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  1. I finally got my 770 set this week. Ordered in mid December so I have been waiting patiently. I am coming from Z585 set with Ctaper 130x shafts and ordered C taper 120 in my 770 set. I have been happy with the feel/dispersion/spin of this set up in the limited play this week. Feel like I retained the dispersion I had with the Ctaper130 but gained a little more height and spin. Not sure if that is completely due to the change in weight/flex of shaft or the difference in loft/launch of the club heads. I did not lose any distance, still hit my 8 iron into the 162yrd par 3 at my home course as I w
  2. Any ideas as to when they will restock the zx5 and zx7?
  3. Apologies for the late responses, pls pm me with any questions.
  4. Should play a little longer than 45, shaft is right at 44.5 ish tip to grip.
  5. I think this is a good thread idea. Thanks for kicking it off. I swing around 110-112 most days, have gotten up to 114/115 in season, but im far from that at the moment. Probably a quicker transition and a late release. I have tried a bunch of the different Project X offerings and the shaft that spent the most time in my bag of any other was the Evenflow Black 6.5.. I had the same shaft in 6.0 originally, it worked but i was leaving some on the table. In all honesty the X doesn't feel much different in my hands, but the tip is a lot more stable which helped me tremendously. Still h
  6. As always thank you for the very informative answer. Out of curiosity, where do you pull the graph with the two shaft bend profiles overlayed? That is exactly the kind of visual I was looking for
  7. Yes luckily I noticed this on their sit as well. I believe it is for both steel and graphite, they have a notice on their site but it does not jump out at you and can be easily missed
  8. no that makes sense. feel varies for all of us, whatever is best for your swing
  9. with your swing speed, I am surprised that a regular flex gives you the stability you need unless you have a very smooth tempo and transition. I was playing an evenflow black in stiff (6.0) at 110-112 swing speed and switching the xstiff (6.5) made all the world of difference for me in terms of dispersion and stability.
  10. Yea man paying full price is super cool...
  11. Also, XC probably goes Soft/stiff/stiff in terms of handle/mid section/tip. would the TZ5 be considered stiff throughout comparatively?
  12. Thank you for this! so if I am understanding this correctly, will the TZ5 have a lower balance point?
  13. Looking for some opinions/reviews here. I play the GD XC in 7x and was wondering if anyone who has hit or used both shafts could shed some light on the similarities/differences between the the XC and Accra TZ5? Feel, bending profile, etc. The XC seems to be more of a Mid/Low with soft handle and stiff tip, while the TZ5 is billed as a Low/Low, but I don't know much else about it.
  14. EF Black has a lot more feel to it. Where the smoke black kinda feels like “1 piece”, the EF black definitely gives you a nice bend where you can feel the load in transition. I love the EF black
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