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  1. Sorry for the delay, finally got a chance to snap a couple pictures today. Driver measures in right at 1 11/16" face depth
  2. I was happy to see the Hogan BeCu series already listed by a couple members ahead of me. Until this year I had always been pretty steady with various combinations of Vokey wedges over the years. This year I got more into traditional equipment and it just didn't feel right having Vokey wedges next to my MacGregor persimmons and Hogan Apex II's, so on a whim I picked up a Hogan BeCu Special SI and threw it in the bag. First round out with it in the bag and a few friendly wagers later, it had paid for itself roughly 10x over. Hasn't left the bag since, I love that club.
  3. I've bought two drivers from them over the last year, but no fairway instruments yet. I had an old MacGregor 693 3-wood in the bag this season that I just couldn't bring myself to pull out. That's not to say it isn't on my mind however, just a matter of getting past my own indecisiveness and pulling the trigger. More than likely though, that will be my next golf purchase.
  4. I will get some more pics up tonight when I get home from work, I don't have any more of this driver on my phone. Pricing can vary depending on a couple of factors, but you're in the right ballpark. I can definitely sympathize with your plight of searching for the "right" driver though. I've spent more hours than I'd like to admit combing through eBay and testing on the course, but sometimes that's half the fun. Luckily for me, not all of my purchases were busts and I was able to establish a strong sense of what head shapes, swing weights, and lofts worked best for me before I comissioned thi
  5. I know most people are familiar enough with National Custom and the work that Don White does grinding irons for the boutique brand, but I thought I'd share something more in line with this groups taste and preference. I've added quite a few pieces to the collection this year, but this driver by Tad Moore for NCW is easily one of my favorites. This club is everything I was looking for when I reached out for the build and is as much of a joy to hit on the course as it is to look at when it's on display in the man cave. Now I just need to lock in what the specs will be for the next build! This on
  6. Driver - Titleist 983E Fairway - MacGregor 693 4-wood Irons - Hogan Precision Wedges - Hogan BeCu Special Putter - Wilson 8802 Obviously heavy personal bias here, but these are clubs I just can't get away from. I prefer smaller CC drivers, and this club just works any shot I need to hit. Same goes for the fairway wood, yes it's persimmon and old as dirt, but it's more reliable than anything else in my bag and the 69 headshape may be the most copied head design of all time(persimmon). Similarly, Ben Hogan's first model iron ever produced, the Precision, has becom
  7. So many good brands out there, here are my preferences. For leather goods anything made by Winston Collection will be of good quality and Bluegrass Fairway is another good brand here as well. If you prefer more of a barrel shape, the Pendleton line at Seamus has some good looking headcovers that always seem to catch my eye.
  8. I just made the decision to switch back to a smaller driver this year and I don't think I'll go back to a 460cc anytime soon. Getting off the tee well with driver in hand has always been my biggest struggle, to the point that my personal best was a round played entirely with irons in an effort to eliminate trouble off the tee. This spring I started playing vintage equipment for fun in practice rounds, and it just felt like something clicked. Playing a 60 year old persimmon driver with a head smaller than a modern 5-wood forced me to concentrate just a little more than I was used to when lookin
  9. I can second this emotion. I don't even want to admit how long I'll sometimes stand in front of my persimmon collection trying to figure out which clubs to take for the round. I have to start making decisions the night before, otherwise I'd be late for half my tee times. This photo is Drivers and 2-woods only.
  10. I realllly like that 5-wood you've got there. I've only managed to add one Honma to my persimmon collection, but I love the shape of the tour models and always try to keep an eye out for them. Here's my one and only, I bought it earlier this year from a seller out west. She was liquidating some of her father's old gear, and I was happy to find this piece in the lot. Evidently it had been a gift from a close friend who was a club pro in Japan.
  11. Wow, that looks like a great block of wood with a nice, deep face to it as well! As far as I know and have been told, a U-shaped pattern of grain originating at the toe and running back toward the shaft of the club is the most desirable grain pattern for persimmon. However, I have seen countless drivers with grain just like yours and more than a few reside in my collection. One thing I noticed with your driver is how tight the grain gets in the center of the club just behind the insert, and that was not by accident! What that does, is put the most dense wood directly behind the hitting area an
  12. Wow, great find! Seeing posts like this keep me searching despite having more than enough in my collection, you never want to miss out on the White Whale! Can't wait to see this club once the re-finish is complete.
  13. Wow, that's a really cool composition, especially considering it was done with only sets you own. Personally, I love the way the ball is framed with #2, but #5 would fit in the bag just fine as well.
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