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  1. Interesting, thanks for the reply! I talked to a few builders who have done work for me in the past today and they told me they run into this problem occasionally. They said their preference is to use a collared ferrule when they can, but both said they'll make a collar to go down in the hosel and cut the desired un-collared ferrule to length to get it to fit properly.
  2. Usually you're right, but for some reason these Callaway heads need one to get them to fit snug. They must have a slightly larger bore diameter and If you look online at the golf works site you'll see they make a special Callaway ferrule for their irons. https://www.golfworks.com/callaway-collared-355-ferrule/p/bb9051/?country=US?country=US&gclid=CjwKCAiAoOz-BRBdEiwAyuvA6yGHd2tJv2Yk1Dow4qFfjxK2X72Vpr99XOtK4EwLlCv_MG1iqA08PRoCnkkQAvD_BwE
  3. Interesting, so does that mean they'll keep the existing models but change the material? I'm confused by this a little because I wouldn't think they'd just add a couple new stainless mallets and leave the rest of the Phantom stuff up aluminum and up there for sale?
  4. I noticed on the sheet it says Titleist is dropping new putters in March? I'm guessing this will be Scotty's replacement for the Phantom line? Has anyone confirm this? I'm hoping Scotty goes back to stainless and drops the aluminum for this launch!
  5. BBF does not make a collared ferrule and I would like to use one of their ferrules for aesthetic purposes. I know a collared ferrule will work, but I'm wondering if anyone has ever made their own collar before so they can use a specific non-collared ferrule.
  6. I was thinking about making a separate collar and using that to help secure everything tightly. Using that much epoxy and leaving that type of gap makes me a bit nervous.
  7. I am doing a build for a set of Callaway MB 21's and I'm having some issues with the ferrules. I bought a set of BBF ferrules and I didn't realize until now that the Apex MB's need a collared ferrule. Has anyone on here before had any experience making a collar so they can use a non collared ferrule? If so, are there any concerns about how it will hold up long term or tightness of fit?
  8. Yeah, Rick Shiels Golf, Mizuno Golf, and Michael Newton Golf all put up videos on youtube several days ago introducing the new additions to the lineup. They look really good in my opinion and I'd be happy to game one! There's just one problem..... No lefty options as of right now!!!! I'm really hoping with the addition of the new putters they go back and add some of the early models, specifically the M-Craft 1 (blade w/ flow neck), so I can finally join in in the fun!
  9. I wonder if Rahm will do the Apex MB's, Apex Pro's, or X-Forged CB's? I'm pretty sure he played blades during college, so it'll be interesting to see what he goes with now and if his preferences have changed at all. I also remember him playing some type of Odyssey 2-Ball putter variation early on in his career, so again it'll be interesting to see what his choices are here. There's definitely a lot of testing and decisions that need to be made soon if he's going to start with 14 in the bag right away! I don't know about everyone else, but I'm excited to see how this one goes!
  10. Agreed! He's practically been playing all Tmag stuff for a while now. He's ventured off and played things like the Srixon long irons and the TS3i driver, but for the most part he's been pretty consistent with their stuff for a long time. I guess when one door closes another opens haha. Rahm is out and Fleetwood is in.
  11. Yeah, it's got to be hard to put a value on potential because you have younger players like Morikawa or Wolff who are making a name for themselves now, but also guys on staff who have already created a brand. Deciding which to keep and which to let go has to be a logistical nightmare. I think the only way you can deal with it is to put a number on the player and compare it with what they are asking for. If the gap is too big then you have to let them go and try to get value elsewhere if you're already in a situation like TM where you have more people on your roster then you need and can afford pay long term.
  12. I have a Nippon GOST Hybrid X-Flex shaft in my Taylormade UDI 2 iron and it is arguably my favorite club in the bag. I am getting ready to switch over though and play the Ventus Blue 9 X in the Callaway X forged UT because I want to see if I pick up a little more yardage out of my 2 iron. I originally had the Taylormade UDI 2 iron I had built cut down to the 3 iron length and bent 2° weak so it fit my yardage gaps better, but I've changed a few things at the top end of my bag. Now, I want to max out the yardage I can get out of so it becomes a more competitive back up option off the tee.
