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  1. Wow, just.. wow. These are the replies I fully expect from the people riding my bumper in rush hour traffic. "If I just get a little closer to the car in front it will allow the car behind me to get to work sooner!!" I'll leave this thread with this. I'd love to curse all of us.. I curse myself to always have a guy like myself behind me, and I'd curse the rest to always have a guy like themselves behind them. Enjoy the life you deserve. Keep hitting your 400yd drive (everyone here hits 400 yards, right?) when the group in front gets to 401. Keep hitting your approaches while the group is still walking off the green. Ball in the air won't land until they're off, right? Go go go go go go go go go go.... they're out of range!!! Hit Hit Hit!!! NOW!!! Lets rush out to the fairway and wait longer so the group behind us can hit too!!! Jesus... I'd bet you really are that car behind me in rush hour hitting their brakes every 4 seconds instead of just matching pace. I don't care how fast anyone plays, unless you're the group behind me on a fully saturated course. But.. I see your replies and understand why the world is the way it is. Hammer on man...
  2. I don't know if I have room for all those words you just put into my mouth. There's some major assumptions there. I mean, major. I have a pre shot routine? Even I didn't know that. My regular partners often mock me for not practice swinging and usually firing off the shot before I'm even settled in. I'm lined up with my ball, so I have the yardage and club choice already in my head. Worst case scenario I switch up or down 1 club, which if I wasn't 100% certain I'd already be calculating. I tend to be pretty satisfied with my pace of play, but apparently I'm pretty slow? 2 some walking 18. And solo cart (the day I brake checked the group riding me).
  3. The 250 thing, I meant Tee shots. I've been in front of people and even played with people who use the sound of the cart in the fairway disengaging the brake and that first "Pubb" of the motor as a starting gun for their back swing only to rush out to their ball and wait 10 minutes again. Group on the green picking the flag up? Time to get in stance for your approach shot. Ball landing on the green before the carts pull away. I think this type of play doesn't cause a 5 hour round. 5 hour rounds are already out there. What it does affect is actual pace of play and how you can enjoy your round. You may enjoy your rounds playing way faster that the group in front of you and spending more time waiting than moving, but I don't. Give a little space, play at the same speed as the already saturated course, and relax a little.
  4. I agree 100 yards isn't encroaching on the play. But.... and maybe this is a me thing, but... 100 yards and body language is a big difference. If I'm in a cart and wind up 100 out with a group on the green, good chance I won't even be near my ball. Just off the cart path sitting in my cart reading my emails or watching Tik Tok videos. But, we all know the Club Pro Guy who's standing over his ball with his club leaning on his leg, arms out with palms up to jesus. Part of being invisible means playing in a way that they can't even hear you land. But thats just me. I prefer the shadows.
  5. This, but not, maybe? To me this could also be the car riding your bumper in 70MPH rush hour traffic. You're not going anywhere and neither are they so back off a little and set yourself to the pace of the course. Just because I'm 251 yards away it shouldn't mean it's time to fire off your 250 yard drive. I know this isn't what you mean but I think we're trying to find a balance. I posted this before but I was once a single on a resort course with 2 4's in front and a 3 behind. The group behind me was firing off the split second they had room on every hole while I was just trying to play at the pace of the groups in front of me, not rush, not wait.. just find the pace. I finally Brake-Checked the group behind and they called the pro shop. Par 5, hit a ball left and maybe OB. Hit a provisional. Driving out found my first in the left bunker with a high wall. By the time I found my ball the group behind me was standing on the box. I played a 6 out of the bunker. It put me about 165 from the green. I then drove over to my provisional in the middle of the fairway to get my ball and I sat there until the green was clear. Green cleared, grabbed my provisional and drove to my ball. 7i in, 3 putts and I was off. Took the group behind me 2 holes to back on my rear end.
