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  1. Anyone thinking of going ZX Utility + ZX7? Considering 3-4 in ZX utility and then 5-P in ZX7.
  2. Very close to upgrading to the ZX7's from the 785's. My idea is 3-4 ZX Utility with the standard recoil stiff, 5-PW ZX7 with PX LZ 6.0. Love winter season
  3. So increasing the backweight was good from a MOI perspective or what was the big change? Have you replaced the front weight with a lighter weight for a net zero total change or did you keep it? Just curious as I recently got the SIM. Thanks
  4. Review up with some new pics: ZX5/ZX7 review Looks great. Bit of data as well.
  5. No just looks, finish basically. I've held the Satin Chromes, just curious about the raw, topline view and the back maybe Thanks mate
  6. Havent seen the raw ones in hand and the computer generated pics on Clevelands site doesn't help. Would you mind snapping a few pics of your Raw wedges? thanks in advance
  7. Love him, great instagram content... snappy songs
  8. Haha I have slept on it now and maybe you guys are right, just thought it was a good visual to have for the shaft pitch coming down, but I agree that calling it the holy grail is a bit... much
  9. hehe haven’t contributed anything to him, just thought it was a pretty good explanation. But I seem to be in a minority here
  10. This also contains some more elaboration on the subject. Tried this today and the notion of focusing on something else than the golf ball to hit with the shaft had me hitting something I’ve been chasing for 20 years, a proper push draw with compression http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uEkLLhM_t4 Thoughts? This worked better for me than the no turn cast video from Monte but maybe I just didn’t understand that one...
  11. I tried to search the forum but couldn’t find anything about this. This is a really good description about the feel to get the shaft to pitch into the correct P6 position to facilitate a good path into the ball, calls it the holy grail of golf Really liked his way of explaining this despite the low production value. Has anyone else seen his channel? A bit like Monte in his early days... Overhand golf at youtube
  12. The combo chart thas has been posted here and at and some other places however I can't find it on Taylor Mades own site. Is it even there or have they just sent it out to the media?
  13. I just got my NP2 34" and I love it. Feel is great, sets up beautifully behind the ball and the grip is better than the 2018 line.
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