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  1. compression leggings help performance. That’s why NBA players wear them. If there is even the slightest boost to a player’s drive distance, you will see everyone wearing them on tour.
  2. And I am sure there were older guys in the 1950s complaining that people weren’t wearing jackets, ties and knickers.
  3. I finally found some three piece kisg V2s in Massachusetts. I thought the KSig V1 was solid, but not as good as the Honmas, Pro V1s, or TP5s I otherwise used (which was not a shock).
  4. I use this looper towel I found on Amazon. it’s a good size, was cheap, and has a carabiner. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00843TYW0/ref=cm_sw_r_em_api_glc_fabc_o6ZdGb6X3SVR6?psc=1
  5. Let me third the suggestion of a hybrid.
  6. I imagine with the limited edition stuff they don’t have sufficient (or any) additional items to send out replacements without getting them back first. Not sure how’d the make it right if they can’t fulfill the order...
  7. how much of a killer must it be to have to pay for clothes after years of getting them for free. Not that he can’t afford it, but still...
  8. is this like the grocery store, where the most used item is easiest to reach?
  9. so put him in some extra slim fit lululemon.
  10. Depends on the brand. If he wears certain brands items, it increases their exposure. Van Rooyen increased the exposure of Greyson, and JT is way more likely to get time on TV than van Rooyen.
  11. A polo made with technical fabric (I have various brands) and technical fabric pants (probably lululemon). Basically, I avoid cotton.
  12. If you want to get something for yourself, and that is what the giver likely wants you to do, do you need new golf shoes? What about some new polos? Pants?
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