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  1. What ever happened to the guy Danny Choo? He made some predections and they are seeing fruition. He said Spieth was done and would not win for a long time. He said Brooks Koepka game was going to tank? I must admit the guy was right
  2. If you have not tried these balls as yet, then you are missing out on something special. 4 piece cast urethane, $29.95 free personalization and free shipping from Australia. I tried the 4 piece, 3 piece also available. Long off the tee, spin is incredible, chip shots is money and putting, OMG is money. Mid irons, long irons and wedge shots absolutely fantastic! Kudos to the Strike Golf as this ball performs as good or better than top urethane balls on the market. Try Strike Golf if you want to see improvement in your game. Strike ball on left, pro v1 on right.
  3. The fake sim drivers are breaking records. I don't know if it is due to COVID-19 and money is tight, but the fake sim max on aliexpress have sold over 500. Buyer beware if you buying used, yiu may end up with a fake
  4. These threads about fakes just need to be done away with. Guys put out pics and info about flaws with the counterfeits and the counterfeiters rely on this info from this website and improve the product. I don't know what to believe anymore. I see a guy on YouTube play an entire bag of fake titliest clubs and made 3 birdies in 4 holes. How the heck is this possible with fake equipment?
  5. Absolutely not a fake. The only fakes are the Sim max driver and they are no screws just an impression on face paintes
  6. I bought a pxg gen1 putter and the wait time to my door is 5-6 weeks. At the discount price, it is worth the wait.
  7. I would love to see that too, but it would never happen. TM has huge player contracts and they are in no position to discount. If a PXG player can secure a major or their stavle produce a few wins it would be great. Just this gesture made me look at pxg different. I would love to see a top ten player sign with them, it would be a game changer
  8. Dude those jordans are fly. Where did you buy them?
  9. I thought you were tougher than that. You made a mob comment I replied and I ruffled your feathers. Fascinating. https://tse2.mm.bing.net/th?id=OGC.050fd6aa2c297815d7aafcd039e57690&pid=Api&rurl=https%3a%2f%2fmedia.giphy.com%2fmedia%2f3i7zenReaUuI0%2fgiphy.gif&ehk=HKP1dx0%2bI8kk54H1I5YZjBAA%2bnf5u8suwNJgVCIrVuE%3d
  10. Well as the saying goes snitches get stitches. So you should tell your friend to delete his video and let the manufacturers handle their own business
  11. We both know the counterfeit market will not crumble due to human behavior. I respect anyone who risk putting information out there. Really he is exposing criminals, he is a snitch. The guy has balls.
  12. I differ on opinion. I think it was informative as it gave insight on what is in the market and where they are coming from. Credible evidence for titliest to take action.
  13. I want to ask you the same question. What is your goal here? Is this a friend of yours
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