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  1. All prices OBO, happy to talk and/or hear offers for multiple items. Thanks! Titleist TS3 16.5 4W Head. Great condition, minimal wear. The weird spots/marks on the top are reflections. $OLD Cayce Golf Pineapple Headcover - $40 shipped Nike React Infinity Pro - Size 9.5. Only wore a few walking 9s, just not for me. Great condition. $75 shipped
  2. Hello Friends: Today we are selling a TS3 10.5 degree driver head and a Fujikura Atmos TS Black 7X shaft (aftermarket). Bomber combination. Great for golfers with a need for speed. Purchased direct from Titleist a season ago. Head and shaft are still in excellent shape after a season or so of use. Comes with GP MCC Align grip. Will also include Titleist wrench / wrench travel case. Happy to answer any questions. Prefer to sell together, but will listen to offers for both the head, shaft and club. Head: $200 Shaft: $150 Club: $300
  3. Love my SIM 10.5 coming from the TS3. World-beater on ball speed, and it seems to be much more forgiving than the TS3. I'm a a couple degrees steep on my bad swings and the SIM still performs. Great driver.
  4. I think the general consensus is right, but I find the cover of the TP5 to be so fragile! I easily scuff the cover once a round and find myself switching out to something else. Excellent performance though.
  5. Another u500 2 iron. Bought with a jumbo grip and I’m a medium glove. Felt horrible and I couldn’t shake the memory of the poor performance! Ditched for a properly gripped ZU85
  6. Agreed with the above, change, particularly after years/1000s of swings, is always going to be difficult. It will come and you will adjust.
  7. Would love to see what the 7.0 feel like, they must be pretty gnarly!
  8. Another recommendation to get fit, but don’t look or ask what you’re hitting. Go in blind. We love brands and are always unconsciously biased. Go on feel and performance.
  9. LowCut

    Titleist AP2's

    Played the 712 for many years, great club. I think the differences set to set aren’t so massive to mandate a switch. I’ve played others (714, 718) while traveling, and hard to really tell difference. Shafts changes much easier to feel.
  10. Definitely another vote for the Mizuno 6-way stand bag. Fresh, lightweight, full dividers and very comfortable walking. I carry exclusively and this bag is perfect. Great insulated drink pocket and magnetic rangefinder pocket (like in the Vessel bags), all for $240
  11. Augusta with no fans is going to be sort of cool to watch. I'd be bummed if I had tickets, but the last time no fans were at an event, Tiger dominated the ZoZo.
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