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  1. Got two wedges looking to sell for $180 ping glide 3.0 56/60 bounce annotated on pictures. Wedges have a lot of life left in them all standard.
  2. 34” blue or white preferred
  3. All are OBO. Not really looking for trades but always willing to listen 1) $200 ping g410 sft 5 wood with alta cb stiff comes with matching headcover 2) $old Toulon Austin 35” w stroke lab shaft. MINT comes w matching headcover. 3) $100 Tensei Pro orange regular shaft. Came out of callaway 2 hybrid and has callaway adapter 4) $140 Kurokage XD Tini stiff shaft w Ping G410 tip. Plays 45 1/4
  4. 34 preferred Jo model
  5. If u ever open up trade considerations let me know! Great looking stuff
  6. Would like to give buyer of the putter first option for extra weight. If they pass I would sell weight separately
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