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  1. Awesome thank you so much for insight and detailed responses
  2. Looking at some older models for Maltby ratings and AVCOG ratings. Surprised to see some OLD player models in Titleist knock it out of the park in ratings. Weird that newer player models performing so badly on their rating criteria. Early 2000’s models specifically having very low AVCOG. @joostin Looking for models with low bounce, low AVCOG, and similar C-Dimension/MOI as my Mizuno MP-58
  3. I’ve heard really good things about these irons! I don’t like camber or a pre-worn leading edges though. I feel like it messes up my turf interaction . Would much rather something with a sharp leading edge, and little bounce on a thin sole. I will have to check them out!
  4. Holly! No kidding! I highlighted the bounce specs in the pic. These have to be the lowest bounce offerings. pw - 4* 9 - 3* 8 - 2* 7 - 1* 6 - 0.5* 5 - 0.5*
  5. I love the tech they have in the long irons too. I don’t find the soles to be very low bounce though. I could possibly strengthen them. Anyone know the bounce value associated with the T100? (Titleist stopped using bounce in specs years ago)
  6. Outdoor fitting? If so - How was the turf interaction with the MP-20’s blades compared to the MMC’s? I’m worried the MMC’s are too chunky through the turf.
  7. Awesome thanks! What’s the community mindset on these Maltby irons? I’ve only heard of them through maltby ratings and a little bit of banter on here. It seems like all their irons are high performing when it comes to the maltby ratings. How come we don’t see non-contracted professionals putting them in the bag?
  8. Vertical Center of gravity in an iron does not have an effect on Spin rate? What causes the differences from iron to iron for spin rates? Surely can’t be only friction and grooves? I always assumed that Vertical COG would play a vital role in each irons independent spin rates.
  9. Would I notice a significant reduction in spin having the AVCOG so much lower?
  10. Awesome! Always have loved me some Mizuno!
  11. Old Mizuno MP-58’s are in the bag right now! 9 years strong Very sharp leading edge. Wouldn’t mind more forgiveness, I’ll have to give these a look!
  12. Morning WRX Gang, I have noticed that dulled and more rounded leading edges really disrupt my ball striking. The leading edge avoids going into the turf and just skips off the ground. I also have the sensation that I hit every shot thin because of the turf interaction. An example of some irons that I have struggled with turf interaction with would be Ping iBlade and Ping i210. I’m a +3.5 handicap player with an average strokes gained on Approach compared to the PGA Tour (Using Decade) of -1.6. Approach is my weakness in the game as OTT, ATG, and Putting combine
  13. The Mizuno mp-58’s were a style of blade that had quite a decent bit of offset too. The higher MOI and more forgiving iBlade actually has less offset than the Mp-58 blades
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