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  1. Free drop as ball was on an artificial surfaced path.
  2. Just wait until you watching the next rounds with a referee appointed to the match. You will probably see some more instances of putts left by the side of the hole and the opponent thankfully walks to the next tee without saying anything. Some players will still tap the putt in- others will not. The referee will also quietly walk off hoping nothing happens. Usually during the first tee introduction the referee will emphasise to the players the need to be absolutely clear when making concessions which he will sometimes reiterate if he feels uncomfortable during the match.
  3. Halebopp "I had thought mentioning it would be ok as the score for the hole had been decided and agreed upon but according to the officials running the workshop, the players are required to apply the penalty or face disqualification." Always wait until the next hole begins before mentioning it.
  4. Colin They are both crackers. The only certain thing is that there are men in white coats on the way and - They are taking the SHORTEST or should I say the NEAREST way to get to them.
  5. Yes This is one of their better "Red Herring," questions. If one is asked how many strokes the player has taken on the hole then you always include the penalty area stroke. But when you're watching what the right hand is doing you miss the left hand.! I criticise Lots of the MGA questions but full marks here.
  6. IMO This represents why the change in this rule is one of the big mistakes in the new rules. You should not be allowed an option where you can pick the best of two. If a Referee would have been present he would have allowed the GUR RELIEF and the player would have been bound by his choice. The Committee decision when playing two balls should always reflect and agree with what would have occurred in the presence of a referee. This change is one of my biggest criticism of the new rules. Never call a referee for a doubtful situation again.
  7. I completely agree with how you have explained the score of 8 as provided by MGA. Particularly agreeing with the poor quality of the presentation of the question. Ref your comment: "Something that makes clear that the actions with the PB on the green occur AFTER the caddie informs the player that the original ball has been found" The rules state (10.3c) that the player is regarded as possessing any knowledge possessed by the caddie. Thus informing the player would not be quite correct. It does pose a question as to whether an exception should
  8. Agree If a serious breach has occurred the player is accountable to report to the Committee. No extra latitude
  9. The only conclusion that can be drawn from MGA's answer is; 1 .They regard and intend the player's stroke from the Penalty area to be a serious breach .(their reference to 14.7b(2) and They interpret the subsequent play from outside the penalty area to be an attempted correction. (their reference to 14.7b(2). 2. The unreporting of the above resulting as Disqualification. Your references to the Bush in your opening paragraph form an incorrect basis for a serious breach deduction.
  10. Nsxguy So you objected. So if you had finished on the 18th - you would have gladly maintained your views and given the prize to the side than finished on the eg ninth, first, third.?? I don't think so. Some holes are much more difficult than others - it makes sense that the same holes are used for countback purposes.
  11. I see that MGA are now following the authorities by introducing " Clarifications". All we need now is the remaining 15 or so clarifications.
  12. Mickey Mouse Golf. Wait a minute - I'M right - They play it at Disney Land. No rules there.They have a great time.
  13. Augster (13 years and almost 5000 posts). I think you're ready for Level 1 ! Well Done. You're in good company. Bryson asked the referee if he could clean the ball when taking relief from the sprinklers the other week.
  14. Blimey Dave Sounds like the tail is wagging the Dog!
  15. Just imagine if you could not complain about the divot- You would have to admit that you're a rubbish player / or perhaps the jet cruising at 22,000 feet put you off.
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