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  1. Thanks for the insight @steventoo my swing speed is very close to yours, I’m probably 93-94 on average with a 6 iron, curious if you’ve only tried the 120g or if you have experience with the 125g (s+) at all in the Tours? Most fitters near me don’t carry the 125g so I haven’t been able to test, but assuming the bring the launch and spin down a tad
  2. Do the tours balloon terribly? I have been in the $taper HTs ($ taper with more traditional balance point) and think my ball flight has been on the lower side. Looking for a steel shaft that will launch/spin a bit more without ballooning. Was thinking tours or DG120
  3. Was hoping to gather some info comparing the two shafts, DG120 and KBS Tour. I have been waffling between $taper and Ctaper the last few years, with $Taper HT being the most recent experiment. Due to some swing changes, I’m looking to go in a different direction with the two above mentioned shafts at the top of my list. Any feedback is appreciated
  4. I have been playing with the club in B2 setting. My miss is also right, but tends to be because of the impact location on the heel. That upright setting has helped with that
  5. Looking to get a set of DG120 x100 shafts in excellent to new condition. 4-pw or something similar would be great. thanks!
  6. Would love to know how the DG120x100 compare to the $taper HTs… I play the HTs as well and enjoy them, but the wrx in me has me curious about the DG120s
  7. Awesome, this is very helpful. Thank you much @cfmgolf
  8. How would you compare the CTL’s to the Tours? I’m currently playing $tapers but believe I need a little more launch.
  9. Looking for a TSi2 15 degree fairway wood. Preferably a 65g stiff or X stiff shaft. Thanks!
  10. All sold! *SIM Max 9 degree driver with Evenflow Black 75g x flex (Head Sold) -Good condition with normal sole wear and only a few ball marks low on the face -plays at 45.5 -4g of hotmelt neutral for feel and acoustics -new Winn Dri-tac grip SOLD *Accra TZ5 75g M5 (x flex) (SOLD) -Great condition shaft with taylormade tip -cut to play at 45in in SIM driver -no tipping -GP MCC grip SOLD
  11. interested in this comparison as well. I currently play tz5 and looking into alternatives
  12. I second this. the Adidas Superlite prime mesh no shows are the only socks I will play in (temperature permitting). they are awesome
  13. That’s correct. Just realized I posted the wrong weight/flex in the title. I have a set of 120g stiffs, but this set is obviously the 125g S+. Mental error on my part lol
  14. Everything will go out via Fedex, please add $5 for shipping west of the Mississippi. 2. KBS $taper HT 120g stiff flex steel shafts (4-9). standard length. the 4 & 5 iron shafts are new since I never got around to installing, but have tips prepped etc.. The 6-9 shafts are pulls. Asking: sold
  15. Epic LS spun too low for me. Launch conditions just didn’t work out, but I did like the feel and shot shapes it produced. Both that and the TSI3 seemed to be better for my heel strike miss than the SIM2, which would just start right and go further right. Maybe it was the lighter SIM2 head? Regardless, I ended up in TSI3 and the epic was in 2nd place for me. TSI3 at 10 degree with weight in the heel was launching at 13-13.5 and spinning around 2200-2300.. pretty perfect for me. All these drivers are great, just have to find what fits your misses.
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