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  1. Just got email with Callaway code. Nice!
  2. Dang dude, I know you're a real good guy since I've transacted with you before.... My $.02 , I certainly wouldn't appreciate someone who agreed on a deal, you sent payment, they reneged and came back asking you for more. Especially since you already paid 8% ABOVE asking for a combo deal (99.9999999% of sellers would cut you a discount since they save on shipping). Sometimes the juice isn't worth the squeeze. These are used golf clubs, not the crazy California real estate market where asking price is just a minimum starting point for negotiation (I live in SoCal, this
  3. Don't be bummed, man! I agree with others here, the pro did you a solid by not taking the easy way out and leaving you $600 lighter. Plus you got a free lesson! and....Happy Birthday from your virtual friends at GolfWRX!!! Clear your head, grab a beer and go hit some bombs!
  4. Ah, I get it now. That’s some 4D chess right there!
  5. Who cares!?!? Wear whatever makes you happy. Geez man, didn't know the belt fashion police was out in full force today.
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