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  1. I'm 30 years old and based in Ireland and traditionally in my club most people using electric trolleys (motocaddy or powacaddy) have been senior members. However, in recent times I've started to see younger players invest in these pieces of kit. I played a lot of soccer growing up and dislocated my shoulder at one stage. The course I play is very hilly (on average according to my fitbit it's between 90 & 100 stories) climbed over 18 holes so it's physically taxing. I'm wondering what benefits people have seen from buying an electric trolley and are they worth the cost? Recommendations also welcome for models. Current leaders are Motocaddy M3 & M5. Thanks
  2. I purchased the Mizuno K1-LO bag last year and love it. Its ultra light (1.8kg) and has sufficient storage. Definitely check it out. Some nice colour options also so you can show off some style too whilst carrying.
  3. So the sad time has come where I move on from my beloved SLDR (10.5 degrees playing at 11). Yes it was unforgiving but when the sweetspot was hit that was a beast! Now, I'm moving to the Sim. My ball speed is around 152-157 (generally) and I launch it anywhere from 10-13 degrees. I'm reasonably ok off the tee but my miss is a slice high right which is pretty consistent on the miss. Say I'll hit 6 fairways a round, miss 6 in right rough and 2 others could be further right. Do miss left but generally feel its an overcompensation for the right miss. My question is, do I go for Sim 9 degrees and loft up to say 10.5/11, which will close the face or go with the Sim 10.5, leave loft relatively unchanged and just rely on the adjustable weight track to help me straighten the miss right. My worry with the 9 degree is that it will flatten my launch angle too much I won't optimize total distance whilst at the same stage my worry with the 10.5 degree is if I loft up anyway will it then become too high and similarly, I won't be maximizing my driver. Thanks!
  4. Anyone have a pic of either of these and how they wear over time? I'm really keen but hearing some reports that they show quite a lot of marks/ scuffs due to the pearl finish on the club. Thx
  5. Can anyone comment on how they find it benefits their game? Be it with preparation or subsequent learning/ reflection of their measurables during the round.
  6. In the past, can you preorder in January so you get delivery on release date in early February?
  7. What did GG send you? Video or text? How long a response? Interested to hear more as is on my radar. Cheers
  8. How much was Mark for an online lesson? @kobe123 Did you peruse the online lesson with Jake? Very interested to hear more.
  9. Very interested about the online course and on the verge of signing up. Am a regular getting short term fixes but haven't committed to one teacher in particular. I am a fan of Gankas and his youtube stuff. I know alot of people think he's too technical but I respond well to that and think I grasp what he's saying. The pluses I see are that all the info, videos, resources are available in the one place and that you actually get feedback on your swing. The feedback from the instructors could be a real game changer. For me, this is what potentially gives it the edge over other subscriptions and makes the hefty price worth it as you can track your progress, work on fixes and receive regular feedback. For anyone who is subscribed, how do you find this? Secondly, how do people feel they have progressed through the different stages of the course? With this season already being hampered I am very tempted to start now.
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