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  1. High swing speed guy checking in with a 7 wood here. I deloft irons pretty hard, so I struggle with descent angle. Favourite club in the bag. Better stopping power than maybe even my 7 iron
  2. Grips are just standard: 1 wrap & Tour velvet cord. I have been struggling with angle of attack a bit - feels too shallow to me. Open face as well, having a little hard time feeling the head.
  3. Bought them used. I think it was someone who just cut them down and didn’t realize the impacts of swing weight as opposed to being built to play the standard swing weight at shorter length.
  4. C8/7 seems very light considering every pro I’ve seen has them around D1/D2 in their bag. I do play D3 in my irons. The Big kicker for me is how the familiar shafts feel like they are loading really weird - kind of like there is no load at all. Was I correct with the conversion of 2 grams = 1 Swing Weight point? I think I’ll first try adding 4 grams (if that’s correct) to get it up to D0
  5. Hey gang, I was checking my new fairway woods out on an old swing weight scale. Cobra Radspeed 5w w/ Motore X F1 8x (41.5”) Swing weight = C8 & Titleist Tsi2 7w w/ Tour Ad Di 8x (40.5”) Swing Weight = C7 I do not have access to the swing weight machine much, I wanted to figure out how much Lead Tape I need to get each up to about D2. I think it’s about 2grams = 1 point. Seems like a s*** ton of weight I would need to add. Ideally I will want to get the weight kits to slap into the clubs, but it’s just not doable in a small time
  6. D, 16.5, 19.5 Likely going to change it up to 15.75, 18.5, 21.75
  7. I'm a +3 handicap with a similar story! Much prefer 5wood/ or 7 wood
  8. I’ve got the Radspeed 5-6, set at 19.5 right now. Lovely 235 club
  9. So I do still really enjoy my setup, although I think there is still a better shaft and maybe head for me out there. Not the tightest dispersion or same ball flights over and over again. I especially find that toe misses on the cobra to be very unforgiving. They go left so easy and even the shape of the face seems like there is not much bulge/roll (which might be playing with my head). I do really enjoy the rail system and how nice the profile is to hit off the ground.
  10. Hey WRX’ers hope everyone is doing well! I wanted to pick at some of your experiences brains on the topic of dealing with a group of golfers who are playing too slow. What are the best ways people have heard/seen courses keeping groups accountable for pace of play? What has been implemented and has worked? What has gone badly? Why did it not work? etc. Obviously you don’t want to ruin someone’s day with the awkward conversation, but also don’t want them to ruin EVERYONES day behind them. It’s a tough predicament for the course, the slow group, and e
  11. I think I actually have it set to 18.5 (+1) I will have to check when I get back home. Definitely have some room to adjust and play around for gapping
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