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  1. Looking for a PXG Gen 1 or 2 3Hybrid, Regular flex. Thanks all and Happy Holidays!
  2. Got it today, came very curled. A hot iron smoothed things out very quickly. Golfrnut - I dont think the edges are supposed to stay raised, but I could also be totally wrong
  3. I got the "cheaper" ECCO Men's Spikeless S-Casual delivered yesterday and its fantastic. Leather is soft and the cushioning for the rear heel is uber comfortable. Nike Airs are staying in the garage. Thanks to the OP!
  4. Just a heads up - got a shipping confirmation for the Utility Trouper 2 today. Looks like they're getting sent out early.
  5. Man, hope you still list some items here, rather than FB! My Dad is still enjoying the 919s I got from you I selfishly do not have a facebook/social media account
  6. Hey CC - did you have to pay any import duty fees from FedEx? I've tried googling it, but can't find a solid answer. The pricing on this site is cray!
  7. 100%. Dont need wedges, but too hard not to pass up.
  8. Got one, thanks! Buying more and more putters doesn’t seem like it’s helping my game any, so maybe a new mat will do the trick
  9. Thanks, wasn’t sure if it was due to low inventory. I saw the grey out of stock. Enjoy your bag!
  10. LOL...totally see the birth of a future club Ho, welcome to the club OP! Agree on lessons first. Solid striking > any marketing gimmick. Also, I may get lambasted for this, but I’d hold off on fittings early on if you’re price conscious at all. Your swing will likely change as you progress, so a fitting now may not work for you later as you get better,.
  11. GPS watch also saves a TON of time if all you’re looking for is basic yardage (front, middle, back) and hazards. Got a Garmin S series on Costco last year under $100 and haven’t used my rangefinder since. If you don’t mind used, you can get the Garmin HR that does all basic golf GPS functions for about $50 on Swappa. Totally worth it, can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen players take out their rangefinder, fiddle with it for what seems like forever, only to shank the ball...then, rinse and repeat.
  12. I wouldn’t give it a 2nd worry. Golf is a mind game, so you’re not wrong in asking. Take care and hit some bombs!
  13. Picked up the Utility Trouper 2 in white. Jones is a classic brand, so there’s the nostalgia factor as well. I prefer the understated, minimalist, but quality design. Had to pay for shipping, but no tax to Cali is a big plus! BTW, my order said it wouldn’t ship till mid-December. Same for all the other Trouper 2 buyers out there? Thanks to the OP for posting this!
  14. I honestly wouldn’t worry about it being a women’s/men’s ball. Golf ball doesn’t know or care if it’s being smashed by someone packing “frank and beans” or not It’s more a matter of preference (soft vs traditional)
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