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  1. Looks like they are the ZG 21's in the the link posted. I really like them and think they look pretty comfortable! The "CODECHAOS" shoes listed below the ZG 21's looked really good in white too.
  2. Has anyone noticed that the Apex 21's don't have the removable weights that were in the x forged cb's? The reason I bring it up is if you look at Xander Schauffele's clubs it looks like he's playing the regular Apex 21's, but they have the removable weight the x forged cb's have. Kind of weird that he's playing a one off set that isn't even offered by Callaway.
  3. You have my attention!!! Looks pretty good from what I can see in the photo!
  4. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could give their opinion on the current durability of the Dynamic Gold black onyx wedge shaft finish? I know years ago when the onyx wedge finish first came out it had issues with chipping and peeling off. Does anyone know if that's changed at all or does the finish at least hold up better? I am getting ready to order a new set of wedges and I want to do that finish, but not if the paint is going to flake off in 6 months. Thanks!
  5. I just came across this press release put out by MCA Golf on December 21st, 2020 and thought I'd share for those who haven't seen. The article is available on their website under the press release section. If anyone has any trackman data or feedback they'd like to share it would be much appreciated! Carlsbad, CA – (December 21, 2021) – Proving that their drive for engineering perfection never rests MCA Golf is adding a new, even more stable Prototype 2.0 TX-Flex shaft to their TENSEI™ AV RAW White Series. The new design, which replaces the previous TENSEI™ AV RAW White TX-Flex
  6. Haha I almost did the same with all my clubs and none of them are Taylormade. I really liked that grip a lot and I'm super happy they are releasing it in a non OEM brand version. I think it kind of feels like the Golf Pride z-cord grip, but not quite as aggressive.
  7. Definitely interesting! Looks more like a blueprint replacement to me than anything. I didn't think that was on the table/schedule this year. Some of the other models in the i line are a lot older and in need of an update more but if it is truly a blueprint replacement i'll game it! Shoot, i'll probably game it either way haha!
  8. I'm a 2 handicap and I play a G410 LST..... I'm not a huge a fan of turbulators either, but Ping still makes a great feeling and competitive driver. I played a M5 last year and a 917 D3 before that, so I wouldn't classify myself as a Ping fanboy either. The G410 LST flat out performed and when I go to demo drivers for this upcoming season I will be looking hard at the G425 along with SIM 2, TSi3, Epic Max LS, RadSpeed, etc.
  9. Interesting, thanks for the reply! I talked to a few builders who have done work for me in the past today and they told me they run into this problem occasionally. They said their preference is to use a collared ferrule when they can, but both said they'll make a collar to go down in the hosel and cut the desired un-collared ferrule to length to get it to fit properly.
  10. Usually you're right, but for some reason these Callaway heads need one to get them to fit snug. They must have a slightly larger bore diameter and If you look online at the golf works site you'll see they make a special Callaway ferrule for their irons. https://www.golfworks.com/callaway-collared-355-ferrule/p/bb9051/?country=US?country=US&gclid=CjwKCAiAoOz-BRBdEiwAyuvA6yGHd2tJv2Yk1Dow4qFfjxK2X72Vpr99XOtK4EwLlCv_MG1iqA08PRoCnkkQAvD_BwE
  11. Interesting, so does that mean they'll keep the existing models but change the material? I'm confused by this a little because I wouldn't think they'd just add a couple new stainless mallets and leave the rest of the Phantom stuff up aluminum and up there for sale?
  12. I noticed on the sheet it says Titleist is dropping new putters in March? I'm guessing this will be Scotty's replacement for the Phantom line? Has anyone confirm this? I'm hoping Scotty goes back to stainless and drops the aluminum for this launch!
  13. BBF does not make a collared ferrule and I would like to use one of their ferrules for aesthetic purposes. I know a collared ferrule will work, but I'm wondering if anyone has ever made their own collar before so they can use a specific non-collared ferrule.
  14. I was thinking about making a separate collar and using that to help secure everything tightly. Using that much epoxy and leaving that type of gap makes me a bit nervous.
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