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  1. This. There is a lot of gently used stuff on their for good prices. Big Name brands like lululemon are still going to be pricier, but you can get g/fore, Greyson, Travis Matthew, Rhone, etc for good prices.
  2. Ok. So Scotty Cameron makes putters. They also make headcovers. They don’t make woods, but they do make head covers for woods. They’re not the only brand which has headcovers for types of clubs they do not manufacture. What do people think about using a headcover from a manufacturer who doesn’t make woods on a wood? Maybe slightly different, would you use a Scotty Cameron putter headcover on a non-Scotty Cameron putter?
  3. Unless I am wearing a suit, which with COVID is far less frequent, i generally wear lululemon pants or jeans. If I am going to the office, it’s the commission or abc pants. I also golf in those pants.
  4. If you like the aesthetic. Just wear it. It’s a golf brand and golf clothing, so wearing playing is more than acceptable.
  5. I was wondering about the course perspective.
  6. I agree that a delay, is not the biggest deal in the world. Definitely should not hit into them. If they really were left waiting 20 minutes, they probably should have called the clubhouse and seen if a marshal could hustle them along. it’s the course’s responsibility to do something about this.
  7. Has anyone else encountered this situation before?
  8. I am fan of the lululemon 1/4 zips. Vineyard vines Shep Shirt is a great quarter zip, but not really something I’d wear golfing (though i wear it in the office)
  9. I love the Loro Piana that the Euro team is wearing. But I’m not spending $900 on a polo or $2000 on a quarter zip.
  10. Does anyone hate the clip on towel? I heard someone mention clip on towels in the same breath as iron covers.
  11. Guts of a cat burglar is an old expression.
  12. kjus makes sense. Titliest stuck with him and their parent owns kjus.
  13. I durability has been a complaint about the three piece from some. I mean it’s a quarter of Pro-V1’s price. If you otherwise get good performance from the ball, but it only lasts a round, I still think your getting your money’s worth.
  14. Criquet has collar stays for a lot of their cotton polos. Travis Mathew has built in collar stays. That should help with the shape. I haven’t particularly noticed issues with Lululemon polos or g/fore polos. I think the better brands do tend to hold up. The collarstays in Criquet and Travis Mathew will help them keep the right shape.
  15. Rick Shiels did a video on this issue last year. Obviously it’s just his opinion, but worth a watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xMRMujM324
  16. I believe this guy once said: “I'm like, Yo! that's $50 for a t-shirtLimited edition lets to some simple addition$50 for a t-shirt that's just some ignorant I call that getting swindled and pimped I call that getting tricked by a business”
  17. Yeah, it would be interesting to see if the quality is to the level of lululemon, Greyson, g/fore, etc. for the price, it should be.
  18. It’s a little weird how they treat it different than Jordan brand, where they sign star players, like Jayson Tatum.
  19. If neither size fits, I am passing on the shoe. I wouldn’t want uncomfortable feet from shoes too small or blisters from shoes that are too big and slipping.
  20. That’s nice. I’m sure it’ll show up. I’ve seen a bunch stuff disappear into the void between locations for ten days or more recently, only to end up being delivered.
  21. looks like they add five dollars to the price for adding the trendygolf logo. Also, for what it’s worth, the surge half zip, in camo is currently on sale at the lululemon website for $49. Link
  22. A couple of guys in my office have these on their desks.
  23. Everyone has been there. Though the Costco limit is 12 dozen 24 packs, so that should last your beginner friend a while.
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