  13. So I've tried both as well and for me the $ taper is significantly lower launching than the AMT Blacks. It's going to depend on how you load the shaft of course, but for me the $ taper ended up launching lower and spinning less than the C taper. On paper the AMT Black is going to be more a mid launch mid/high spinning shaft and the $ taper is more of a low launch low/mid spinning shaft. The $ taper is going to be slightly lower torque with a higher tip and butt frequency as well. I personally love the $ taper and just built a new set of Apex MB 21's with them coming from DG X100's. I found X100's spun a lot more (really too much) for me so the $ tapers helped me pick a small bit of yardage and deal with hitting iron shots into the wind better.
  14. Thanks for clarifying which T22 model and year you are looking at. If it were me, I would probably go with the T22 because I would have a hard time gaming a really good condition Buttonback. They are becoming really collectible in the Newport 2 model especially and I would just think from a practicality standpoint the T22 would be cheaper and not so much a trophy piece.
  15. Interesting. I'll definitely check it out! Thanks!
  16. Okay, just making sure because I thought when you said "It wasn't good enough numbers wise on flight scope to kick the Ventus black 7x I currently game" you were comparing the two as if it gave you the same numbers or close to the same. Sorry if I misconstrued it. I was looking at going a different direction than my Ventus Black I'm gaming now so I'm trying to gather some info on similar shafts. Any chance you have demo'd the Diamana D Limited? I am trying to find someone who has compared the Ventus Black and that and may have some trackman numbers.
  17. Are we talking about the newer T22 re-release putters that came out last year or the originals that came out in the late 90's? I think the new T22's are absolutely amazing and feel better than the older ones personally. Lot's of pro's use the newer ones's as well including Koepka. He was using an old Buttonback Newport 2 for a while and switched to a silver T22 Newport 2 if I'm not mistaken, so that should tell you something. I think the Buttonback's may be more collectable at this point, but besides that they are pretty similar. The old T22's and Buttonbacks were even more similar, but I do feel now there is a slight feel difference with the newer T22's that have ever so slight milling on the terillium insert. You can't go wrong either way though, both are cream of the crop Scotty's.
  18. Since you brought up Adams I'll add one more. Nothing feels like a raw Adams Idea MB2. Many those were some sweet blades that were super underrated. Raw clubs in general should definitely be thrown into this.
  19. Like a bladed/skulled 3 iron in 45 degree weather...... Had one yesterday and my hands are still vibrating/pulsating. On a more serious note I'd say nothing feels like a Scratch 1018 forged wedge. Best feeling wedges I every used, just wish they were still in business.
  20. I'm curious if you were getting similar numbers to your Ventus Black 7X with the TB? They are two way different profiles so I would expect there would be a massive difference right? To you change you loft setup with the TB when trying it?
  21. Boom! This is pretty awesome for Callaway fans. I thought he was a TM guy for life but I guess he either likes their clubs or their money (maybe a bit of both). Didn't he play ping clubs when he was at Arizona State?
  22. Is the RDX shaft Titleist is offering stock the real deal or is like Taylormade's Ventus Blue where there's no VeloCore. I guess in this case it would be no Hexcel.
  23. Wow, that's pretty crazy looking. It looks like the Piretti Matera he was using, but with the bend in the center of the putter. Weird.
  24. I'm predicting this is going to be one of the best most underrated drivers of the year. The SpeedZone has been great this year and I think the design of the RAD Speed seems even better to me. Has anyone seen the 3 woods yet? Cobra's 3 woods this year had awesome adjustability and you could crank them down lower than any other OEM. I'm hoping for a little more streamline look and smaller look on the 3 wood.
  25. I want to know what the length on it is too. I wonder if he's playing it closer to driver length or 3 wood length?
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