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  1. Hypothetically, if before the 25th Flightscope releases club data on the Mevo+, matching Full Swings data set would you still place an order for The Kit?
  2. Bushnell charges your account but doesn't actually collect from your credit card company until your order ships. I had a pending charge last week but it has since dropped off my account since Bushnell doesn't collect unit it ships.
  3. Definitely a reactionary release. They’ve barely given any new information other than officially it will eventually work with e6 and it won’t be free, but we don’t know how much it will cost either. They haven’t even shown the basic app integration that I assume will be free or even a working unit. Way too many red flags to be taken serious right now. They’re in damage control trying to secure orders being lost to GC3/LP and the real killer; rumors of Mevo+ club data being unlocked. If Flightscope does unlock club path and face angle before Full Swing takes orders the Kit is finished. Why else would you buy one? 1080p vs 720p video play back?
  4. Yeah I would be hesitant with the FSK in a garage. To me it says a lot that they still don’t have the indoor performance where it needs to be given all of the extra time they’ve had. Full Swing from the beginning have been implying this is first and foremost an outdoor monitor. I wish they’d at least give some clue to subscription costs and what would be included before asking to complete preorders. Imagine if Bushnell sold the LP for 3,000 with the promise of being able to use it indoors next spring. Then told the owners after they paid and took ownership the subscription cost would be 800 a year.
  5. I've also owned both the Mevo+ and Skytrak and I'll say for the money they are both great if you understand their weaknesses and limitations, and use them appropriately. I found the inconsistencies with Skytrak's HLA to be frustrating but easily recognizable when it got it wrong. Much less frustrating than hitting a great shot to have the Skytrak miss it. As opposed to the Mevo+'s inconsistencies with spin axis where I found you could be thinking you're hitting fades based on the data then go on the course and hit draws and hooks all day. I found it almost impossible to practice shot shaping with the Mevo+ with a ball flight distance of 15 feet. I could hit what would be huge draws or massive cuts outdoors and the Mevo+ would either get the spin axis opposite or it would be drastically under reported. I think the Mevo+ is great with limited flight if you want to bang balls into a net and work on proper contact and launch angles but for dialing in shots and working on shot shaping it will do more harm than good. Ask me how I know.
  6. You should check out My Golf Spy’s test for the best personal launch monitor for 2021. The Mevo+ was the worst unit at measuring spin. It was worse than any available personal launch monitor on the market. If you can’t see the limitations of that device you’ve drank the kool-aid. If the Mevo+ or even the X3 was comparable to a GCQuad I think Bryson would have one behind him instead of a GCQ beside home. Even your brand ambassador doesn’t trust the product.
  7. I guess I’m confused because he said the max resell of a LP would be 3000 no matter what, but if you bought out of the subscription model either this year or 5 years from now wouldn’t your resell be whatever GC3s are going for at the time?
  8. If you buy your way out of the launch pro’s subscription model you do own 4000 dollars worth of software though?
  9. I don’t think that’s true if you unlock your LP it’s the same license as the GC3 so resale would be the same. Now there is no recouping yearly fees
  10. 2) I don't think that's what they're talking about. I spoke to a Foresight rep today who said if you buy the Launch Pro from Bushnell for 2999 they will be offering a way for 4,000 dollars to buy yourself out of the subscription model at anytime. Essentially unlocking your Launch Pro into a "GC3" with the outright ownership of FSX 2020 or whatever the software is at the time you purchase.
  11. I don't know too much about Trackman, way out of my price range. But I do know Trackman 4 is both radar and optic based. It's radar system is much more complex than Mevo+ or Fullswing it uses (1) 10 GHz transmitter with 3 dedicated receivers, and (1) 24 GHz with 4 dedicated receivers. With each system dedicated to either club or ball parameters. The Mevo+ uses (1) 24 GHz transmitter and 4 receivers. The Fullswing Kit is supposedly going to use (2) 24 GHz transmitters and 4 or 5 receivers. We should find out exactly what they use in January when the FCC releases photos of the internals. The Kit will transmit a traditional continuous wave frequency for club path, club speed, ball speed, spin, and spin axis just like the Mevo+. The difference will be the additional transmitter will transmit a frequency modulated continuous wave that will be able to track the entire flight over 250 meters. This additional accuracy down range increases the accuracy of carry and offline parameters against the Mevo+ but won't affect spin or spin axis accuracy indoors.
  12. He made it sound more like an additional 4000 after you’ve purchased the LP to convert your subscription Launch Pro to essentially a GC3. He didn’t mention being able to pay separately for additional data or simulation.
  13. Just spoke to a Foresight rep. I was told Launch Pro owners will be able to pay 4000 dollars to unlock and own outright at anytime.
  14. After owning both a Skytrak and Mevo+ I’d be extremely hesitant on buying another radar based unit for any use with limited flight or possible interference. Their hardware is very similar to Flightscope’s (both use 4 24 ghz transmitters for the majority of measurements) and if Flightscope can’t consistently and accurately measure spin or spin axis indoors I have a hard time believing Full Swing has it cracked on their first attempt. The Kits leg up on the Mevo+ is the ability to measure the ball for the entire flight due to an additional high frequency transmitter. Indoors that’s irrelevant and I suspect it’ll have the same limitations as the Mevo+ but with unlocked club data. I had a preorder reserved for the Kit last winter and was initially very excited but with more research and silence on there end I canceled and ordered a Launch Pro.
  15. Right now there's more pictures of Bryson on Foresight's home page than Flightscope's. That should say something.
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