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  1. So I guess this chart is not applicable
  2. Hi, I recently switch from Modus 120x to MMT 125tx. My concern is the playing length for the MMTs. Fitters generally adopt a ½" longer length for graphites. However, if both shafts are equal in weights, is the additional ½" necessary? My irons are -¼" off Std Steel length, if I adopt the Graphite stds, wouldn't I be playing a longer club instead? Secondly, besides SW, what other factors that justify the ½" extra for graphites? Tq
  3. Get a wifi projector, make FS xi tour the wifi hub, set the projector fix ip to the sub domain of FS, connect ipad/android to the FS. The projector shld hv an app to mirror the ipad/android. Thts how i connect mine wirelessly. I'm using Epson EB-X31
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