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  1. I’m more than likely going to be purchasing a set of PING blueprints. I’m 5’11” and my WTF is about 36.5”. Per PINGs chart that would put me at green dot (+2* upright) I have a habit of hitting off the toe, or pushing slightly right. I’ve played standard LLL my whole life, and have a steep swing. Plus I’m a hefty guy at 205lbs. Any advice on going with green dot, or adding length?
  2. I have an opportunity to acquire some blades for very cheap. I'm a mid handicapper, and understand the consequences of playing something that is less forgiving. deciding between all these for the same price... PING blueprint, Titleist 630MB, Mizuno MP-20 HMB, KING forged MB, Taylormade P7 MB, Wilson Staff Blade. I like the PING blueprint look wise/ from what I have read. Opinions???
  3. update called a second time... and they guy on the phone at titleist says they are legit stock clubs ! Thanks guys.... First lady must have not known what she was doing.
  4. I’ve done a ton of research on him through forums. Seems to me he sells legit clubs, but is just a bit shady with shill bidding. Just wanted some expert opinions since this is my first set of nice irons. The serial number not being found my titleist is quite alarming though.
  5. Titleist on the phone says the serial is not coming up. I messaged him looking for explination... maybe QC item?
  6. Ksouth9 eBay irons (Titleist 718 AP3). He seems to be a reputable seller with 200k +, but I want to make sure these are 100% I can’t seem to find a real issue with them .. opinions? (Heads and grips came plastic wrapped, no funky smell, no bend in shafts, came in stock titleist box)
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