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  1. $380 shipped. Got a Scotty x7m 34” for sale. Rainbow pvd and red white blue paint theme. Just am not the biggest fan of face balance. Not really looking for trades at this time but will listen to putter or 5 wood plus cash trades (tsi2, g425)
  2. Selling these and I’m sure I’ll regret it. $old minty 4-P custom BB&F ferrules. Black kBS $ taper S+ 125g. 1/4” long and 1* strong. Standard lie. Sonar lamkin grips. not looking for trades unless it’s custom Scotty plus cash from buyer.
  3. Sorry forgot to add those 50/55(mid) 60 (low)
  4. Got a couple items for sale! -not really looking for trades at this time but always willing to listen -all are OBO 2) $old PING 2021 Tyne 4 never rolled outside. 34” 3) $325 Cleveland Zipcore 50/54(55)/60. Had 54 vent to 55. DG tour issue spinner flex.
  5. Have a ventus blue 5s and tour ad IZ 6 stiff for additional cash
  6. Yea it is an awesome putter! And you’re right thank you, flow neck has been corrected
  7. Got a couple items for sale. Not looking for trades at this time just trying to get some cash back OBO 1) $420 Sim 2 Max Head only 10.5* has one range session absolutely immaculate. Basically new. Comes with headcover 2) $old g425 max 9* with Tensei av raw orange 65 stiff. Used for a couple rounds. Amazing forgiveness. Comes with headcover and arcos grip 3) $old Taylormade Spider X Hydro blast 34” flow neck carpet rolled only. Comes with headcover
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