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  1. I’m about 3 days to a week delayed. But the sellers are somewhat to blame. But I got a Bushnell V4 for $100
  2. Ok I laughed. Did you hear he does not like the fact people can drive their boat outside his house and look in?
  3. Ya the putter I got was advertised at 34 and it is a 33. I play 35 so I was planning on getting it extended but everything is closed.
  4. Getting there but for those prices they look a little hipster.
  5. Its about to get hit any crazy shorts out there? More pattern then cut. Don’t want to look like the 1980s NBA.
  6. Always nice to hear something positive these days.
  7. Congratulations, I know what you mean just really got back into golf and my kids are now 12 and 9.
  8. I have a funny story. When I was playing high school golf, (1995) I was about to hit the ball and two of the other players from our opposing team began talking about 10 feet away from me. I started giving them the dagger stare and then continued my shot. My playing partner went to them, and ask them, “Do you know why you’ve never seen him play before? It is because during his freshman year he sent a guy to the hospital for talking during his back swing. This is the first year they let him play since then.” I had no more issues with them the rest of my round. Fact that I was 6’2” and close to 1
  9. I like the no 3 puts. If you can have a round under 30 puts you are having a good day.
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