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  1. Playing the best golf of my life with the P770s. I recently made a switch from ctaper 120 —> $taper HT 120 and the results have been phenomenal. Feel/consistency/control are outstanding compared to the Srixon Z585s I was playing previously, but they still give you a little pop distance wise. Great iron, and I think fitting is very important with these.
  2. Funny how diff ppl can have such severely different reactions or opinions on irons. I love the P770s and hate the T100s. I had the Srixon 585/785 and really prefer the turf interaction on the 770s, not particularly close. Only thing I wish was that the mid irons spun a little more. Had to tweak lofts on 5-7
  3. Looking to buy a right handed Srixon ZX utility 2 or 3 iron. Not picky on shaft as I’ll probably pull and replace with my own.
  4. Echoing some other thoughts on this thread. I went P770 with p790 in the 4/5 irons. 770s have outperformed my expectations and I’m currently looking to either trade or sell my 790 long irons to go full 770 through the set. They have been great clubs. One thing I will say, they spin a little less than expected. I switched out of the C tapers I was playing in my Srixon set and went to $ taper ht shafts to get a couple hundred rpms of spin back and get in my expected window
  5. Looking to buy P770 4&5 irons, standard L/L/L. I have a 770/790 combo set and I’d like to move to full 770. Shafts don’t matter much as I can pull and replace shafts myself
  6. Update: tested the $taper HTs in my 6 iron for about two weeks (thanks @Seattlegolfnut) and I have decided to reshaft the whole set. They are similar enough to the C taper that it won't be a huge change for me, but the feel these shafts have are miles better than the C taper. I should be finished with reshafting the rest of the set sometime today and will take them out on the course in a day or two. In the early testing I picked up some height and spin with my 6 iron, with that came an additional few yards of carry. the trajectory is still in the lowish to mid window, no ballooning. I am excit
  7. I have been loving my SIM2 driver with Accra TZ5 shaft in it. Has been a great match up for me and given me the ability to hit fades off the tee again. My next move is possibly the SIM2 5 wood. Wondering if anyone has played the 5 wood yet and had success?
  8. Thanks for the review TonyK. I definitely agree with you on these shafts. So far I think they are great. I tested with the 6 iron for about 2 weeks and just dropped my whole set off to be changed to $taper HT 125g. I went with the S+ 125g version coming from C taper 120s. I previously played c taper 125g but they weren’t offered Taylormade. I think $ taper in 125 will be good due to the added feel they give
  9. This is 100% correct. 770s spin more, especially in the mid and long irons which did it for me. I'd say the difference in forgiveness is not SUPER noticeable. if you are a high spin player, the 790s are a good fit, everyone else I would recommend to go either full 770 or combo set at least with 770s in the short irons. On top of that, 770s feel different than the 790s. 770s are softer and have more feel. 790s feel fast and bad shots are more muted. try them both on trackman to see what fits you better. the spin and launch numbers are where these two differ
  10. Great item for you all today. I have NEVER hit this club so it is basically brand new! SIM2 Rescue Hybrid -3 hybrid (19 degrees) -Shaft: Project X Hzrdus RDX Smoke Black 90g 6.5(x flex) -standard length and tipping -forged twist face -V steel sole -grip is golf pride MCC black and white Asking price is $250 shipped please dm with any questions you may have. I can usually ship same day as payment is received (paypal)
  11. I will say the only issues I had with the 6x was that it occasionally lost a ball out right when trying to play a fade. With the big kick the XC gives, I had to make sure to time it right or else the face would be wide open at impact. That being said I loved the XC and gamed it for a while before moving on to Accra TZ5. I think an Xc in the TX flex would have been better for me.
  12. When you say you don't like the feel, is it the feel off the face or the feel of the shaft? ZX7 is an entirely different type of club IMO. Less forgiving, different ball flight characteristics/dynamics. unless you are going for an entirely new fitting to test the two clubs head to head, I would explore a shaft change initially
  13. I switched from a SC newport to a Spider x single bend. I enjoyed the forgiveness at first and the stability allows me to make more putts in the short range, but I just don't drain as many from outside 8 feet. I am switching back to Scotty, but going Del Mar this time. i got fitted and the toe hang + milled face just works better for me. Less mechanical, more feel. Spiders are great, just not for me personally.
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