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  1. I’m interested in more feedback on this topic too! I know TXG did a nice little video comparing some blue profiles. Diamana TB Ventus Blue RDX Blue I think they made mention that the RDX Blue is more stout verses the others. You could be experiencing a difference in playing length or tipping, seeing as you are using the same head? I just recently got a Ventus Blue 6X for my Ping G410 and I can’t believe how soft it feels. I was worried in my purchase that it would be too stiff for me. Definitely not the case. I don’t think people realize how much feel there really is in the blue profile. Black is very opposite. It is untipped and playing 1/4’’ longer than my other gamer shaft. Those happen to both be things that will contribute to it loading (or feeling like it does) fractionally more.
  2. Where do you find KBS Proto to fall between the Blue and Black? I have heard it is fairly smooth but very stable. It might be nice to have something a little tighter than the blue in a driving iron design. However, a 90X HB Ventus Blue should be much more sturdy than an untipped 60X Ventus blue I have in my driver. I have noticed the Blue in my driver feeling a tiny bit loose lately. Its Fall golf for me in Canada though, so my swing in 3 layers of clothes and body at 40 degrees F could be WAY different than normal swings for me too.
  3. Hey WRX'ers! I have recently got the real deal Ventus Blue to go along with my Ping G410 Plus driver. I am literally in shock with the difference in consistency I have seen in the two rounds I have played with. My timing clearly gets along with the blue, so I'm happy I guessed correctly in the profile. But where I'm really noticing the difference is with my miss strikes and bad swings. Heel/ Toe strikes hold their lines and curve half of what they would with my other shaft. The Velocore technology seems to be doing amazing stuff for me. It makes me want to implement a Ventus in my 3 wood (Probably red?) and also try to take advantage of it in a driving iron. Worried it might be way too stiff at 90/100x in the blue, but I'm willing to try it out! I was wondering if people have noticed similar consistencies on miss strikes and if it kind of feels like cheating? lol I would love to get the extra stability in a driving iron, and make it a cheat code for a fairway finder. Golf is all about managing your mistakes, and I feel like there is no better shaft on the market to help you with horizontal miss-hit dispersion. Let me know what driving irons you have paired with a Ventus HB shaft and the results! Thanks, -DJ
  4. Very Happy with my braided belts. Black, Grey and Navy. Wear them basically everyday
  5. I have noticed the same thing. I played 35 holes with a yellow Prov1 that I found on the course. (Found it on hole #2) The ball is totally scuff-free still. No visual scratches or scuffs. And no imperfections when I run my fingers on the cover. My shag bag is full of white balls with scuff marks all over them - which is frustrating when you pay $50 per dozen for them to be designated to the “practice bag” after a very short amount of holes. A white ball looks like it’s been through war after 9 holes. The yellow looks brand new through 36. Sidebar: I do find the Yellow Prov1 to FEEL a little firmer than the standard prov1. A nice middle point of feel somewhere between proV1 & prov1x .
  6. High swing speed guy checking in with a 7 wood here. I deloft irons pretty hard, so I struggle with descent angle. Favourite club in the bag. Better stopping power than maybe even my 7 iron
  7. Grips are just standard: 1 wrap & Tour velvet cord. I have been struggling with angle of attack a bit - feels too shallow to me. Open face as well, having a little hard time feeling the head.
  8. Bought them used. I think it was someone who just cut them down and didn’t realize the impacts of swing weight as opposed to being built to play the standard swing weight at shorter length.
  9. C8/7 seems very light considering every pro I’ve seen has them around D1/D2 in their bag. I do play D3 in my irons. The Big kicker for me is how the familiar shafts feel like they are loading really weird - kind of like there is no load at all. Was I correct with the conversion of 2 grams = 1 Swing Weight point? I think I’ll first try adding 4 grams (if that’s correct) to get it up to D0
  10. Hey gang, I was checking my new fairway woods out on an old swing weight scale. Cobra Radspeed 5w w/ Motore X F1 8x (41.5”) Swing weight = C8 & Titleist Tsi2 7w w/ Tour Ad Di 8x (40.5”) Swing Weight = C7 I do not have access to the swing weight machine much, I wanted to figure out how much Lead Tape I need to get each up to about D2. I think it’s about 2grams = 1 point. Seems like a s*** ton of weight I would need to add. Ideally I will want to get the weight kits to slap into the clubs, but it’s just not doable in a small time frame. Thanks, -DJ
  11. D, 16.5, 19.5 Likely going to change it up to 15.75, 18.5, 21.75
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