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  1. Are the x100 more tip heavy than modus 125, if that makes sense ?
  2. Thats good to hear. I've played 2 rounds with my 730"s and couldn't be happier. I'm done with cb irons. Tried 750,770,760 and always end up back with blades. That's what i grew up playing 40 years ago. My son has p7mb's, so i was able to hit side by side, and 730's just felt better
  3. Does anyone know if the x100 are tip heavier than modus 125, if that makes sense.
  4. Appreciate the feedback. I picked up a set of new p730 heads and going to install modus 125's. I think it will be a good combo
  5. Has anyone gamed either or both, and can give opinion on difference in flight, or feel. My son has S400 in his blades, and is interested in the Modus 125
  6. Thanks for the info. Played dynamic gold s300 for years before trying modus. Found 105's too light and couldn't hit the center of the face, 120's were ok, but only 114 grams. I think the heavier weight will keep me on plane a little better, and still enjoy the modus feel
  7. Picking up some p730 heads. Looking at modus 125 for shafts. Anyone else gaming them. I have played modus 120 before
  8. Anyone upgraded to p7mb irons, but actually preferred the 730 instead
  9. Thank you for the info. I think i'm going for the recoil 110 f4. I'm reshafting my new p770's. The modus are nice, but i've got bad elbows and wrists and i love practicing, and its taking a toll.
  10. Which would swing weight out easier without tip weights. Recoil 110 or steel fiber
  11. Just curious on differences between R, S, X flexs. Does the bend profile change or is it just a slight weight difference. I,m looking at the 130's and I,m thinking about regular vs stiff. I,m looking for a little more height in my 2020 p770. Currently shafted with 120 S Played Dynamic gold S300 for 20 years prior to the modus 120
  12. I,m worried about light swing weight with the sf 95's. I heard the 110's are heavier in the handle which almost acts like counter balance, what about the 95's ?
  13. What shafts are you going with. I'm between Recoil 110 and steelfiber fc 115
  14. Has anyone reshafted their p770 with graphite and which shafts did you go with. I currently have modus 120 S.
  15. Just wondering if anyone upgraded to the new p770 from p760 and what they liked or didn't like. Thanks
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