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  1. Ordered TSI3 10* Driver with HD 6S on July 20th, arrived today. FWs are still pending.
  2. What is your build? Never worn stitch, so unsure of fit. Thanks!
  3. Tilley has a good selection and many sizes. Check Sierra.com - I got a Tilley Airflo last year (7 3/4) for $22.
  4. Three pairs of shoes up for grabs, will ship Priority Mail ASAP. Shoe trees or original boxes are not included. Nike Air Zoom TW71 Men's Golf Shoe 12M Minimal wear - probably 3-5 rounds. $85 shipped ECCO Men's Biom G3 Gore-TEX Golf Shoe, True Navy Yak Leather Size 46 (note, these are for sure size 46 confirmed on two spots on the actual shoes - but the insoles say 45 extra width) Worn exactly 45 holes. $115 shipped FootJoy Men's DryJoys Tour - White/White Croc 12W Worn more than the others (15-20+ rounds), but still in excellent condition - laces need to be replaced. $95 shipped
  5. He's on a heater: Course Record 60 @ Quintero
  6. 90% of my rounds have been with a 2020 Moonlite since I got it late last year. I typically carry 10-12 clubs with no problem, so 14 wouldn't be a big deal unless you have extra large grips. I can fit a wind shirt/light rain jacket, extra water and snacks, etc. with room to spare --- only time I've switched is in rounds with rain to bring extra towels and rain gear. I didn't even know it had an umbrella holder until last month! It is a really well executed bag and for $130, it's a relative bargain.
  7. Blade Golf TF1 / Rifle 5.5 / Lamkin Crossline Cord - still in my mom's spare closet!
  8. Hall of Fame: Ping Eye 2 BeCu Cleveland 588 RTG TM Fe2o3 Yellow Flags Current: Cleveland RTX4 and ZipCore Tour Rack
  9. That's the point, the average courses are easier all around. If you are hitting 12 greens (same as a touring pro), no way you should be shooting in the 80s unless your short game and putting is not very good I average about 9 GIR, and play to a 1 handicap. I would love to average 12 greens (playing from 6500-6800 yards)! 12 Greens should translate to 2 to 4 birdies (not always). Six missed greens should be a couple pars? Couple bogeys and couple doubles leading to a 74-76. I understand that hitting 9 GIR, the other nine holes could be disasters off the tee and double/triples/etc. But if someone has the ball striking to be hitting 11/12 GIR and is not shooting in the 70s - they need an honest assessment of their short game.
  10. PGA Tour average is 11.9 greens per round. If you are hitting 12 greens a round, you should be scratch...
  11. Played 100 holes. Summer in FL. Course I worked at with a buddy - we teed off around sunrise, and took carts. I think we had daylight left, but just wanted play an even 100. I played well (within my average at the time of 75-78), kept the scorecards for a long time - might still be in a closet at my mom's house. Super fun memory!
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