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  1. Soly from NLU was like +2 or something headed into 16 from the tippy tips (longer than it played this weekend) and constantly says it plays a lot shorter than the scorecard and flyovers make it look so yeah, I think any 4-6HC can break 100 easier than they think.
  2. 8.2 and I play Ping G400 14.5 with a Alta stiff shaft and my backup is a TS3 with Evenflow T1100 (I game TS3 when I switch my driver from Ping G400 to TS2). I bang both about the same distance (250yds) and love both equally but I could work the Titleist both ways while the Ping generally flies straight to fadey.
  3. This is a great set, my backup set is the 714mb combed with the cb on 5i and 4i and they're really great...this might be the year I YOLO them and make them the starters instead of the benchwarmers.
  4. I'd be interested in the shaft if you went this route OP.
  5. Hit a few balls into my net this morning using a Flightscope mevo (hardly 100% accurate but numbers nonetheless) and my yardages seem to be the same as my S400's but the launch is far more consistent with the rest of my irons. They feel flexy when I bend em around in my hands compared to the S400's but my Gap and Pitch shafts feel the same in comparison so I think it's more to do with the shaft profile than the soft stepping. So far so good (only 50 shots), I'm gonna put them in play and if they don't do well for me these next few weeks I'll likely pop in some s200's that I have laying around
  6. Cool, I tried it last night will regrip today and report back ?
  7. Thanks so much! I play midsized Golf Pride TV grips, I wonder if going jumbo in these wedges (Vokey sm7’s) might offset the SW issue you’re mentioning? I think the difference would be from 53.5g to 60g
  8. Hi All, I have a set of AP2’s (4-GW) with Project X LZ 6.5 shafts that I’m pretty fond of. I have s400’s in my wedges but I also have an extra 9 and 8 iron in my PrjXLZ shafts and I’ve heard of players chopping their 9 and 8 shafts into their wedges before. My question is can I do that with these shafts? I’d be chopping them down to the PW length to have my PW, GW, SW and LW all the same length. Any and all help is appreciated.
  9. What’s the length of the shaft (from tip to end)?
  10. I thought Titleist Hybrids adjust by full degrees while their Driver and Fairway Woods adjust at .75º.
  11. if you don’t have the 3/4 pw shot in your bag then 46-52-58 is the way to go imo.
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