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  1. 20% off Dunlop (Srixon) w/code "THANKYOUHIDEKI20"
  2. What's the deal with these types of threads, where it's like pulling teeth to get the username of the other party? If everything stated is on the up and up, inviting the other party is a reasonable and efficient means to resolution...at the same time, it brings visibility to the WRX community for potential fraud. Sorry OP, I don't mean to offend, but inviting the other party to the thread is usually the best course of action.
  3. Yup, I'll PM you. It's in EXCELLENT condition and will ship in the PXG box as well.
  4. UPS isn't any better, even with "insurance". I shipped a driver, box was bent on arrival, shaft was snapped completely in half. Sent the buyer a replacement shaft same day, filed a claim with UPS....crickets. Spoke with my UPS account rep and she told me that the chances of getting reimbursed were slim to none, and that UPS only reimburses for the materials (not the actual shaft value). Here's a pic of a shaft that arrived over the weekend via USPS. Shaft had no damage, but the box was beat up and partially open on arrival.
  5. TP Mills. Have a custom beauty but recently picked up a refinished Mizuno TP Mills 2. Wonderful and affordable putter.
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