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  1. Every bit of it. Feel is one of the best I’ve had. Just one man’s opinion here, but I actually thought it felt better than the Ventus black I had.
  2. 1 Item to sell today......really enjoy this, but just want a 60TX instead. Hzrdus RDX Blue 70TX w/ pvd finish. Measures 44 1/4". Tipped 1/2" w/ a TM adapter. Has a golf pride CP2 wrap midsize grip on it. 1 extra layer of tape on bottom(butt section) of grip. Bought it brand new a few weeks ago, mint condition! Asking $sold obo. Add $5 west of Mississippi. Thank you for looking and please message with any questions or offers! Might consider trade offers if you have an 8X 3/4 wood shaft and/or other premium 60TX driver TM shafts play 45.25+". Or consider some pu
  3. 2 items to sell off, with more to come! Really prefer to sell, but if you have a x/tx driver shafts, zx/u85 utility, I’ll listen to an offer. Let me know what you have if you’re interested. 1. Ventus black 7x w/ TM tip on it. It measures 44 1/8" tip to eog. Tipped 3/4". It does have a 1/2" extension in it. Recently done, professionally by Top 100 fitter in US. Should have no effects on performance. Lamkin sonar+ midsize grip that is in great shape! Asking $soldobo. 2. Ping Kushin putter. 34" w/ original ping grip. Bought brand new earlier this year and only play
  4. You and plenty of others I’m sure lol. Pm me and we can discuss
  5. 1 simple item for now... Taylormade Sim 10.5* head. Great condition! Has 3 grams of hotmelt neutral setting done by reputable member on here. Head weighs just over 198 grams. Feels and sounds absolutely incredible! Will have brand new adapter. Headcover included. Asking $sold obo. Add $5 west of Mississippi. Happy to entertain offers. Have a few different xstiff shaft options if needed. Please PM w/ any questions of concerns. Will ship quick. Thank you for looking and happy new year! Need the cash, so please don't tempt me with any trade offers l
  6. Could look into the mmt utility shaft. Heard good reviews. That was going to my next test, but then found the amt x100 shaft on eBay for $8...$8 or $80-$90 for an mmt?? Was an easy decision, and ended up being a nice fit for me and what I was looking for and blending with my set, and less of a driving iron
  7. Depends which version you’re referring to...I put in the tour ad utility shaft($99/.355 version) 95x into my u65 4 iron. Those shafts are tapered for a 3 iron so felt very loose to me. Smooth, but felt like I couldn’t control it. Haven’t tried a Legitimate DI version in it, which I’d predict would be night and day better. Ultimately just ended up w/ an AMT x100. Blends w/ the rest of my iron set.
  8. Have a heated/covered range by my house...no launch monitor. Will be based on feel and eye unfortunately for a few months. Wouldn't buy based on my review lol. But isn't feel and eye test most of the battle right?!
  9. Bought my RDX blue 70TX yesterday! lol. Will be testing against a ventus black, rogue silver, and motore X F1.
  10. Right down the road from me! Best place and some of the best prices I've ever seen! Great people! Ventus black and XC take my vote!
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