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  1. I think people are just pointing out that reviews for a crock pot are a little different than reviews for a driver. Crock pots features are the same for everyone. Golf clubs perform differently for everyone.
  2. I completely agree here. Something about my SIM2 really tamed my hook. Their last few lines have been a little fade biased in my mind. I made some swing changes to play a fade as my stock tee shot and fit better into the TSi3 now as the SIM2 would cut too much
  3. Good question. I went about 3-4 months ago, but i run into the same issue when I just looked for their website.
  4. Igolf72 in Hoco/Columbia is a solid spot. Not super expensive either
  5. MG3 wedges came in last week and I just placed an order for the Stealth today.
  6. Has anyone had a chance to hit the Stealth Plus hybrid yet? Not in my local store yet, and this is the club that holds the most interest for me. Taking 4i out the bag and replacing with a hybrid, want to know if the stealth plus rescue is a massive upgrade over the SIM2 rescue or not.
  7. Long term review: The $taper HTs have been working out beautifully in my P770s. The bend profile just seems to fit me and the launch/spin window is consistent. Now if I could just find a driver/wood shaft that fits me as well as the $taper HT I’d be a damn good golfer lol
  8. Looking for a shaft to fit my fairway wood. Accra TZ6 is preferred, but interested in any similar options on the heavy side (75g +). Open to stiff and x stiff dependent on the model
  9. In laws bought me the stack for Christmas. I did the baseline last week and started foundations this week. Figure I will post status updates similar to some others here. Already seeing an improvement, I’ve really enjoyed the ease of the user interface and stick/weights. So far so good.
  10. This is good information, thank you. Guess I’ll stick with the stack for now, wonder if I can access the superspeed protocols and just use the stack stick I have to mimic the multiple SS sticks. Something I’ll think about if stack doesn’t work out. Thanks again
  11. I don't understand the fascination with people WANTING these to be a flop. They were not, by any sales metric. They fit a smaller set of golfers than P790s or ZX7s, but that was the goal. When ppl say "flop" I think you should be more specific in what you are referring to. If they were not a flop sales wise, then it comes down to them being something other than what you wanted or expected, and that is personal preference.
  12. Has anyone compared Superspeed sticks to the Stack System? I was researching between the two and my in laws went and surprised me with the stack system for Christmas. I understand the difference in hardware, but is there a huge difference in the protocols/workouts between the two? May not be fully sold on the stack
  13. 1. Did you fill out the Rapsodo form? Yes 2. Where would you use a Rapsodo MLM? In my new garage set up mostly, but also at my local range. 3. How can the MLM help with your game? In so many ways. Dialing in my distances and getting useful data would be huge. I really like the functionality of overlaying with video of your swing as well. A very useful tool
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