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  1. I will say the only issues I had with the 6x was that it occasionally lost a ball out right when trying to play a fade. With the big kick the XC gives, I had to make sure to time it right or else the face would be wide open at impact. That being said I loved the XC and gamed it for a while before moving on to Accra TZ5. I think an Xc in the TX flex would have been better for me.
  2. Looking to buy an Accra TZ6 driver shaft in x flex. preferably the 75g weight class, but open to other options as well (I can pull adapter myself). thanks!
  3. As the title says I am looking for Taylormade P770 4 and/or 5 iron.
  4. When you say you don't like the feel, is it the feel off the face or the feel of the shaft? ZX7 is an entirely different type of club IMO. Less forgiving, different ball flight characteristics/dynamics. unless you are going for an entirely new fitting to test the two clubs head to head, I would explore a shaft change initially
  5. I switched from a SC newport to a Spider x single bend. I enjoyed the forgiveness at first and the stability allows me to make more putts in the short range, but I just don't drain as many from outside 8 feet. I am switching back to Scotty, but going Del Mar this time. i got fitted and the toe hang + milled face just works better for me. Less mechanical, more feel. Spiders are great, just not for me personally.
  6. Just the one item today. Open to trading for Evnroll ER7 or ER8.3 TM Spider X Chalk - SOLD -Length: 33 -Hosel: single bend -Grip: Black Superstroke Traxion Pistol Grip Tour -Great condition -Comes with standard Spider X black head cover Asking price: SOLD IMG_2873.HEIC
  7. Any additional feedback on these? I just received a 6i shaft to test but haven't installed it yet. Seems like KBS released these to limited fanfare. I wonder how many people are actually gaming them?
  8. late response here - but they are just heavy tip in relation to the standard $taper which is a high balance point design.
  9. A lot of Vokey/MD5 players in here. I will have to give them a look. I think those two along with T20s are the three I will point out for my fitter to specifically pull, along with any recommendations he has of course.
  10. Are you enjoying the T20s? what grind if you don't mind me asking? Those are on my list of "to try"
  11. Beauties! I have never gamed Vokeys, never even swung them. It might be time for me to give them a whirl
  12. What are some of the differences you noticed with those? Those are both in my top 3 at the moment before i go for a fitting.
  13. So what wedges are people playing right now? I have been gaming the Taylormade MG2 raw faces and may look to move on to something new. Let's hear it
  14. I have not been here long but Carroll Park in Baltimore, aka "The Jewel Of the City" is up there with dinkiest courses of all time. It is only 9 holes, but some holes just straight up have chain link fence up the side of them. Hilarious course, but about what you would expect for $16 walking.
  15. Two GD Tour AD XC shafts for sale. I bought these from taylormade, serial numbers are under the grips. Neither shaft ever used on course, the 6x has never been used at all. Standard tipping on both. Hoping these can find a good home, they are great shafts. 1. GD Tour AD XC 6x driver shaft -Length: a shade under 45in tip to grip. (plays 45.75 in SIM/SIM2) -standard tipping -Brand new never used Asking price: SOLD 2. GD Tour AD XC 7x driver shaft -Length: 44in tip to grip. (Plays 45in in SIM/SIM2) -standard tipping -use
  16. Love the 610s. I did some testing in the winter with the 610 vs the Hi Rev 2.0 - loved the Hi Rev in the 60 degree, but couldn't control it in any other wedge. 610 is awesome for me as I play C taper irons and that "tight" feeling stays consistent through the set now. The 610s launch low and spin a bunch so it's like throwing sandbags in butt. plop and stop. I was not a fan of the DG spinners, they are too soft for me. Launched them miles in the air and I think they actually spun less. so even though they would drop and stop, the partial shots really suffered on accuracy
  17. Hi all, looking for some help here. Just joined a CC and will be walking a lot more this year, so I want to invest in a push cart. Not looking for anything motorized, just a 3 wheel cart with solid room for phone/water bottle/etc. I have a Taylormade flextech bag and my course is fairly "hilly" so something with a good braking system would be idea. Wondering people could throw some names specific brand/models out there for me to look into. I value the opinions here.
  18. I am a fellow sweeper. Played Srixon Z585 for a while, but the sole did not work for me. I switched into P770/P7MC and they have been great to this point. If you are looking for distance as well, P770 is a fun club man. Distance and spin numbers im getting have been outstanding. To be fair, I have not hit the new Apex. Line was not out when I was in buying mode.
  19. If you are looking at Nippon, it is definitely the 125 I'd choose as the closest. 125 will be softer in the mid and stiffer in the tip than the $ taper based on the Ei profiles I see. What are you looking to change about the performance or feel you get from the $taper?
  20. Fair enough. i will be cognizant of that. I was originally fitted into 125s+ for the Ctaper and moved down to S due to the amount it took to move the club. $taper I tried in 130x and liked, but could not get with the high balance point. Will test HT in 125 to start, hoping it will be happy medium. with a plan B of moving down to 120 if need be.
  21. Looking at golfshaftreviews - the $taper HT S+ is actually same weighting as the Ctaper S. both 123g in the 6iron. I am going to give these a shot and see how I like them.
  22. The LZ in general I just didn't like. I think it was more bend profile than flex. the soft mid section just didn't work out for me. C tapers fit my swing well, but similarly to you I don't want to beat myself up too much. looking into the $tapers next
  23. I have heard good things about Stonewall..Will definitely check out the others, thanks for the recommendations!
  24. I actually played 18 @ Hobbits Glen course today. Course is still pretty dry, but it was good to get out. I love Blue Mash, one of my favorites in the immediate area, and Waverly is a good one to. I will have to check the others, looks like they are relatively close. thanks for the recommendations! If you ever need a 4th, give me a shout
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