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  1. Great Seller Right Here!!!! Please somebody buy this before I end up spending more money on yet another putter from this guy!!!
  2. Yeah because the average golfer needs more distance and not a better feeling forged iron. Most can't even tell the difference between forged and cast clubs..... They are catering to the overwhelming majority which I would have no problem with if they didn't already do that with 921 JPX SEL...... this new MMC set is literally identical to the 921 SEL and targets the same exact market. It's just stupid to make two sets of irons that are essentially the same set makeup and cater to the same group of people. Why not just make 2 separate sets that covers the whole market? You could have a combo set of blades/cb's and then a second set of game improvement irons focused on distance. Wouldn't that make more sense and be more inclusive? It's like with the MP-20 SEL set, it felt like Mizuno couldn't make their minds up on who they were targeting with the set. Why didn't they just do the MMC in the long irons? Better players don't want to look down at the clunky HMB 3 and 4 iron cavity sticking out. However, Mizuno felt like they had to include those irons to make the set of more broad appeal..... At the end of the day some of the decisions they are making are just silly and actually alienate lefties from brand.
  3. They were definitely a harder to hit CB, but I wouldn't say they stunk. They were very soft, but not very forgiving. A lot of people thought it wasn't worth playing them because they weren't much more forgiving then MP-18 blade, but of course that choice wasn't offered to lefties.........The MP-18 SC's actually were one of my favorite lefty options from Mizuno of all time lol. I would gladly take them over the new set they are about to put out that is full of crappy feeling chromoly. There's a lot of bad indians out there and plenty of good arrows, so I wouldn't say by any means they stunk. They probably just didn't fit your game. P.S. The word of one Mizuno rep holds no bearing whatsoever. He was probably again talking about them being a bad seller for right hander's and not lefties. There's context to everything and I would say how you presented it is lacking some pretty important context.
  4. Did you forget about the MP-18 SC's? That was not very long ago at all lol. The JPX 921's were a CB as well....
  5. Yeah, they are chromoly from 7 iron down. I played the MP 20's 5-PW and used the MP-18 SC 3 and 4 iron instead of the HMB irons.
  6. Did I say anything about playing the "new" Titleist irons..... I believe not sir. Did I say anything about T100's? Nope. I said I'd be playing Titleist irons. I'll gladly take pride too in being able to pick the exact set up I want and not being forced to play something I don't want from a company who refuses to cater to left hand players properly.
  7. I know, what a disappointment. Absolute filth in my opinion. Why couldn't they just do a MP-20 MMC where they were at least grain flow forged through the whole set...... The MP 59's sell at a huge premium when you can find them lol and we've been begging for a straight set of MB's for I don't know how long. I guess some companies are just clueless.
  8. Why would you say that? You basically got this same exact set of crap right now with JPX SEL? At least with the JPX you get up the 6 iron in a true forged iron. Now with this set you have the 8 iron before chromoly crap kicks in in the 7 iron. Thanks Mizuno! Looks like I'll be going with Titleist for irons this year haha. I suggest all other lefties who aren't thrilled to protest and do the same!
  9. Let's hope Phil doesn't start putting well with it because I can see the proverbial USGA ban coming from a mile down the road. Arm Lock and Wrist Lock has been getting more and more traction as of late and I know the USGA is just waiting in the woods to strike when the time is right haha.
  10. Have you hit a Ventus shaft yet? What model? Yes. Ventus Black 6x and 7X. Blue 7x What Ventus TX shaft do you want to win? Ventus Red 6TX. What club in your bag would a Ventus TX go in? Callaway Epic Speed LS Triple Diamond.
  11. Looking for a lefty if someone secure an extra one and want's to try and work something out.
  12. Is Jimmy Walker playing a set of black 620 MB's? If so, freaking gorgeous!!!!!!
  13. I'm currently playing a Mavrik Triple Diamond w/ a Graphite Design Tour AD HD 7X. I purchased the driver with the shaft and so far I love the combo but my spin is a bit low with it. The shaft feels great and I like it a lot, but I need to add a little more spin in the mix. Any suggestions as to what I can play that will be similar with the same feel, but more spin? Would going down to a 6X do the trick? Another thought I had would be moving to another Graphite Design Shaft that has a touch more spin? I should also mention I am going to be shortening whatever shaft I purchase. Currently my setup is just playing stock Callaway length (I'll also add head weight accordingly as well to account for swingweight issues).
  14. Yep definitely a D Limited! He should definitely thrown a LA Golf Shaft in the mix and even add a Cobra head just to keep the troll going.
  15. Any chance these will be out sooner than September? I'm in the market for a new shaft and this looks right up my ally. The Tensei 1k looked like it was going to have a couple month lead time when the first sightings of them popped up and it only took a maybe a month for them to be available. Maybe MCA Golf could chime in?
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