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  1. Anyone have any opinions on how that golf garage finish would wear? The temptation is so strong with these…..
  2. @MonteScheinblumlots of fun and truly eye opening. Looking forward to the grind moving in a better direction.
  3. Thank you! I have lots of questions in general and I’m looking forward to something live with monte finally. Hopefully can get this case of the lefts knocked out.
  4. Couple little swings. No ball, but you get the gist…. Also, live lesson with @MonteScheinblum tomorrow! Can’t wait! IMG_0101.mp4 IMG_0102.mp4
  5. I agree with the lower body, right now I just let it happen. Whenever I force transition in the lower body the real bad left things happen….
  6. Thanks monte, I’m a long time rebellion guy, just waiting for you to get closer to Pittsburgh or Cleveland to show you nasty hooks! Live online lessons available again yet?
  7. How should I set the camera? I was in the v1 app using the shadow model to line up.
  8. I’m confused as well. Been playing for 25+ years, had a myriad of lessons both in person and online, no one has ever said change your backswing to this. I never really had a lesson when I was a beginner junior, just played and let athleticism take me. I was just asking for some posture, grip, maybe transition thoughts to try and get rid of an occasional duck hook as a result of my flattish backswing.
  9. Added a little down the line pitch video. I’ll have to get more of a full swing at the range today.
  10. Yes sir. Plenty laid off for a long, long time and I don’t think I’m changing at this point. I like this guy and have followed him for a long number of years. I appreciate the link and definitely more of what I am looking for.
  11. So by saying that, are all of these matchups that instructors talk about for any swing plane just compensations?
  12. Are you saying that’s the only result from a flat backswing?
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