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  1. Hello Long term players irons guy here. But I'm now looking for something along the lines of 790, T200, …. I am a huge mizuno fan and have played MP irons for 14 years now. Now they have been out for a while can anyone give some real world reviews?? Are they that much more forgiving than say the MP20 MMCs ?? OR T100?? Do they get through the turf as good as previous MP irons?? Thanks!
  2. these seem to get amazing reviews all around I ordered some I can' wait to get them.
  3. that looks unreal!! Would that make it "raw" and rust? or is there still a coating on there
  4. the ts3 is basically as good as anything I tried in 2020
  5. Looking to possibly get Mizuno irons and want to get some T20 wedges. the blue look intriguing. How does the blue hold up over time? How do the wedges perform? Spin? From Sand?? Anyone have any pics of the blue ones after some usage??
  6. I went today they all looked the same to me! The blue looks unreal ordered a set
  7. I am used to the 52 56 60 so Ill deal with the gap between what my pW is (45 or46 depending on the clubs I get)
  8. Hello I am purchasing MP20 wedges. Can somebody please explain the diff between the C Grind and the M Grind?? Seems like there is are various lofts / grinds avail. What would the C and M grind compare to? Vokey M Grind? Is the C grind a Vokey S Grind?? Can anyone compare them??? Looking looking for standard bounce wedges so 56.10 and 60.10 - one is a C grind and one is a M Grind but they have the Same bounce. Can somebody explain the diff?
  9. looks like these are very very popular irons. I might have to jump on board.
  10. any updates to this? I've played ap2 and looking to move to something more forgiving. The i210 are the top of the list.
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