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  1. Looking for a lefty if someone secure an extra one and want's to try and work something out.
  2. Is Jimmy Walker playing a set of black 620 MB's? If so, freaking gorgeous!!!!!!
  3. I'm currently playing a Mavrik Triple Diamond w/ a Graphite Design Tour AD HD 7X. I purchased the driver with the shaft and so far I love the combo but my spin is a bit low with it. The shaft feels great and I like it a lot, but I need to add a little more spin in the mix. Any suggestions as to what I can play that will be similar with the same feel, but more spin? Would going down to a 6X do the trick? Another thought I had would be moving to another Graphite Design Shaft that has a touch more spin? I should also mention I am going to be shortening whatever shaft I purchase. Currently my setu
  4. Yep definitely a D Limited! He should definitely thrown a LA Golf Shaft in the mix and even add a Cobra head just to keep the troll going.
  5. Any chance these will be out sooner than September? I'm in the market for a new shaft and this looks right up my ally. The Tensei 1k looked like it was going to have a couple month lead time when the first sightings of them popped up and it only took a maybe a month for them to be available. Maybe MCA Golf could chime in?
  6. Hahaha this gave me a good very good laugh so thank you for that. Since you feel the same way as us southpaws maybe you could buy a couple SEL sets so Mizuno will think there's more of a left handed market than there actually is. Better yet, email Chris Voshall and explain to him that they need to offer more to lefties so the right handed players can stop having to hear us b*tch.
  7. I don't think anyone knows for sure yet, but it looks like another crap selection for us southpaws. It will probably be something we don't want and Mizuno expects us to be grateful for them doing a "SEL" set. The reality is there is nothing "special" about the SEL set.
  8. I swear if Mizuno screws the lefties again with another b.s. SEL set and gives us no real options I'm going to be pissed. If we only get the option for the 223 with no blades I'm also going to be pissed. I will not support a company that does this crap. Titleist, Taylormade, Callaway, and Ping all offer MB's and CB's to lefties. Very rarely do these companies do an iron release without a lefty option for their new lines. One time...... Just one time....... I want the option to build my own set of irons from Mizuno with no restrictions like right handed players get to. It would be so nice to be
  9. Selling my LA Golf Trono Shaft 65X. Shaft is in perfect shape with no noticeable scratches or marks. Shaft was ordered directly from TM with a SIM head and has a left handed adapter. Measures just a hair over 44 inches. It will play roughly 45.25" in a Taylormade driver. Shaft is Taylormade stock tipped and comes with golf pride tour velvet cord grip. SOLD
  10. If Mizuno doesn't put something out Titleist is going to be hammered!!!! The new T100's look pretty nice and with no competition......... All I can say is make sure you pre-order T100's if you want a set because whatever inventory Titleist has will be sold out quickly.
  11. I have a question. Will there be any lefty heads available down the road?
  12. Man these things are pure!!!! Love the $ taper black pvd with the copper!!!
  13. Man I wish I had some extra cash right now! Not very often you see a set of MP 32's in this kind of condition! I would totally game these or just hoard them and use them once every couple weeks haha.
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