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  1. Agreed. I wasn’t looking for someone to fit me online, more just learn more from everyone here what’s some of the favorite options out there.
  2. I agree, i think 60-70g is much more reasonable for timing and reducing the flex to stiff will help get more kick at the bottom of my swing. Still think 44.5 is doable but needed to get weighting correct to offset the shorter length.
  3. No, he didn’t add any weight which I feel was likely a big reason I couldn’t get the timing down. I think if it were slightly heavier it may have helped some, not saying it would have worked much better.
  4. I didn’t know ping had this option on their website so really appreciate you letting me know! my previous shaft was recommended and built by a close friend. He cut the shaft down to 44.5 and tipped it and thought it would tighten up dispersion. I think the shortened shaft plus weight and flex turned it into a less than controllable combo. I’m really interested in the RDX blue or a counterbalanced shaft as I’m they sound like a good option for smooth transition type swings.
  5. Really like what I’m reading about the RDX line. Even the red, although sounds like might be more spin it sounds like it would help with a minimal AoA…
  6. Thank you for your feedback
  7. I wish… honestly I had the 913D several years ago when it was released and now thinking about getting a newer released Titleist, nothing more.
  8. I’m not for certain your response? Because I’m questioning whether the TSI3 compares to others?
  9. Do you feel like the forgiveness(for the type of driver it is) is comparable to some of the other big names? What do you like most about the TSI3?
  10. Those who are still gaming the TSI3, how does it stack up against other offerings? If it didn’t stack up what did you move into?
  11. Kdgolf


    I’ve noticed the majority of YouTube reviewers report higher than average ball speed and club head speed. Although the extra speed is welcome if you pair it with above average forgiveness it’s right up my alley. I haven’t swung the Kai li but am very interested based upon online reviews and their company claims. I’ve almost always been a PX guy so am curious how the Kai li compares to a hzrdus yellow or green?
  12. Kdgolf


    These numbers are quite dramatic from what I assume was your previous gamer? Did you feel as though your misses were better or worse from your Epic LS? Was this shaft just better suited for your swing or is the stealth just that much better? It’s hard to see past the hype but maybe it lives up to the hype???
  13. Kdgolf


    Sounds like sim max2 is the way to go if your looking for nearly identical performance and save money. The more I read the more I’m not sure the hype is real and the carbon crown up against the gloss seems to get some hate, some say the glue is visible?
  14. Good suggestion. The RDX blue has been on my radar so might be worth giving it a try…
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