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  1. QUOTE: I would think that RBC wouldn't pay DJ the same amount for that.. Your comment was spot on. The caddie's logo was NOT the RBC logo.
  2. The PGA Tour needs to be real careful here. Outside of the majors and maybe THE PLAYERS & Riviera...how will history view the WGCs, FedEx Cup and the lesser events? Events below are detailed in Hogan, Snead and Nelson's biographies as "major". Sounds like the North and South Open was The Masters before The Masters... Nicklaus is quoted saying the The Australian Open is the biggest event outside of the 4 Majors in the 60s. See: Tam O'Shanter National Open / World Championship of Golf / All American Open North and South Open Western Open British PGA (non-US)
  3. Google image search the logo that was present on his caddie's left sleeve...
  4. Interesting that RBC wouldn't let DJ sport their logo on his sleeve for the 2021 Saudi event.. 6 events in 2022. The Shark is consulting the PLG...
  5. Course looks pretty cool. I hope it gets firm out there with some light winds. Would get interesting!
  6. Adding The World Series of Golf and Firestone to the WGC grab list. If Riviera taught us anything, it is venues are important and history is priceless. Imagine plowing over Wrigley or Fenway and moving it to the 'burbs!
  7. Yup, bummer to lose tournaments with long histories. The WGCs led to the demise of Doral and the World Cup. I loved both of those events. Grupo Salinas offered the most money. That was all that mattered. Tournaments around the WGCs have been severely impacted as well. If this was really a world tour thing, the South African Open and Australian Open should have been elevated. Plus FedEx Cup was allowed to crush the Western Open! Money grab. You cannot buy history.
  8. In college most guys would hit a hybrid or maybe 3 wood off of #1. The long guys, 2 and 3 irons. And you are still hitting an iron into the green. This was almost 15 years ago. It is par 4 yardage today and has been for a while. Hence the super narrow fairway as well.
  9. Oh man, the back 9 at Rustic would have been nuts yesterday. The greens (especially anything middle to front) at Los Angeles Wilson GC were borderline unplayable yesterday. And those are bumpy as heck!! Those smooth Riv greens don't stand a chance in those conditions.
  10. Are we really just searching for the next (first?) LPGA version of Arnie/Seve/Tiger? Athletes that transcend their niche and become a global celebrity? One bit of knowledge can be gained in looking at who NIKE sponsors. NIKE knows very well that celebrity or performance sells, but the real value is added when you combine those two attributes in a single athlete. Tiger, Rory, Day, Li...top athlete-celebrity in their respective markets? (Honestly, it is still really just Tiger in this context) BUT, who does NIKE sponsor on the women's side? I think they would tell you, uh...Michelle Wie West. But she is only half of the equation. Who is next?
  11. Are you hitting into a net? Looks like a urethane ball that has hit a driving range net.
  12. Well, I'm on the hunt for new clubs (as always) and one of my "tricky" gaps has always been between the PW and SW. I currently play Mizuno MP-4s (previously MP-33, MP-32) with a 46* PW. Yes, that is a 9 iron from 1994. I must also mention that I play my wedges through 9iron at +.75" with lighter "B" heads. I find most wedges are simply too heavy stock to play +.75". My current experiment is a 50* Mizuno T-20 with a "B" head. Anyways, I have noticed a few more manufacturers adding a stock gap wedge to their iron sets. I love this as I use the 50* 80% as a full shot type of club. I want it to feel as part of the set! Anyone like to add to the list below? Callaway 2021 Apex MB - AW/D2/50* Mizuno JPX921 Tour - GW/SW TBD/51* Srixon Z 785 - AW/D4/51*
  13. Yes, making that creek in front of 6 in play would change things. Frankly, I like the look of the creek in front of 15 vs the pond. Also, the original 16th is a interesting one. Approximately, 110 yds over the creek coming down from the 6th. The tee was to the RIGHT of the 15th green. Google the 1933 aerials. Very interesting. The new 16th is probably better, but maybe a tiny hole with a crazy green would be cool!
  14. I love your ideas. ANGC has never been shy to implement changes (sometimes significant). I would love to see some of the seasonal creek beds restored. However, the creek that ran through the "dip" on the par 3 6th hole was never in play. It is about 75 yards short of the green. In about 53 or 54 the creek was dammed creating a "scum" pond in front. This was in response to increased patron traffic. About 1959, the pond was filled and I assume the entire creek bed pushed underground. This "creek" (I believe) is the same that later became the pond on the "new" 16th in 1947. The creek ran from outside the property (Beckman's Road area) down in front of the 5th tee area, across the 6th, across the 16th and joined the tributary of Raes Creek at the 13th. Most of it has been put underground. There was another prominent seasonal bed that ran across hole #1 just past the tee box. It ran across the 9th maybe 60 yards short of the green, continued across the 8th short of the fairway bunker, across the 7th probably 90 yards short of the green, across the 17th and into the front pond at the 15th. I believe the front pond at the 15th was originally more of a creek like the 13th. This creek bed also joined the tributary to Raes Creek around the 14th tee area.
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