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  1. Thank you so much alfriday. That phrase sounds like something that I’m looking for. I will try that on the range this weekend.
  2. Does anyone have a drill that has worked for them to control their swing tempo? I have a slow backswing, but will occasionally rush at the top and start the downswing. This cause fat/thin shots with my irons or a big push right with my driver. My swing thoughts usually consist of “ finish the backswing, stay down through the ball and don’t swing so hard.” Is there a drill that I could try to ingrain some muscle memory on the range and then take to the course.
  3. All of my irons were extended the same amount so I don’t necessarily notice the wedges to be much heavier. I’m pretty much self taught and have never had a club fitting, so maybe after this virus is behind me I’ll try to find a fitter to see if my clubs need to be modified.
  4. That is exactly what happens to me. It seems, the harder I swing, the shorter the shit will go. A 3/4 swing seems to compress the ball better and drive it toward the target.
  5. There’s a very good chance they are off. I added 1.5” extensions into all my irons and I’ve never had them checked for like angle.
  6. I know exactly what you mean. I’ve worked very hard to cover 60-130 yards with these 1/2 and 3/4 shots. But occasionally I will catch one perfect and it explodes off the club face. I’ve really focused on trying to keep the same swing speed for these shots.
  7. My home course does a great job of keeping the course watered and doesn’t let it get dried out. Some of the others courses do get dried out and it scares me to hit a wedge. I’m much more comfortable playing a running punch type shot. Less of a chance to hit it thin with a wedge.
  8. I do get steep sometimes with this club. I have 12° of bounce, but I honestly don’t understand bounce that well. These wedges have 10, 11 and 12 degrees of bounce. What do you mean by turf conditions? I play in southeast Texas and the grass is mainly Bermuda.
  9. WOW. That’s a big difference. You’re braver than me. I’d never want to hit something like that.
  10. I carry a 50°, 54° and 58° and have been working on 1/2, 3/4 and full swing shots. I’ve gotten confident in hitting those shots with all those clubs except the 58° full shot. It seems that the club either just slides under the ball or it spins off to the right. Do y’all hit full lob wedge shots or should I just resort to 1/2 and 3/4 swings with that club?
  11. $21 is a great deal. I bought 24 4A for about $40 and it was worth every penny. First time purchasing balls that way and was very pleased. Highly recommend them if you don’t mind someone else’s marks on your ball.
  12. I played them last weekend in horrible conditions and it was a great ball striking day. I managed 10 GIRs in a two club wind and got through almost 17 holes before I lost one because I drove through the fairway into water (never a problem on that hole). I’m going to game them going forward due to what I saw playing in the wind. The reduced spin seemed to help miss hit shots stay online a lot better than a higher spin ball.
  13. Ok, that is opposite of what I’m seeing. When I play it too far back, I hit it right with no draw. When I have it too far forward, I tend to hook. Too far back and I feel stuck, and too far forward feels like I’m reaching to hit the ball. I do agree that the strike feels much more solid than when I was hitting a fade.
  14. i apologize for a duplicate post. I’m still learning to navigate my way around here. Thank y’all for letting me know.
  15. I switch between Z star and TP5 golf balls. The balls seem to perform pretty similar for me except the TP5 is about a club longer and feels much softer. I was thinking of trying out a sleeve of Titleist AVX and was wondering what pros and cons y’all had seen from that ball? I’ve seen video that it carries far, but spin numbers are quite a bit lower. I do like the idea of playing a softer compression ball.
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