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  1. A mix between werewolf and vampire.
  2. Golf commentator are annoying overall. They all give off this condescending tone with their commentary.
  3. It’s a combination of hackers spending all their time looking for their pro v1 that they sliced into the woods/water, groups all driving to a tee shot, wait for x player that has to wait for the green to clear so they can hit their 8i 300 yards to the green and everyone on the green needing to make their triple bogey putt.
  4. Try the Hovr Drive GTX. It’s like spieth 4 but lighter overall and on your wallet lol.
  5. You can still go to the local golf store (ANY GOLF STORE) and ask for a box for the club you are shipping. $70 to ship? I think the seller meant to say $7.00 but fat fingered typing and typed $70.00.........
  6. Love my M5. Can play a power fade and hit fairways with ease. Tried a couple of holes with a sim, can hit the same shot and is just a bit longer. Guess I’ll wait to get a sim late next year when people switch over to next gen sim
  7. I don’t care too much who I play with. Just keep a good attitude and don’t be a bro ****** or someone who thinks they are a tour player and slow play everything. Like bruh I enjoy golf but not 5 hour round to watch you shoot 99.
  8. Best solution is to ban all golfers from hitting a golf ball in general and only allow old elitist to play golf again. This is the way.
  9. Just sign up for an Ally Bank checking account and link it to eBay. I have one open for PayPal cuz lolpaypal.
  10. Without knowing how you’re losing the balls every round (bad tee shots, hazards from bad shots etc), general advice I follow: Buy cheaper balls since losing balls is just part of golf. I feel less sad losing a ball that doesn’t cost as much or more than my round of golf. Lostgolfball is a great place to buy. Take lesson(s) to learn how to hit driver and woods to get off the tee box. If you can’t keep it in play from the tee box, you’re already starting at a disadvantage and making it harder on yourself. Better course management/play bogey golf. Invent self hitting golf clubs then curse yourself when the club still randomly slices/hook golf shots. Invent virtual golf balls and one day you’ll hit a hole in one only to find out the golf ball didn’t register correctly and is instead still stuck in the air.
  11. Lol love how the media hyped it and fans started to become bitter about just his distance. Guess golf needs more than distance, who would’ve known.
  12. Shh, you can’t speak the truth here.
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