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  1. UB is one of the best feeling shafts I’ve ever hit! I’m just trying out a 6X instead. The TX doesn’t feel as stiff as something like a Ventus black TX, but doesn’t seem to get overpowered when you go after it. I’m just not that good lol and want to draw it a little bit, so the little softer flex seems to help me. Hitting range with my 6x later today and will give more review in the thread going for this shaft.
  2. Love that kings cover! Wish it was a fairway wood! Btw…..you’re a month ahead lol.
  3. - Callaway tour issue Mavrik Sub zero 4w 17* with adjustable hosel! Mint condition, but full disclosure, there is a tiny dummy mark towards the toe…yea I did it . Can’t see from address tho. Comes with headcover. Asking $pending shipping obo. - Graphite Design UB 6TX. Untipped, measures 44 1/8” w/ Callaway adapter. Plays just over 45.25". 3 wraps in st+2 standard grip. Incredible shaft, just going with the 6X. Can have any adapter installed. Asking $325 obo. 1 range session, as mint as it gets! -Graphite Design UB 6X. Untipped. Measures 43.75" w/ Callaway adapter. Lamkin ST+2 Midsize grip. Also mint, 1 range session. Just not the right fit for me, but one of the best feeling shafts I've tried. Asking $325 obo. 3. Graphite Design XC 7TX. Mint! Tipped 1”, measures 43.5” tip to eog. Can have any adapter added. Asking $sold obo. - Accra TZ6 CB M5 65 w/ cally driver adapter. Untipped, measures 44.25” tip to eog. Plays 45.5". MINT! Just built this week. 1 of Best feeling shafts I’ve tried, so couldn’t tame this beauty. Asking $trading obo. 3 shafts for sale… All have a Callaway Epic flash fairway wood adapter on them. $trading each - TZ6 M5(xstiff) 75g shaft. Mint! Standard tipping. Measures 41.5” tip to eog. Standard TV grip. Traded 6. Diamana D+ limited 80TX. Tipped 1.25”. Measures 41.5” tip to eog. See pictures as adapter has paint chipping and some scratches on the shaft near tip, but fully functional and doesn’t effect playability. Midsize Lamkin ST+2 grip, which is in very good shape. SOLD - New UST LinQ Blue 8F5(80g X) shaft. Mint. This is one of the best looking shafts I’ve had thus far. The blue is very sharp looking. Measures 42” tip to eog. Mint standard TV align grip. Traded. Discount for multiples. $15 off if you pair with mavrik head. Looking to sell, but am looking for a Swag/SSG or other premium non oem fairway wood cover that I’d consider as a trade. Please message for any questions, offers, or need any additional pictures. pin 10/17
  4. My batch showed up….one of the cooler looking shafts! Dropped off mine to get built….next week it’s go time!
  5. Give me a week or two and I’ll let you know. Have the xc now too. Just need them to arrive and stop raining.
  6. Tip it 1”? Feel like you could still turn it over if you wanted?
  7. Tip it 1”? Feel like you could still turn it over if you wanted?
  8. Looking for a cool new fairway wood headcover(non oem).......taking the plunge in an aftermarket headcover game, so curious what is out there. Not looking to spend hundreds. Doesn't have to be brand new, just not beat up. Pictures and price appreciated. Shipped to 49512.
  9. I’ve heard the same and seems to be a stiffer profile…..has the recipe for a bomber!
  10. Also excited to hear how it works out for you. I have a handful of them coming hopefully later this week and have a 6TX going to get built up for me to try as well. Hoping weather cooperates here in Michigan for a few more weeks. Really like the color scheme!
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