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  1. Weak tips brother. My friend and I both swing at 115+ so we pretty much run through 'em
  2. Cannot tell you how many of my College buddies have bent their KBS C-taper's even, esp. those 130 X's!!! Come on KBS!!!
  3. I wonder how these will compare to the Rifle 7.0, maybe a c-taper type mix. I am confused with all these releases because after I saw the GOST = Nippon's Graphite On Steel Technology, I truly think anything is possible with these recent developments!
  4. I can see it now...before there was just a rectangular quote box there that was greyed out. I assumed it was a glitch or something. Paypal is good for buyer protection but I am just saying that in case a potential buyer felt better with a bank transfer method if that is OK to accept?
  5. I appreciate the response but the link was hidden from me...not sure why but it didn't show up. All I was able to see was the banner on the top of the classifieds section which, to me, wasn't clear enough.
  6. Also how am I complaining? Since when is complaining asking for clarification?? Did you read the title of this thread?
  7. Just explained my reason above, and I will continue to post. I have a European golf thread I'd like to start tomorrow
  8. Thank you for the clarification. I was confused on some of the rules as yes, indeed, I am a beginner but I have been on these forums since March viewing topics and responding when I saw something interesting. I was busy with work then but now COVID has had its way with business so I have a lot more free time on my hands to respond to cool postings in a multitude of different forums. I understood how people can make those claims that paypal is frozen but I just want to add my two cents and say that bank transfer is very secure and has buyer protection, esp. when keeping track of your records! T
  9. What an amazing putter, how rare are those Artisan putters? I recall that they are out of Fort Worth right? Also I gotta ask how you liked those driver shafts, I herd great things about the Accra, was that the best performer for you? Please let me know, thanks! GLWS!
  10. Thank you for the reply. However I do not see why I cannot ask for payment in a different secured way...E.G. bank payment, I would argue, is the most secure for both parties (esp. with apps like Zelle-Quick Pay which have an outstanding track record). Even if I post say golf shoes and golf balls or golf clubs, they cannot be in separate ads? So then would you recommend me creating one ad with a bunch of separate items? Please let me know, thank you!!!
  11. Just wanted to ask a couple of very quick clarifying questions before posting my classified ad. When you say no more than 10 items in a post, that means that there cannot be more than 10 head covers say in a massive head cover lot that has duplicate head covers like two stage 2 hybrid covers? Would those two count as one item or two separate items? I cannot say post 30 items of which 15 are duplicates? The second thing I am unclear about is say I post a listing today and everything contained within it does not sell for 3 days, am I not allowed to post a separate unrelated p
  12. Show us the hybrid!!! Those Vegas make me go oh my god! How do you like 'em?
  13. Just found my old Yes! Putter covers. This is hilarious because I responded to someone's post about that brand. I thought they were dead in the water! Great comment by you. I commented on that same exact putter. Bettinardi out here stealing ideas hahah
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