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  1. To those who may have both, I wanted to have your opinions. I play a IZ 6x in my driver and wanted to see about the 3 wood. Do you recommend me going IZ 7x or DI 7x in 3 wood? I currently have a AD DI 7x in my 3 wood but feel it is sometimes loose. Especially after hitting a IZ 6x in my driver, which feels so much more consistent. just worried about getting IZ in 3 wood because of all the posts saying it penetrates and isnt good for landing softly and approach shots. I need the 3 wood for off the tee but also for reaching par 5s in two...
  2. Currently have the Tour AD IZ 6X in the driver and AD DI 7X in the 3 wood. IZ in the driver for the penetrating ball flight. DI in the 3 wood for those spinny high ball flight that will land soft on the greens
  3. @collindm1 do you still have the putter? Ive come across an opportunity to buy one from a friend and was wondering if it was worth it at all... how is the feel? And is it forgiving at all? The “pluggedinreview” site makes the putter seem godly but whats your take?
  4. As the title states, what is the consensus for where to put lead tape on a Scotty Cameron Circa 62 no. 3? (Ping anser style for those that dont know) I have the asian spec one modeled at 34 inch and 340grams. I am trying to make it to 350grams by adding 10 grams of lead tape. Where is the best place for this? Sole or Cavity? Ive heard both... the lead tape is the high density 2 grams per 1 inch.
  5. @Valtiel Yeah it was type. The S300s played the best**. Yeah not sure why there was such a discprency there...on the Trackman launch monitor, I was hitting the 620MB (S400) 7 Iron- 150 yard carry while the same club in S300 carried around 167~ish. Launch monitor showed ball speed went up.
  6. So ultimately, I went in and got a proper fitting today --dumb, i know. Should have done this from the beginning. I hit Project X LZ 6.0, KBS, and my previous DG S300 in the 620 MBs. Compared it with the Tour Issue S400s I have in them currently. Lo and behold, the S400s played the best. All the others, I was hitting the 7iron 150. With the S300s, I went my 7iron 170 -- yardages came back. I guess in the end, the S300s I grew up playing tournament golf with ended up being the best for me.
  7. @Old Tom Morris I took it out to the range today with my small MEVO flightscope and the 620 MB 7 iron was giving me spin rpm numbers of around 5800-6000. Max height average it says is around 80ft. I was never really a equipment tech guy so I don't know what these numbers really mean... Just can't understand why there would be a 10 yard decrease per iron... specs are the exact same except shaft.
  8. Which shaft would be better for Titleist 620 MB? 7 Iron Swing Speed is around 90mph.
  9. @SubaruWRX 7 Iron loft for both 712 AP2 and 620 MB is 35*.
  10. Hey guys, Just wanted to see if you guys could post some insight on why this may be... I recently went from Titleist 712 AP2s (DG S300) to the new 620 MBs (Tour Issue S400) and have noticed a decrease in length by 10 yards per iron. Why might this be? I know off center hits and etc. play a role in yardage but I played D1 college so I know how to hit the ball. Could it be the shaft change from S300 to S400? I checked the website for both and the length, loft, lie, etc are the exact same... I hit the AP2 7 Iron 160, I know not the longest for a 7 iron, but now, with the 620MB 7 iron, I hit it
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