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  1. Really happy to add this one to the bag. I've been looking for some time for a rarer model Wood Bros driver, i.e. Australian, All-Japan, Masters and I feel like this Jumbo LFF fits the bill. Gamed but not abused, as they say "tools not jewels".
  2. @golfunderpar18 Much appreciated, my Maltby guide stops at the early 80's. I must say, I'm really surprised that the Jumbo model from '86 was only $115 and retained even less trade value than other models. I always assumed they were a more premium release akin to the Cleveland "Limited" series.
  3. I'm hoping you guys can help me a bit with this one. I've never been able to find a great source for dating Cleveland persimmon, and I'd love to know some of the production info for these model HY Jumbo's. Does anyone know years produced, numbers made, or what he modeled them after? I know Roger loved re-creating the great MacGregor woods of the 50's. Is this his version of the BJM? I know he did an Eye•O•Matic Jumbo like the '53-54 LFF's but this model seems less common. Huge face on this one, measuring in right at 2 ¹/¹⁶"
  4. 34" Classic w/ welded neck and sight dot. Was able to grab this on his "12 Days of Christmas" a couple years ago and couldn't be happier. Not nearly as eye popping as some of his custom pieces, but I love the simplicity of the stamping on this putter.
  5. Picked this putter up on Logan's "12 Days of Christmas" back in 2019. Logan Olson Classic, weld neck, 34".
  6. Let's be real, our collections will never be complete no matter what we tell our wives, so show off your most recent wares with those of us who care. My most recent addition has been a beautiful Wood Brothers Jumbo Texan. Really excited to add this club in with the rest of my Wood Bros collection. Well used but also very well taken care of. Club has a nice wear pattern center of the insert kudos to the former owner and shows some discoloration from where lead tape was likely placed on the rear skirt, but I love the character on older clubs like these!
  7. It's tough putting so much time, thought, energy and money into a project like this and not getting back what you've had in mind during your months long wait. But my man, I also have to say that is one of the most beautiful putters I've ever seen and something I didn't know I needed in my life until now lol! If the time ever comes and you feel like moving on, let me know and I'll gladly slip that in my bag any day. Just gorgeous.
  8. The Bettinardi is surprisingly heavy compared to the Wilson and Scotty. I believe the Bettinardi's were spec'd to 358g vs 335g for the Wilson, and I believe the '95 Napa's came in at 330g. The Bettinardi doesn't have as smooth of lines on the rear flange either, so it's definitely a heavier/boxier version of the 8802 shape. All said, I prefer the Wilson. A little lighter than the Betti which I prefer, and the because of the face milling has a softer feel than the Napa.
  9. Resurrecting an old thread to show off some Japanese persimmon. Not a lot of these swept back Tour Models floating around, especially in new condition. These are right up there with my nicest Macgregor's and Wood Brothers, terrific craftsmanship on these clubs.
  10. Nothing fancy, nothing new. Just a few takes on a classic shape.
  11. Here's a couple blocks I picked up from NCW. The Keyhole insert is an old George Bayer turning from MacGregor, very deep face profile. The second driver is modeled after an M85W. Beautiful grain on both heads.
  12. Ahh that's a name that I totally forgot about, I really like the simplicity of his sole plates and lack of stampings on his heads. I love my older Hogan BeCu wedges. I had bought a sand wedge for playing vintage short sets, ended up scouring eBay for a matching gap and lob wedge to play in my regular bag I liked it so much. Another good source on modern persimmon woods would be David Bass. He's making some beautiful deep-faced woods that I believe are modeled after a large face MacGregor M85.
  13. Louisville makes a great product, and in fact that is who builds the woods that Linksoul is selling. I would probably be more inclined to purchase straight from Louisville Golf, just because you'll have a much larger selection of head shapes. However, if you truly want a custom club built for you and to your desired specs, National Custom is the direction I would go towards. Tad Moore makes the persimmon woods for NCW and his place in the game as a club builder/designer is among the greats. It will be slightly more expensive than LG, but working with Patrick @ NCW you'll have options on head shape, loft, swing weight, finish, insert, and your choice of stampings on the crown and sole.
  14. Thank you. That set of 693's actually have the NDWS shafts as well, which is a bit rare. Just a really nice set 1-3w. MacGregor 693's are kind of my soft spot for older woods, I have a tough time passing them by.
  15. This one will be a bit pic heavy, but I figured I'd try and get some close ups of my Big 4. The M85W and 945W both have neck numbers still visible, and all but the 945W are lead free in the skirt. 1953-54 MacGregor M85W E•O•M 1950 MacGregor 693T 1953 MacGregor 945W 1950 MacGregor M09 LFF Bonus shots of an extra pair of 1952 MacGregor M85's
  16. @Jiggered beautiful set of clubs there, that's definitely a bag you can be proud of! I'd have to find me a Steurer & Jacoby bag to carry those around in if they were mine.
  17. Took out a few 50's classics yesterday for a quick 9. Probably one of the few remaining rounds before the clubs come in for winter. Admittedly, the irons were modern but I justified it by telling myself Nike doesn't make golf gear anymore, so nostalgic=vintage. Driver: 1952 MacGregor 653 T, 2-Wood: 1953 MacGregor M85TW E•O•M, 4-Wood: 1953 MacGregor 945W, Irons: 2013 Nike VR Pro Combo (4,6,8,PW), Wedge: 1986 Ben Hogan BeCu SI 56°, Putter: 1993 Scotty Cameron Classic I (pre-Titleist). The driver is a great block of wood with a nice carbon spot on the toe and no lead in the skirt...but the 2-wood hits a great high draw off the tee as well.
  18. Got out and played a Ryder Cup event with the boys this weekend, 16 guys and 27 holes of golf. Started with a 9 hole scramble, next up was 9 holes best ball, and finished with 9 holes alternate shot. I think my teammate was a bit nervous when he saw the persimmon in the bag for a competition, but people forget that golf is about hitting distances and they were spot on all day. We ended up taking 8 points on the day, but even better was that all three guys I played with were talking about pulling out some of their old woods from the garage the next time they play. Always fun getting new people to play with vintage equipment and realizing they're not as hard to hit as they're made out to be.
  19. Right now I'm sitting on about 10 sets of irons, roughly 20 putters, and persimmon woods are numbering close to 100. Now that the man cave has been converted into a nursery, space is suddenly an issue I'm having to contend with. Some of it I will sell, but I would also like to build a display case for one of my commemorative sets of Hogan irons as well as a nice racking unit to store the rest more efficiently.
  20. Attached the wrong photo of the grips and shafts earlier, here's a better shot of all 3.
  21. One of my favorite sets of persimmon woods here, an all original set of MacGregor 693T's. Never refinished, no cracks, neck numbers very pronounced, with original shafts and grips in pristine shape.
  22. I usually keep putters on a pretty consistent rotation and tend more towards an 8802 style, but I think this pre-Titleist Scotty might hold it's spot in the bag for a little while. I haven't used a plumbers neck in years but I've played a couple rounds with with this Classic I recently and I'm loving the results.
  23. Finally got my new Louisville Golf LFF out on the course on Friday. Nothing beats putting the first swing on a brand new club, especially one this pretty! Loved the results, nice low ball flight and a great feel off the club face. In the rotation she goes!
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