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  1. The PGA Superstore in NW Atlanta had some a couple of weeks ago....but the same store in NE Atlanta did not.
  2. I tried on a pair at the PGA Superstore on 75N in Atlanta....very comfortable. Probably will get a pair myself...just a little tough to pull the trigger with that price tag and they're not waterproof. I sent an email to the folks at Ecco and they confirmed that they were water resistant but not waterproof.
  3. [quote name='Simp' timestamp='1316961015' post='3589266'] "And the Titleist's go "tink", while the Cobra's go "clank".... I think I may have just invented the GolfWRX version of the farm animal string pull thingamajig! I'm rich beyotch! [/quote] Sorry about this guys...but somebody's got to do it....... and the Hammer goes PPPPPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!
  4. 23muc


    I made the same switch when the i15's first came out and I'm very happy with them. I went with the ZZ65 shafts as opposed to the stock AWT's...if you are a high ball hitter, I think you will find the AWT's will balloon on you?? 5.0 index Good Luck
  5. Not sure....but I know you can buy the black bag at some of the major stores....a little pricey though.
  6. I don't think there is any difference other than the black one is less noticeable and the orange one is screaming "steal me" at the turn while i grab a sandwich!
  7. If you posted a couple of birdies later in the round it was certainly worth it!
  8. I don't really care about the hole/quick view. How did those that have used it like the intelligreen pro?? Any hints as to what the different shadings mean? ... or is it best to just wait till you play a course with the green mapped and figure it out from there?
  9. That might be the answer!! No more beach trips...all future outings in the mountains!!! I guess technology can only help us 50+'ers for so long!!
  10. I was hoping a harder ball or something to get 20 yards back. Maybe it's time to move up a tee box??
  11. Just returned from a Myrtle Beach trip and as always, was frustrated by the loss of distance at sea level. SS 94 using 330-RX ball...finding my drives at a good 10-15% less which was just enough to keep me from reaching around some of the doglegs etc Ball carries ~230 here in Atlanta...about 210 in Myrtle and no roll! Is there a better ball to use on the sea level trips??
  12. this is all that I have seen... [url="http://www.intheholegolf.com/blog/"]http://www.intheholegolf.com/blog/[/url] [url="http://www.intheholegolf.com/img/skygolf-intelligreen-pro.jpg"]http://www.intheholegolf.com/img/skygolf-i...ligreen-pro.jpg[/url]
  13. Just received i15 irons and tour W wedges....both said heads made in China, shafts and assembly in USA
  14. Gotta Love This Service!!Ordered i15 irons on Aug 20th 4-PW and 50 and 56 Tour wedges Green Dots +1/2 ZZ65 stiff Promise Date Sept 4 Received them today!! 4 days early!!! Can't compare them to a lot of the later models because I've been playing i3 O's, but they feel sweet and are at least 1 club longer on the range. Didn't get to spend a lot of time as the range was closing so I hit the 56, 7i and 4i and hit them all pretty well. The lofts on 7-PW are a stronger than i3's and I know that's where most of the extra distance is coming from but I still get a nice decent trajectory and they f
  15. The only use I could figure for it was to tell you how long the hole could play if you played from the tips??
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