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  1. I play it as it lies too, but #safetyfirst. When I'm a guest a private course and find the solo loose sod drainage gate on the course I'm letting some common sense get in the way of earning my boy scout "As It Lies" badge. You misspelled "Sleeping kitten". It's an internet forums board and I know my integrity pretty well. If I'm a in Members sandwich at a private course, like I was that day (3 slow groups in front, fastest 2some on the planet behind us) I'm not putting a tee in the ground and measuring out 2 driver shafts in a non marked GUR in the middle of a fairway. Callin
  2. Have you ever walked on sheets of sod that moves due to water drainage? Hence the reason for a water drain in the middle of a fairway. Trying to get a 17* hybrid up over that water balloon in front of me could have meant a decent tear in the fairway. Asking rules questions from people who think hitting into a bunker should come with a back rub and a glass of champagne... I'll be alright, I knew the outcome long before most people woke up this morning.
  3. We can ask about a Flying spaghetti monster hovering over a pond and tossing my wet ball back on the fairway, too I guess. If I catch a sprinkler head in the fairway that puts me in a creek on the best tee shot of my life then the outcome is what it is. A ball that comes to rest in the intended line of play deserves to be a shot as intended. If I rip a 300 yard drive down a fairway that has water at 280 yards then I'm at fault. If I hit to a 5x5 yard patch of grass that leaves me a shot between 2 trees leaving me a 180 yard shot at a par five in 2 but my ball goes 18 inches into a gopher hole
  4. I was really curious what the replies would be hoping that some one would ask about the course conditions. With the drain pipe right there and the 14 inches of rain last month and 3 so far this month, that lump was quite artificial. If you stepped on the lump part the low part would come up. Basically floating turf. Any pure strike could have ripped up a foot of sod from the low point. There's low and high cut grass from where the mower is moving the sod as the turf waves under the weight of the mower. While the lie was quite odd to hit a 200+ yard shot out of, I've hit from way worse. In a ca
  5. One of my partners consistently tells people "You're next put is good", meaning you're going to miss that 3 footer but he concedes the 3rd putt. But, he's a jerk.
  6. This is a standard phrase in my groups. "Par net Birdie" or "Bogey net par". It's usually announced and if not asked. We rarely ask for putts, too though. Most self concluded putts are for 6's when there's a birdie in the hole already and no math is required to continue. Last month 3 of us picked up at the exact same time as the 4th holed out an Eagle bunker shot. I was in the best position @ 10 feet for a par net birdie.
  7. You can see my plug and bounce back mark. With permission I rolled my ball out of what ever this little swail was to where you see it now. Pics don't do it justice. I shot a bogey on this hole after the roll and that's the score I recorded... lol.
  8. I don't feel bad. I also try to balance fair VS time when I play. I posted a while back some confusion I had with a ruling. I KNEW I hadn't done the right thing, but made an honest attempt to play a fair hole. The forums answer was I played the hole wrong, forfeit the competition (2 contestants, loser buys first rounds of shots) and the fact that I'm a horrible human being. The cliffs notes was that I hit a terrible shot deep into the woods, played a provisional, saw my first on a walk by completely in jail, picked it up and went on to play my provisional for a bogey. Wait... you didn't walk b
  9. 4x4GGG

    Sub 70 Clubs

    I wish I could have looked at these before getting fitted to my i500's. Now, I love my i500s, but I would have loved a chance at these first. Mid quarantine I did order a 48* from sub 70 and a 56* from Haywood. I bent the 56 to a 54 before I ever even hit it. I did order both raw. I'm loving both clubs differently. The 70 is a great 110 club, bump and run, and over all utility club. The Haywood has been great in the sand and good for open face shots around the green. They've also both rusted out pretty sweet. The clubs are in my car and I'm not going out to snap a pic, but I took
  10. I thought about this thread yesterday playing a local par 3. I was the last golfer out before a member tourney, and of course stuck behind a REALLY slow 4 some and a pair behind them. Not to rush the pair, since they were sandwiched, I played 2 balls and did some practice around the greens. Of course I only scored my first ball, which doesn't matter because I wasn't competing and can't enter the scores towards my HCP, but I kept a true score anyway. We had 14 inches of rain last month and it hasn't stopped. Lots of balls plugging if you miss the green. So, number 5 is 170+ yards.
  11. This was kind of my point. In the 20 or so rounds I've played with the noodles in I can count on one hand how many times a putt was questionably sank. Granted, we tend to play Match play so holed putts aren't as much a thing. Personally I have only had 1 instance where a ball may have holed but didn't, and that was a shot from a wet bunker with a ton of spin. The second bounce was off the noodle. 3 inches shorter and there would have been no doubt. In the end my group is competing at different courses every week, but we're in the same foursomes playing the same holes
  12. I know one course adopted a rule about OB stakes and grass cutting. Long story short, and this happened to me specifically, was that the mowers didn't place the whites back properly and there was a severe difference between actual OB and marked OB. We're talking 2 inch rough vs 2 foot high weeds. In one round my ball wound up in 2 inch rough a foot away from a cut line of 2 foot weeds but when you get a string out from stake to stake I was OB and it was complete bovine feces. There was a distinct cut line and I was clearly in play closer to the fairway and if there had been 1 more stake in the
  13. By far the best was a very old Ping Zing knock off with an s300u. Worst.. r11 with a hair line crack in the head. Same distance and no loss in playability, but we had to start calling it the Fenway Foul Pole. You can guess the sound.
  14. I'm not questioning the difficulty nor the complication of stringing 4 words together in a sentence. I'm not questioning the complications of determining if a provisional is needed. I'm asking a question in regards to, and making the follow up statement that me hitting a second ball off the tee is in itself is a statement of fact that #2 is the ball I'm playing assuming that ball #1 is not retrievable, not findable, or not playable.
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