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  1. You should try one man. I thought it was going to be dumb or not enough weight when my wife bought one and I was wrong. I love this thing, has the ability to replace an entire gym with its spotter, eccentric, and free weight modes. Is it exactly like free weights, no, but it can make life easier. Also, you don’t have to have a subscription after a year.
  2. I haven’t hit them but they sure are pretty
  3. Hey y’all I have a few things up for sale. I will cover shipping buyer covers PP fees. Only trades I’m looking for is bettinardi inovai 6.0, Scotty Cameron phantom x5.5, 1. Jpx 921 forged with blackout Project X LZ 6.5. 5-Gw. These have had 1 range session and one round, basically brand new. I bought them and they took 10 weeks to come in by then I went a different direction. $950 obo. 2. Epic Speed 5w with project x rdx 6.5 $220 3. Apex pro/forged combo 4/5 apex forged, 6-PW apex pro all with $-Taper Xstiff. 900 obo 4. Scotty Cameron 2021 phantom X 5, 34”. These are hard to find right now and since I’m not using it I figured I’d sell it $old! 5. 11 iomic blue grips still in wrapper, I can show proof of purchase to authenticate the grips. $old
  4. Any interest in trading for a Sim2 head? 10.5*
  5. I just received my apex pros 6-p and went apex forged for 4/5. The apex pro is the best iron I ever hit. Smaller profile but surprisingly forgiving and I gained around 5-7 yards. I know someone else said they spun them a lot but that was not the case for me. Ball speed jumped from 122 to 124. I wish I would have gone pro in the 5 iron.
  6. I want to check it out. I have the super speed but this intrigues me
  7. Does anyone actually have this system?
  8. Guys, sadly it’s time for me to let go of some items during this pandemic. If you need more pictures of anything please let me know it would only let me upload 50mb of pictures and I couldn’t figure out how to alter the pics. 1. PXG Gen3 P 5-GW DG 105 s/s/s but also have modus tour 120 with pxg grips that I swapped out. I have the original box as well but it may cost a bit more to ship. These clubs are great and I got them March of this year. Sold 2. I have Mizuno MMC 4-PW with DG x100 120g s/s/s/. I won these in a tournament raffle earlier this year and have 6 rounds with them, but they are to much for me. Sold Is 3. Hzrdus smoke green pvd 6.5 60g with TM tip & hzrdus smoke yellow small batch 6.5 76g. 225 for pvd. Sold for yellow. Both 45.25” 4. Last item ping lst 9* x stiff Alta shaft. Sold! 5. Sm8 wedge set in great condition and I don’t want to split up 52 8f, 56-12D, 60-8M. Chrome color for the set. I can send pics on request. Sold Pin 8/23
  9. I play Tp5 and I think it’s a superior ball to chrome soft. Bridgestone is another good option like others mentioned.
  10. Try the F9 8* if you can find it. I would also get fitted.
  11. I’ve seen guys spit but most walk off the green or fairway. I don’t see it as a big deal but would be upset if my ball rolled in it. At the same time we are playing a game outside, so I I understand it regardless if I agree with it.
  12. I second looking into epic flash hybrid. I have a 22* that I love. Tons of forgiveness. I hit it pretty far but to each their own.
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