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  1. At first, I couldn’t play golf because of Covid....then courses opened up, then still didn’t play....now I have a 6 week old and a 3 yr old at home, so looking like my golf season is done... I have been #wrx’d over the pandemic and been buying and selling equipment to cure the itch... I have 2 driver heads to sell off and give someone else a chance to enjoy! 1. TaylorMade SIM 10.5* head only. I was told it is hotmelted in Neutral w/ 5grams done at the Kingdom in CA. Plus an additional 7g weight screw included, head weighs 205g(not sure weight without screw).
  2. Plays or the shaft is 44 1/2? If it plays 44 1/2, I'm not interested, but if it measures 44 1/2, then I'm still in the conversation if there's another party...Sorry, didn't see the updated picture. Anyone want the head?
  3. I was in there last week wanting to hit a SIM, and they didn't have one because they said it had been rented out. Don't know any further details on it, but can confirm they do....at least my local GG.
  4. Anyone have a VA nemesys 75X laying around? TM tip preferred. Playing length 45"+. Ideally would be tipped 1/2" or so. Would consider a 65X as well. Or open to other counterbalanced offerings....except a tensei av raw orange 75x(have already tried that one). Let me know what you have....rogue black, pro orange, tz cb, others?
  5. Just put in a graphite design Pershing 85tx in my epic flash sz 5 wood. Pure!
  6. Thanks for the info....Previous driver I had was a tensei ck blue( not pro) which I really liked the feel. Then switched to a smoke yellow, which felt a bit more stable. From what I've read, seems like the CB would feel like a tensei blue, but stable like a smoke yellow, and obviously similar weighting? Thinking they're in a totally different conversation....but any experience with a Rogue white 130 tx and how it would compare? This is my true golfwrx coming out, and no real reason for even considering switching things up.....the riptide CB looks awesome, especially paired wit
  7. Based on others feedback...I carry more then most, but as you mentioned, it's an important shot. My distances are same as yours, and most of the courses I play are shorter, so I'd rather carry 1 more scoring club, and hit full shots, rather than carrying a longer iron that I would use 1-2 times a round...if that. Maybe I'm wrong in my reasoning, but my short game is the weaker part of my game, so I'd rather take smoother, yet full swings, and not have to worry as much about touch and feel.....I know you can make an argument that having too many only makes it worse, but so be it.
  8. What is your current gamer putter? Ping Kushin 2 How can Cleveland's SOFT face technology help your putting? More consistent speed on off center hits. What is your favorite Cleveland Huntington Beach SOFT Premier putter? #8-34" If you win, do you agree to write a review on Cleveland's website? Yes
  9. Still having good success with this shaft? With high swing speeds(120+)? Any idea on how swing weight would compare to a rogue white 130 tx, which is what I currently have. Haven't played much with the rogue, but thinking this riptide CB could be a an opportunity to save a little money for other purchases. Have a SIM 10.5 at 201-205g's (w/ the extra weight I could add that I have) so would like some balancing to lower the sw and not so head heavy. Was launching a smoke yellow at 13-14* w/ 2000 spin....wondering if this riptide would give too much spin. *No local shops have man
  10. Anyone have some feedback...interested as well. Have a high ss, 122, 1-2 up aoa. Curious on how the riptide cb would hold up w/ higher speeds, with a smoother tempo. Having trouble finding reviews anywhere...
  11. Any one have some recent feedback...have a 120+ ss, w/ a 205g sim head I’m looking for a counterbalanced shaft and wondering if anyone has experience with this in higher speeds. Spin stay low enough? Would likely plan to tip 1” or so to start. Have a rogue white 70tx which seems a bit head heavy...not much experience with it yet as I just bought it off here a couple weeks ago.
  12. 785's! MMC's would be my close second, and certainly going to one of the best values out there behind one the d2c brands mentioned.
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