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  1. maybe a ronald mcdonald shoes replacement, just kidding bro
  2. Do not feel this way, i wore the black since is showering a little here and walk 18. i love it, the traction is great, walking feel smooth, did not feel anything, very comfy. Looks great on the course and received great compliments. This will be my summer shoes, along with the ST Trainer and the Jordan Flight Runner.
  3. That’s probably one of the reason why still there , flippers won’t touch this release
  4. It will be there for a while. The regular release might sell out 1st before this NRG releases.
  5. Yea without that kiltie on top, is nice. I have seen a few that was soleswap and removed the golf soles and convert to a regular 97 and is fire.
  6. Yes I am a Nike guy, but the victory tour and vt2 imho is the ugliest Nike shoes ever made, but that is just me.
  7. great addition for the collections, ordered yesterday.
  8. Yes they are sold out, a friend order 13 and got canceled. Nike don’t need to hype them up, social media and other sneakersheadz already hype them up. Plus the shoe don’t need hype because they are .
  9. Nice are you sure that was the ADG3 or the Jordan Grind. Anyway that was cool, LD is was one of the class dude. With that said i received my two order today and WOW this s*** is better in person and i did not expect that. I know i like the profile more wide on the toe like the ST Trainer but i love this shoe.
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