  6. Fun anecdote. Played 2 rounds back to back with a buddy of mine. One was a private club as a guest of the Pro and the other was a public par 3 the next day. Mind you, being guests on a private course we're always on our best behavior and try to stay under the radar. This is a "3 nines" course and we're playing Blue-White (not Red). First tee is open and next to the range. I confirmed with a member on the range that this is the Blue 1st Tee. Odd hole, looks like the flag is DL right, turns out it was to the left. Hit our shots, grab some waters for the cart and drive out to find our terrible tee shots. Hubby and wife walking off the green as we find our balls. Hole 2 they're waiting for us. Tell us to please play through because we hit into them and almost hit them. I never saw them tee off, never saw them in the fairway.. didn't see them until they were on the green as we looked for our shots. 2 was a par 3 and they had already hit. I hit a low spinner to the front of the green, one hop and checked 2 feet from the cup. Apologized profusely and they tried to keep up on us for a few holes but couldn't. Day 2 on the par 3 we pay and walk past 2 guys on the putting green up to the tee box. They finished putting and stood behind us while we waited for the 3 on the green. Ooops... did we jump? The 3 in front we're terribly slow. By hole 3 we had a group on the green and the 2 behind us while those guys were still on the green. On 4 they waived us up after they got to the green. Now in a rush to pass I hit my 9I about 90 yards and pretty much never got off the ground. Darnit! I head up and grab a wedge while they wait and watch. Another skull about 30 yards. Double Darnit! From about 20 yards off the green with them right there I flopped a shot to inches and just walked by and picked up for bogey. We were on 18 when we saw them tee off on 10. Amazing how awkward playing thru can be.
  7. Interesting take... I don't know how you can classify me, into or extrovert. I work with the public. I get paid to go and be friendly and talk to people. On the clock I have no problem walking into a bay and chatting with strangers and connecting the dots or showing a basic golf swing. I'm the guy that approaches unruly or intoxicated guests. Angry guests in our lobby. I have no issue doing any of that. Off the clock... I try to avoid people like the plague. I pretty much hate being off on weekends because I can't do the things I enjoy in peace. Can't bike the W&OD trail, can't golf, can't shop, can't dine out.. there are people out there. If I get off work late I may swing by the bar and grab some take out food. I sit as far away from people as possible. Do you know how often complete strangers try to talk to me? Why? But I don't golf to socialize. I golf to golf. I think my biggest issue with pairing is their games. Their habits. Then I stress if my habits are "bad". If I'm walking with friends in carts I'll walk ahead to keep pace. Am I the bad guy? Why is the guy in my group pushing the pace so fast when there's no where to go? Now his anxiety is making me hurry for no reason. Why is the other guy still looking for a ball? How many practice swings does this guy need? Yes I know it's hot out. Yes, I know the course is playing slow. I don't know, I just like playing alone.
  8. As a guy who plays solo a lot I get this. There's a phrase in golf about "being invisible". I try to be this guy behind a group as well. As long as they're playing at a smart pace, I'll stay far away. If I'm a single with no one on me I'll aften wait for the group in front to have putters in hand before I tee off. I'll stay on the green putting around until I hear their golf carts pull away from the tee box. It helps that I'm usually walking.
  9. Agreed. He was getting to the Tee while we were putting and the group was getting into their carts. They're stil parked at the tee box. We're walking away from the green. He's putting his tee in the ground and waiting the 10 minutes for them to clear the fairway.
  10. I had to play with people recently. I hate it. Mr aggressive guy playing the tips and a nice older guy playing the fronts. They both had carts and I was walking. Most holes the aggressive guy was ready to tee off before I made it up. Mind you, the fairway wouldn't clear until 10 minutes after I get up, but he was ready. On 9 I was getting hot and tired. I was first on the green so I grabbed my ball and told them I was going to walk over get a cart and some water. When I get to the club house the group that was in front of us was in buying dogs and waters and beers and figuring out who's paying for what... it was a mess. The longer I stood there the louder my thoughts got about where my group was. I walked out with no water and no cart and over to 10 where of course the aggressive guy had already teed off and was waiting for me. There was a group on the green. We didn't go anywhere. Literally just took the spot of the group in front of us. 9 more holes of this guy flying up and waiting. I finally went my pace (he was putting out before we finished and going to wait at the next tee.) and pretty much didn't have to wait at any spot. I hate playing with people. I will say this guy plays golf like most people in NOVA drive. They floor it from a green light and smash the brakes at the next red light instead of instead of easing up a little and catching every light green.
