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  1. Being from the northeast - Think the muni trio of GW, Triggs, and Shennecossett are spot on. All three are outstanding tracks and actually CHEAP. But the most spot on one here for me is Rutland CC is Vermont. Semi-private but not hard to get on, and $75 to walk. Most underrated and phenomenal course I’ve played. Unreal views in the mountains and one of the best sets of par 3s I’ve played. Would definitely recommend if considering a trip to VT.
  2. Another slightly outside of the box suggestion would be to come up to Massachusetts. You’ll be 50/50 with the weather in April but end of April/Early May before Memorial Day Weekend you can get some great deals on hotels/Airbnb’s, especially down near Plymouth/Cape Cod. Some awesome courses in Plymouth (Pinehills, Waverly Oaks) and some others on the Cape. Also some cool and historic 9-hole tracks like Marion (South Shore) and Highland Links (Cape Cod) which are super fun for the golf layout nerd and super playable for the 30-caps. Also super cheap. Marion let’s you play all day for $50 so we just had a Ryder Cup style tournament there with 12 guys (9 holes best ball, 9 holes alt shot, 9 holes individual match play). Lastly, there’s lots to do/eat/see in Boston so the less enthusiastic golfers can catch an early season Red Sox game or something while the golf fanatics can choose from a plethora of great public tracks.
  3. Interested in the hybrid - is it still available? if so, PM me! Thanks!
  4. Can you PM me? It doesn't seem to be working for me right now, but i am interested.
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