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  1. Carry distance is what I meant to ask. Thanks for the reply!
  2. If a wedge is bent 2* strong / weak how much does it affect total distance?
  3. Yes, that’s what I’m wanting in the wedges - lower launch with more spin. So will the S300 ss2 X provide a better launch in the utility than the S200 ss2 X?
  4. I hit partial and full shots with my wedges. Play S300 in mid irons and S200 in long irons. Should I go with X100 8 iron shafts or S400 shafts in my wedges? My playing partner plays S300 soft stepped 2 times in his 6-9 irons and is adding 3-5 in utility irons and plans to go with S200 and wants to know if he should soft step 2 X’s as well. THANKS in advance!
  5. Mallrat, my son plays a 48* vokey with his Mizuno irons for the same reasons that you mention and it works great for him.
  6. How does the Harrison Pro 2.5 low launch compare to today’s modern shafts?
  7. What shafts came in the 2012 Cleveland 588 forged wedges? The label is wedge flex.
  8. taki27 - Thanks for the info!
  9. Stuart_G - Thanks for the info, yes I was referring to the wood shaft. I was fitted into this for driver several years ago and it snapped on me Saturday inside the hosel on the 1st tee. How does the NV nxt gen 75 X match up and are there any other OEM’s that will match up?
  10. Does anyone have the trimming instructions for driver / fairway woods of the combination flex Harrison golf shafts? The pro 2.5 low launch in particular.
  11. What would be a comparable shaft to the Aldila VS proto 80 x-stiff?
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