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  1. I would play Mid Pines. I have played both in the last month and would view Pine Needles as the big sibling to Mid Pines: Longer, wider, and more skill and touch required around the greens. From the back tees it was a driver and long iron into more greens than I would’ve liked. Makes for a lot of par save attempts and a mentally taxing round. Mid Pines from the back tees is around 6600 I believe, the fairways are a little narrower, but less classic Donald Ross style elevated greens if I remember correctly. Still speedy so a 4 putt isn’t out of the realm nor is sending a poor chip or
  2. I found a ball marked Hogan number 4 with Apex 100 printed on the side. The ball has cracks in the exterior and is misshapen from being hit. My guess is a wound ball with a balata cover but I am trying to determine what year (or years) the ball was manufactured. This is the first one I have found in the wild.
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