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  1. I just played poppy hills for the first time. By far the nicest course I have ever played. Someone on another hole had hit into our fairway. they stood at their ball but did not hit it. It appeared they were waiting for someone to clear on their hole? Problem was my group started a little slow and we needed to keep pace. I could not hit until they were out of my way. they were maybe 40 yards in front of me. they just stood there and I started getting nervous. when I get nervous or rushed I play terrible. After quite a while they finally hit. What should he or I have done different in that situation??I felt rushed on the next couple holes because the group behind us had also been waiting at that point.
  2. hello I would like to get clubs for my wife. she is 5' tall. do I go with junior clubs? ladies clubs? shortened ladies clubs? any advice is appreciated. thanks in advance
  3. .....also how to edit WTB add I forgot some key information (length of putter I was looking for ) and don't want to waste peoples time. thanks
  4. hello Once you have found the item you are looking for how do you remove want to buy add? best Mike
  5. I am looking for a new driver I have decided on a cobra king f9 driver wondering about the shaft choice. I would like more distance and to reduce my fade tendacy. I tried to answer most of the questionnaire that is pinned at top of forum. Happy to answer any other questions that might narrow it down . Any comments or advice are greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance!! I am 6.2” 210lbs my glove size is XL+ I have only been playing regularly for a few months but had a few lessons when I was a teenager. When Im hitting a good drive I feel like it’s a great swing. When I see it recorded it looks like garbage. The most noticeable flaw is poor arm extension at impact and fallow through looks tight.. Everything looks a little tight. I am currently Hitting a taylormade m2 9.5 stock fujikura 55 regular flex shaft -1” length No place to get fitted within hours and they are closed anyways. I want to get a cobra F9 driver Heres my stat avgs from skytrak. Ball speed 133 Club speed 90 BackSpin 2607 side 745 rpm side deg 0.2 Launch deg 17 Carry 210 Total dist 233 PTI 1.47 what loft do you recommend 9 0r 10.5 ? What shaft should I get ? these are the options easily available but open to other suggestions. Ust helium Fujikura atmos Tensei ck blue PX evenflow Px hazardous Aldila nv 2kxv blue 60
  6. my first full set of clubs were a gift NorthWest Territory Hubert Green model. I believe this was a Kmart brand but not sure who actually produced them. they were painful in the elbow, wrist and hand to hit.
  7. hello I would like to record my swing. I thought a lightweight tripod might fit nice in my bag and I could record my swing on my local course. anyone have any recommendations? needs to hold an iPhone 7 what d you use to record your swing? thanks
  8. Let me say first it is not nice thing for a buyer to do. It is also completely within the rules of eBay to cancel within a certain time of auction ending I believe an hour or so. You should be able to contact other bidder and offer second chance or just relist. inconvenient but part of Ebay. Sometimes its better to take the higher road and save the stress of being angry. Maybe he hit the wrong button. Maybe he just found out he has cancer and needs to redirect the funds. maybe block him from future bidding and move on.
  9. a few sellers have some great deals but don't come with boxes. are counterfeit golf shoes something I need to be worried about? thanks
  10. I bought 2 sets of irons recently and some wedges. I gave a set to a friend he thought they were almost new...they were a super bargain and were the lowest grade rating. the other set I bought was one higher grade rating and looked near new. I was super happy . wedges were lowest grade and were super clean. Best deals I could find. thanks CPO
  11. Hello I am in the market for new golf shoes. I have wide feet. usually wear a size 13 wide or 12.5 wide depending on the brand. I need a degree of waterproofness as it can often be wet when I play in the mornings. I am concerned that synthetic leather will make my feet sweat and risk foot funk. What shoes are you wearing? DO you like them ? are they synthetic or leather ? Any advice is greatly appreciated. thanks
  12. I don't know if its the British accent or what?... but so far I have gravitated towards Rick Shiels instructional you tube videos. Anyone else have a favorite you tube instructor/ equipment reviewer? Ive been going deeeeep ...down the you tube rabbit hole as of late.
  13. thanks for all the Hellos ! I have already found lots of great info! I think I am in the right place. thinking about a practice net for the backyard as my local course just closed.
  14. hello new golf forum I thought I should get my first post under my belt on this forum. I have recently decided that I am a golfer. Getting too old for playing basketball (torn Achilles and calf muscle) so I need something to keep the competitive juices flowing. I played some golf growing up in Monterey but mostly played other sports. I love fly fishing for steelhead but the opportunities for that are few and far between theses days.......so here I am. Just picked up some new to me clubs Ap2 714, M2 driver, couple Vokey wedges and have been looking into adding a few more clubs. I have watched lots of lessons online the last couple weeks and just shot the best round of my life. Looking forward to breaking a 100 soon hahaha. I have had a lot of fun on fly fishing forums the last few years so I thought I would give a couple golf forums a try. thanks for your time bets regards Mike
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