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  1. And now $30 up charge for golf pride grips.
  2. Bowing my head in Square Strike shame. Only played it a couple rounds.
  3. Might take the serial number from your current set and purchase here: https://teegolfclub.com/ping-iblade-individual-irons/?utm_source=googleshopping&utm_medium=cse&CAWELAID=120073120000047137&CATARGETID=120073120000291127&CADevice=m&gclid=CjwKCAiAzrWOBhBjEiwAq85QZ-ItgCglThStsOZau36ZEDDm6qSRYTZxjzog-CQEPFBiS4IVry7Y5BoCA-AQAvD_BwE Can only purchase two at a time, so you’ll need to decide if it’s worth multiple transactions.
  4. Seems like TS-3 would fit between the TS-4 and TS-1. More traditional cavity back with some more “forgiveness” than the muscleback. If you need the help of a foam-filled hollow iron for more ball-speed move to TS-1. Then move to TS-2 if you’d like lower lofts and a bit bigger head.
  5. Would act like a pro bowler and change my irons based on course (lane) conditions for the day. I’d stay within the Maltby TS-1 through TS-4 (once available) range.
  6. If you’re considering 0311T, I would take a look at the 0211ST as well.
  7. “Badge is staying chrome” is great to hear.
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