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  1. happy friday gents. anyone know of a place to get wedges fitted off grass instead of mats?
  2. If you end up in Howard County, Turf Valley and Hobbits Glen are two good options. Hobbits is definitely cheaper and more "bare bones". im around the same age as you and just relocated to Columbia, so I was in the same boat. Ended up joining Hobbits as Turf Valley and Cattail were more than I was looking for or needed at the time. Hobbits 7 day membership has been fairly good to me so far. No initiation fee, so I can reassess when it's time to renew.
  3. Good stuff here. I also play $taper HT and love it. DG120x (x100) was the number one pick on my mizuno optimizer fitting but I gravitated toward the KBS feel. very similar feeling shafts, but as @TonyK50 mentioned, the $taper HT's are a little pricey.
  4. i have both. 18 degree 5 wood and a 20 degree zx utility iron. love the versatility of having both and no longer had a need for a 3 wood
  5. Just got the SIM2 Max 5wood. Man so far this club is a beast. Replaced my 3wood off the tee because it goes the same distance, but I can also hit it off the deck 1000% better than a 3wood. High and soft landing or piercing trajectory if I need it. Sold my 3wood immediately
  6. Love mine so far. I have the DI utility shaft in it, but just got an MMT 105tx to throw in. Hoping it takes the club to the next level.
  7. Played SIM Max since it's release and have had decent to mildly good results. Got some free credit with Taylormade so I decided to go get fit for the SIM2/SIM2 max... TSi3 beat out both in the fitting. SIM2 feels too light and soft compared to the more solid feeling TSi, and Titleist seems to have closed the ball speed/spin gap where TM held the advantage previously. I could definitely stay in my SIM Max and be happy. I wouldn't say SIM2 is a disappointing driver, I just didn't see any benefit over the OG SIM line to be honest.
  8. IMO they are super forgiving and if fit correctly, are a great performing iron. I went from Srixon Z585 to P770s and picked up on spin/control with a negligible distance loss.
  9. Couple good items today. Please add $5 for shipping west of Mississippi 1. SIM Ti 3wood - 15 degree with V steel tech. Has stock Diamana limited shaft it at standard length (shaft has never been used), but i also have an x flex Aldila rogue option if you prefer. Asking: $sold 2. Accra TZ6 M5 85g - Great shape, currently has a TM tip. Shaft is right at 42in tip to tip, maybe a hair under depending on how you measure. Asking: $sold 3. $ Taper HT pulls 125g s+ (4-pw). Awesome shafts, I just switched into the black version instead of the chrome. Only p
  10. Was just playing around with this earlier today. Interested to see some of the designs out there as well
  11. I have been a Taylormade guy for a while now. My SIM Max cracked so I figured it would be a good opportunity to go for a fitting. TSI3 came out the clear winner, and surprisingly, with the Hzrdus smoke black shaft (I have been an accra tz5 user the past 2 years). The TSi3 10 degree head was money for me, got my ball speed up over 165mph for the first time ever and was very forgiving on heel strikes which is my miss. Solid club. I did not get to test any of the ventus shafts with velocore which I am pretty upset about. may look for one on the bst to test for myself
  12. totally agree here. "total miss" is way off base. if one person doesn't like them, fine your preference. I love them and that is my preference, but the numbers would say they are not a total miss by any stretch.
  13. Accra TZ5 is a good choice. Smooth feel, but stands up to aggressive transitions well. Finau played the Tx version
  14. After moving on from Srixons, the 770s have been perfect for me. I really like the all around package they give me. Fitting was important, the variance in performance results between what I played traditionally in Ctapers vs the newly fit $tapers was critical.
  15. Hey can you tell me more about your feel with MMT utility shaft? I am thinking of throwing one into my ZX utility 3 iron
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