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  1. Just wondering if anyone got their hands on the ZX4's yet. I'm still playing the Z545 and thinking of replacing the 5 and 6 (maybe the 7 too) with the ZX4.
  2. I'm 99% sure I'll be buying the ZX4 5, 6, and 7 to replace my Z545's. Gotta be more forgiving, no?
  3. This may have been asked already, but has anyone tested the ZX5 versus the Ping G425? If so, what were their impressions?
  4. I did go on the TGW website. I currently play Recoil 95 (F3) in my irons and would like them in the G425. But when I went to the "customize" button, the Recoil 95 was apparently not offered for the 425. It was on the custom list for the Glide 3 wedges, however. How can this be?
  5. So you're basically saying that all the uproar is misguided and that, even though the ball clearly popped 2' into the air, it was an embedded ball?
  6. If he had any doubt as to whether or not the ball was embedded, he should have called for an official BEFORE he felt compelled to touch it. And I don't believe what he did was within the rules, no matter how much you care to pontificate to me about it.
  7. Agree....the evidence was not known to the player. Reed gets a pass on that - he couldn't be expected to see whether or not the ball bounced from 160 or whatever yards away. But no pass whatsoever on taking the word of a marshal and lifting the ball before an official could get there. And, to be perfectly honest, a little surprised and disappointed in the number of people here giving him a pass.
  8. Wow....and I thought I was cynical!!! But golf is (or should be) different. Guys like Reed and Kuchar are basically dirtbags. Everyone saw Reed's shot pop a foot in the air after it first landed. How can a ball possibly plug after that? IT CAN'T. Reed should have been penalized and the official should be told to look for another job. The official had access to TV replay. Why didn't he use it??
  9. After many years of using Tour Velvet (BCT) Cord, I switched to Z-Cords. Just a little easier on the hands.
  10. I really like the look of these, but none of the shafts on PING website were attractive to me. Isn't there a .pdf somewhere with ALL shaft options??
  11. Without having to wade thru 57 pages.......these will be in shops....when?
  12. Where is everyone seeing and hitting and buying these? My PGASS in Westbury, NY told me mid-February! WTF?
  13. Just curious....has anyone tested the new Srixon line versus the TSi's: Z5 vs TSi2 or Z7 vs TSi3?
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