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  1. We are going to be in the New Smyrna Beach area in late June. Will possibly have time for 1 round. Have never been to the area, and I’m hoping you guys can point me towards what would be the best option. Thanks!
  2. Thanks brain. I was looking at possibly doing a combo set of ZX5 and ZX7. Need to get somewhere to see them in person first.
  3. I was looking at the I210s also, but I can't find anyone who is able to order them right now. I'm not sure if they are being phased out, or if Ping is having trouble getting the heads for the builds. I haven't seen any verified info on what the I210 replacement would be. I like the G425s as far as looks go, but I'm not sure I would get along with the bigger sole. I'm more of a sweeper.
  4. I'm currently playing I200s with KBS Tour 130 X shafts. I like them, but I've never been completely happy with them. I think it's more of a shaft issue. Was a long time X100 user, and I think the balance point difference is throwing things off for me. With the cost of reshafting and gripping, it's almost easier to buy new irons. What is everyone's opinion on new irons to replace the I200s? If you switched out of I200s what did you move to? Just looking for some insight into what's new, since I'm covered in snow and can't look at anything in person right now. Thanks!
  5. Thanks! I’ve been reading up on them. I like that they are an outdoor facility.
  6. Looking at doing a full bag fitting in 2021. Who do you think is the best fitter in the Indy area? Anything within say an hours drive. Who has the best facilities and selection? I would appreciate any info you can give.
  7. I have them in two different putters. One is a Scotty Newport and the other is a Cleveland HB SOFT 11s. To me they feel much more stable, especially in the Cleveland.
  8. Sent an email to Cleveland, and they said it is a .370 tip shaft. Thanks for the help!
  9. I play mine like any other long iron. A little more forward, but not driver position forward. I like it that I can also play it back and keep the trajectory down. Love mine. It has saved me a lot of grief off the tee.
  10. Thanks! Looking at the shaft more I'm realizing it doesn't have the flare that some of my other over post shafts have. I'll get the calipers out and see what size the tip is. Thanks for the help.
  11. I'm using a Ping G410 2 Crossover with a Recoil 110 X. I get around 230 carry. Not sure exactly how much roll out, just depends on conditions. I like it because I can keep the flight down better than a hybrid.
  12. I’ve got a Cleveland Huntington Beach SOFT that I may reshaft. I really like the KBS CT shaft in another putter, but haven’t figured out if it will work on an over post hosel. For you guys that have reshafted these types of putters what is your recommended shaft? Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the info guys! I know they are going to cost more, but perfectly willing to part with the cash if it helps. Biggest concern was the weight you mentioned. I’ve been looking at the Steelfiber 110 and MMT 125. Just have no experience so I need to find a fitter that has plenty of demos. Probably look for fitters around Indianapolis if you have any suggestions.
  14. What are your opinions on going with graphite shafts in your irons? I’ve started to have some joint pain in my elbows and fingers, and I was wondering if graphites would help. Normally play KBS Tour X. For you guys that have gone with graphite what shafts did you go with, and have you noticed a difference from the steels? Thanks for any info you can give.
  15. Griffin Gate, Kearney Hills, Cherry Blossom, and Boone's Trace National in Richmond are all good public options. Played all of them last year on a trip in September, and they were all in good condition then. Can't speak for this year.
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