  11. Reading all this I can only think of a PGA player rushing to tee off on 18 so his group could finish their round before dark? Edit: Ian Poulter. Found it.
  12. 20+ years ago. Im with a friend staying at his families house in State College, PA. His family is a member at the Elks club,(Now Mountain View) where Penn State played. On the 9th tee, if I recall correctly, it's an elevated tee hitting to an elevated green. Miss the green and it's all up hill. As my friend tees off you hear some one yell "Hey! There's my nephew!". It was the clubhouse. The patio of the clubhouse was hosting a wedding and my friends uncle was attending. The whole party is now watching. He hits the green. I miss left with some boos. Total blind uphill shot to the green. I hole my flop shot.
  13. Also, if it's your ball, how bad do you have to be losing by to actually call this penalty?
  14. You're on the green as your partner/opponent/friend/stranger skulls a wedge out of the bunker. Every one who sees the shot knows it's in the drink behind you. You manage a Jedi like reaction to stop the ball from scuba diving. Is there a penalty?
  15. This post is such an inspiration for the ways that I would never ever choose to be. 2 facts about me: 1. I actually feel the energy or people around me. A lot. Anxiety of others amazes me. Why are you pressing me on a packed course? Why are you close stepping me in the grocery store? Riding my bumper in rush hour traffic? And because of this super power I'm also one of the most laid back people you can meet. 2. I am also the fastest pace of play golfer on these forums*. 18 hole par three I play regularly I've done 36 holes in 2.5 hours, walking, clubs on my back. My usual group says they aren't talking in my back swing, but that I'm swinging during their conversation. From "It's safe to hit" time and me putting my head cover back on is usually less than 10 seconds. And being a laid back guy, I don't start my swing process until the group in front is A) on the green when I'm on the Tee, and B) hit my approach until the group has driven away from the green. I play golf like a skilled driver working a manual transmission. Never force it, coast when you can. Never stand on the throttle just so that you have to stand on the brake. I recently posted about a vacation I took in Williamsburg VA where I was a single and had a 3 and 4 some in front of me and the most high strung 3 some behind me. If their best hitter could drive 250, they'd wait until I was 251 out to tee off. I was walking to my cart when I'd hear balls land around the green, only to pull up as #2 of 4 in front of me is teeing off. On 4 I told them the go in front of me, but they didn't because there was no where to go. Instead they just rode me like a circus mule until 9. Some where around 8 they called the Pro shop to complain about pace of play. And for the record, I finished that Wednesday afternoon round in about 4:15. I'm pretty certain it was #9, a par 5 on the Green course, where they lost their minds with me. Hit a bad tee shot left and hit a great provisional. Found my first in a bunker left side about 220 yards out. Based on the other group and making smart decisions I played a 6i out and drove to my provisional, about 260 from the tee. And I sat there. No where for me to go, so I just sat at my PVB until the green was clear. When the green cleared I drove to my first ball second shot, hit a wedge to the green and putted out while they rushed to get to their drives. At the turn I intentionally sat back and let them pass me while I sat in my cart chomping on a hot dog. Stopping the spiral of this post, the pro drove up to me on 9 and apologized for the slow round. I told him I'm on vacation, I have no where I have to be, and aside from the group behind me that called you, I'm relaxed AF. I offered the group behind to go and the declined, so I'm just out here to chill. And contrary to what they say on this forum, #asinglehasnorights on the golf course and just relax and check out between shots.
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