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  1. I bought a 4 pack 2 months ago. Maybe 200 balls a week practicing and add art least a full+ round weekly. I was rotating between 2 gloves just because of the heat and sweat. Played 2 days in a row and lost one on the first round. I will admit this was close to the sweatiest round I've every played and to lose a glove on 4 sucked. The next day wasn't as bad (rode instead of walked) and added glove #3 to rotation. Glove #1(or 2?) still held up fine and the new one didn't feel any different than the old one. I can't tell a difference. I tend to like the Sof Joys and never been
  2. Played a resort course in Williamsburg VA this week. I teed off solo around 1030, with a cart this time. By the 2nd box I had a foursome coming off the green. On 3 they were in the fairway when I got to the box. On 4 they had just teed off when I pulled up, but there was a snack shack and I hadn't eaten. A guy came back as I was about to order and asked me if I wanted to play thru. I told him I'm on vacation, I'm relaxed, keep playing and if I feel "held up" I'll jump up. They had a 3 about a hole in front of them. I hung back and really just took my time. They weren't slow, by any means.
  3. F&B manager for the club Grille? I mean, that's kind of currently what I do anyway.
  4. I agree that more careful players may have less chances just because they're avoiding the blow up. Also, the skill to luck ratio is a thing. Watched a 20Hcp drop a 8i on a par 4 out of sheer luck. For me: First Eagle.. par 5 S shaped hole. This was in the 90's when I first started playing. Sliced my drive so bad I actually had a look at the green from behind the trees guarding it. Nailed my Ping Persimmon 4w into the rough around the green. Took some time looking for it and when I found it I just grabbed a 9i and hit a bump that went in. Stranger I was playing with reminded
  5. OC is my former home town. RP is a great course but not one of my favorites. Lighthouse is a must play, but damn hole #5 (I think?), Par 3 hitting into the bay and I've seen 7i and 3w hit at that green. Man O'War was my go to. I did live right across the street from Bayside, but just hated that course. It's a nice course, well kept... it's just a Jack course and it's so mean for no reason.
  6. Finding out on Friday that I'll be off from work Tues-Sat I decided very last minute to head somewhere to golf. I looked at some Blue Ridge packages but decided on Williamsburg. Under $400 for 2 days 1 night with "unlimited" golf. Not knowing the area I called to make T times. Was told then that the Gold course was being punched the 2 days I was there, and that the Green course was my only real choice for both days. Fingers crossed it would be a good course, but still it's time off, time out of town, and time spent on a golf course. I made it tough for me to be disappointed. Arriv
  7. You should see our lost and found bin at Topgolf. It's usually blamed on the staff. Credit cards are the worst, though. The staff always accused of stealing cards when they're left behind in the check presenter.
  8. No one asked the front or back yardages? My game isn't good enough to pin seek, so I look for front and back yardages. So 225 to the pin and it's a big green? Lets say the pin is in the middle... 200 to front and 240 to the back? 240 is my driver and although it's pretty reliable I don't know that I'd trust it to find a green. Same with my 3W, which is about 225. My 4H is 215 and I'd trust it enough to get me close to the green or even dancing. 4I is 205, and with a preferred lie I'd trust it as much as my hybrid. Answer, 4H or 4i to the front and hope I'm dancing.
  9. Reading another forum I visit, non golf related, I came across the following post: My buddy aced a 330 yard par 4 on Sunday. He was playing in a 4 ball match. It's a narrow hole that goes up and over a hill and slopes down to the green that is protected by many bunkers. He bombs his drive and the 4 in his group can't find it. They assumed it had gone into the creek right of the path near the green, so they drop and chip on to the green. The team they are playing makes about an 8 foot putt for what they think is winning the hole and discovers another ball in the hole. My buddies or
  10. This is a funny topic. We have an inter company tourney twice a year. My buildings best golfers vs another locations best golfers. Based off of ranking I get paired against the head of the other location. This guy is three rings above me. I'm watching him mark, lift, clean and then replace his ball lined up for every shot. Like... I literally thought it was a joke. 3 holes in and he's replacing his lie on every shot like he's putting. So its 4 four balls out and we get backed up on a par three. My boss at the time, in the group behind us, is a PGA instructor and a complete ***hole
  11. Reading a thread recently I remembered a situation from my youth that came up and honestly I'm too embarrassed to not have know the answer. I've actually had 3 that come to mind, but I'll slowly roll them out and feel out the replies to see how horrible of a human being I am. First ruling, playing as it lies, but the ball wound up on my clubface? Spring play. Bunkers were being re-sanded. I landed a 3w into a greenside bunker with a fresh dump of sand. No markings. The ball was plugged deep but it was clearly mine. Being young, dumb, and full of testosterone I just wailed at the b
  12. This. 100% this. Spent 15 years earning $0 paychecks and living off of tips and this statement is facts. At the end of any day you remember 2 people... the person who didn't tip you and took the time to explain why they're against it, and the person who tipped you enough to make up for the first one.
  13. I wasn't "in front". Beer tourney with a shotgun start. I had hit the long ball on 9 and my partner and I pulled our cart up next to the trees on the right side of the fairway for shade waiting for the green to clear. It was a single line of trees and I was the passenger in the cart. Guy on 1 hit some crazy toe ball? Honestly I didn't stick around to get the details. But either way the ball went 45-90 degrees off his initial target line right thru the front of the cart. I have an image in my head of the ball being about 2 feet away. I don't know if it's real or imagined. I met the
  14. I've said this before but... Topgolf is booming. We can't hire enough to keep up with the business. Seems like every day theirs the die hards waiting for us to open. It's 50% guys who want to make sure they can practice and 50% people who want multiple bays but don't want to pay for multiple bays. We're on a wait all the time every day. Some days are small waits, like 45 minutes. Some days are 3 hour waits. I've had to stand in our lobby and tell walk in guests @ 9PM that there's a good chance they'll never get a bay even though we close at midnight.
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