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  1. I putt with the shaft vertical using a GP putter, if the 76° becomes law I'll have to choose to ignore it or go back to traditional putting.
  2. Looks similar to the GP but without the cut out to pick the ball up.
  3. If you're pally with him perhaps ask him to consider shipping overseas!
  4. Looked at Positive Putters website, they may have a good product but impossible to tell from possibly one of the poorest websites I have ever seen, shame.
  5. Love the look of these, I would order one tomorrow, unfortunately they do not ship abroad.
  6. To other GP users, do you use the short back long follow through that Monsieur Dionne uses? I feel I putt better with a slightly longer backswing it stops me trying to force it and lose rhythm, but oddly I feel compelled to keep trying Mr Dionnes style!
  7. I noticed this and tried adding lead tape to one side until it face balanced, didn't notice any difference in my putting so I took it off.
  8. Apart from the GP putter does anyone know of another brand of side saddle putter that is designed to be used vertically, as to me this seems critical to take full advantage of the SS method, eg pendulum stroke and eyes directly over the line of the putt.
  9. As previously stated the shaft is not vertical in the photo, hang it vertically and you hit the sweet spot, can not comment on the loft aiming issue other than to say I've never noticed it.
  10. I use the GP, although I wrap my fulcrum hand round the club I actually grip the club very lightly by pinching it between my thumb pad and my forefinger so my wrist and hand do not move at all in the swing. I think this is important as if you try to move the fulcrum hand I think you are in danger of disturbing the pendulum straight back straight through movement of the club head.
  11. I use the GP putter which is designed to be held vertically. To putt this way requires an 80° shaft and a short headed putter like the GP. The only thing I would have liked on the GP is a centre line for lining up putts, I have just tried to add one myself but unable to test it out due to a rib injury.
  12. That's how Patrice (GP putter) teaches it, top hand is a fulcrum, sbst stroke, follow through to the hole. GP putter is designed to be held vertically, this requires a short head not more than 3.5 inches other wise you have to raise the putter too high to clear the ground, then you miss the sweet spot of the putter and the equator of the ball.
  13. Looks great, but $600 for a putter, Holy S**t, guess I'll be sticking with my GP!
  14. Could you post a photo of the weighted GP putter, would love to see it? Also what was the GP weight before the tape, how much tape did you put on? Thanks
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