18. I’ve put lead tape on a driver before but it was years ago. I thought I’d done it the same way as I didn’t have any issues years ago but this is very frustrating.
  19. I bought the driver used for $30. Those were there when I bought it. I’m not hitting the ground.
  20. This pic is from the other day. Today it all came off but the last time the tape came loose towards the back of the club which I thought was weird.
  21. The struggle continues. I put on the tape and hit a bucket yesterday without issue. Hit some balls pre round today without issue. On the 11th tee most of it came flying off. This is becoming very frustrating. I’m sure I’m doing it correctly but it just won’t take. When it’s on the driver feels and sounds like I want it to and my ball flight and shot pattern is exactly what I want. Is there a trick? What am I missing?
  22. First time I cleaned it and put the tape on and pressed it down with my fingers which obviously wasn’t enough. Cleaned it again and placed the tape into the ridges on the sole. To press it into place I used the handle of a pair of kitchen scissors for the section that I placed at the front sunken part of the ridges and the section of the tape that extended out I rolled a golf ball over it. That worked great as it flattened it out pretty good. Hit a bucket today and everything stayed in place!
  23. I have a piece of wood that is 1” wide by 1” tall by 2’ long. During the summer I use it when hitting balls. In the winter it becomes my putting aid. I putt to its’ end, have to hit it 5 times in a row before moving back going from 2 feet away back to like 10 feet away. I go up and down the ladder. I also occasionally tape some coins to my putter face forcing me to make center contact. My main focus are solid contact, ball goes where I aim it, and making sure I roll the ball end over end. Been doing this for years and feel it does help me.
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