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  1. @WristySwing what is your experience with the Drago? Any shafts you would say it’s similar to? I’m having a hard time find much info on it.
  2. Does anyone have tip trimming information on the KBS Hybrid shaft (Green label). I cannot find it anywhere. They are listed for brand new around the internet for $55~ but I'd like to find the info on them so I can confirm the build before buying. Thanks!
  3. Just posting a Week 1 update. Counted my calories for each meal each day. Slight calorie deficit with one day of fasting. This is NOT a long term plan or diet. Just a jump start in “flipping the switch” to a healthier road. Starting weight 2/25: 235.6 current weight 3/4: 230.2 Here’s a good workout from this week, get the heart rate up and a good sweat: 8 Rounds For Time: 10 Push-ups 10 Sit-ups 200 Meter Ski Erg 200 Meter Run 400 Meter Bike Erg (Recovery - work on breathing and lowering your heart rate) Finish wi
  4. Wow sorry to hear that, I fell your pain! All joking aside, my left calf is STILL slightly smaller than my right. The muscle atrophy was insane. I do have many calf and balance building exercises if interested.
  5. Haha, it's quite the mind f*ck right?! I am in no way offended by your comments and questions, and I'm happy to further explain! Also, just want to preface my comments by saying, in no way am I advocating that being in peak physical shape a requirement to being a scratch golfer. I just so happened to be in the best shape of my life, and playing my best level of golf at the same time. I will however be a big advocate on the many ways fitness can help ones golf game, beyond swing speed and increased distance conversation. Just to put a couple things in perspective, so y
  6. This is an awesome plan, very committed and all four points are so beneficial, each in their own way. I think stretching is totally underrated, so adding it to your daily routine is fantastic. As far as learning and working on your mental game, there are so many great books and podcasts. I read "Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game". You can grab it on Amazon.
  7. You just tore your achilles in October, of 2020?!
  8. I had complete tear and rupture of my achilles in early November, had the surgery a week later. My rehab was with a sports specific physical therapist, it was pretty rigorous, not the typical recovery process. I was in a pool relatively early on, as a form of low impact exercise. Then moved to cycling / spin class, and lastly running. I was fully recovered by the start of the following years golf season. So about 4-5 months until I was 100%.
  9. A lot of these posts have a common theme - ACCOUNTABILITY. You are 100% right. The majority of people need that accountability as a motivator and a driving force. Whether it's joining a Facebook group like you mentioned or even a simple thread like this, when folks know there are others holding their feet to the fire, they seem to have an easier time staying focused. Self motivators are a rare breed and incredibly disciplined. Their mindset is on another level. I don't want to bore everyone here with daily details, I am keeping a personal log, but I will post week
  10. Awesome mate! I have to get a thread going on this topic. Too many good stories for us all not to share. What an amazing experience right? Those 4 years still doesn't feel real.
  11. You know, I was quite hesitant before starting this topic, but I knew I'd get some replies that said "similar story". I hear great things about the Peloton, a lot of my family and friends have one. I think if you clean up your eating, and your committed to riding that Peloton, the lbs should start melting off! Just to be honest with you, 30-40 lbs by May / June is quite the lofty goal, but the fun thing is I have the same one. I turn 34 on May 27th. My son turns 2 on May 28th. I'd like to be 30lbs lighter by then. Is it impossible for us? No way. Is it going to be
  12. I'd be happy to help you with some golf specific workouts and programming. I see you mentioned partial wedge shots. There are great exercises and stretches for that. A lot to do with control and stability. Is this something you are interested in?
  13. @Nels55Those are some great point mate, all super simple and super effective. You hit some real highlights that I think get over looked. The big two being: 1. Keeping a log. I think it's super important to keep a log, not only of food intake (calorie counting, macros, etc) but even logging workouts (inclusive on finish times, weights used, etc). It's so helpful to look back and even to track progress, and like you said, accountability! Same goes for golf, track your rounds and stats. Simple things like fairways hit, GIR, putts. 2. and I'm going to shoutout @Myherobobhopeh
  14. @Divot License Wow I didn't think the D3 golf comment would spark as much interest as it has! I'd be happy to share my stories, and it looks like fellow members have stories to tell as well. @cardoustie I'm going to start a thread for this particular subject so this one doesn't get over run. Please join me, I'll tag you!
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