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  1. Like the titles says, you are looking at a set of used MP-18 SC's built w/ TI DG X100's in 4-PW + GW. The set comes with 3 custom built Scratch wedges, 2 of which have TI DG S400. All clubs were built at the same time by Will Peoples at the Peoples Clubs. All clubs have matching BBF Ferrules and only have 1 season worth of wear on them. Specs are listed below and the irons/wedges have basically standard loft, lie, and length. \ Feel free to ask any questions and if you're not familiar with the stock specs or don't want to go look them up. PLEASE DO NOT ASK TO BREAK UP THE WEDGES AND IRONS!!!!!
  2. Yeah, I'm going to let it sit for another day or so and if nobody pulls the trigger by then, it's staying with me. One of my favorite putters of all time and the feel is up there with just about anything you can think of. I would say it easily hangs with any Cameron or Bettinardi I've ever felt and even beats some of models.
  3. Thanks J Bez! I totally agree! Very hard to find a mint one like this!
  4. Good afternoon everybody! I've decided to make some minor tweaks to my bag and get rid of one of my favorite putters of all time! I'll probably regret this down the road, but I am selling a MINT condition 34" Ping Anser Milled 0 Red Dot w/ sound slot. For those who don't know, the red dot means the putter is 1° flat according to Pings color code fitting chart. It is super hard to find one of these nowadays in this kind of condition as they are roughly 10 years old now. Comes with original headcover, however, the headcover is not in the best shape (see pictures). SOLD!!!!! Next up f
  5. Hey guys, does anyone know what the stock back weight and "High MOI/Low Spin" round weight weigh for the SIM 2? I want to shorten my SIM 2 down to 45" and I'm trying to figure out what I need to do to keep the stock swing weight (D4) intact at the shorter length. I think I need to add about 6 grams of weight back, but does anyone know where to get OEM Taylormade weights from? I didn't see them on their website? Can people with a TMag account order them? Thanks!
  6. We have these already if you know the right people. I have a lefty set of raw Apex 2021 MB's.
  7. Like the title says, you are looking a brand new 2021 Phantom 5.5 34 inch putter. It was custom ordered with the Pistolini grip and heavier 20 gram weights directly from Titleist. Putter has not seen any carpet action or any rolls whatsoever. Comes with an extra studio design grip that was freshly pulled from a putter that came back from the custom shop. $475 shipped. PLEASE NO TRADES!!!!!!! PRICE IS VERY VERY FIRM!!!!!!
  8. Only to right handers correct? There is a difference between Callaway's "Raw" and "Oil Can" right?
  9. I looked on TXG's IG and didn't see this post? I was also told that there was a "raw" offering for the TCB's only for right handers.
  10. It's not so much "special accounts" it's more so certain types of accounts hint hint. The rest you'll have to figure out yourself .
  11. One thing I'm not huge on is some of the Circle T Phantom 5.5's and 11.5's not having a welded neck. I feel like that's one of the things that distinguishes the tour models from the regular ones.
  12. My source says the Raw TCB's will be available for order through special accounts! Also lefties will be able to order the TCB's 4-PW, but not the 3 iron and GW. All the triple diamond stuff will not be available to order for lefties as well. Being a lefty I am extremely disappointed about the no raw TCB's in lefty, but I guess I'm luck I got a set of the Raw MB's this year.
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